Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Me: When will writing happen again?

Me: Finish eating first! Cannot breathe and swallow at the same time.

Me: What?

Me: Trying to eat bread with a fork? Look, all the crumbs are scattering on the paper and table. Dirtying the paper. Write with what? With a fork in the tongue?

Me: There is no fork in my tongue?

Me: Finish eating first. Have been eating for quite sometime now. Too much eating leads to constipated thoughts like these.

Me: Hey get it straight! Why don't we write tonight?

Me: Look, there's something in your mouth!

And these days, there's always something in your mouth.

Reading and writing are like breathing and eating. Read too much, and not pause to write, or write too much and not read are for a while pose equal threat to the steadiness of the hand. The first might lead to no thought, while the second leads to superficial ones. Empty the plate often, and wash it dry. The film of staleness shrouds the fine crockery art.


Unknown said...

It's very nice indeed! Setting the discipline to cultivate the maximum possible with those seeds we call words :)

A grain of sand said...

Interesting read! and subscribe to this school of thought..

nil said...

Haha very nicely thought, and written! Indeed, empty the plate often, and was it dry.

Where have you been? Haven't seen you around Bloggsville in a while!

SEPO said...

Creative thought!
Makes me hungry though ;)

Usama Rehman said...

no matter how busy I am, you write something that always and surely makes me inclined to read it!!

indeed you have presented the perfect recipe for perfect endeavours! Nice.!

Lilangel said...

So true :) Love the way its written. Your style of writing never fails to evoke interest :)

Mishree said...

brilliant :)

Saumya said...

whoaa...what an analogy...impressed!!

Srinidhi said...

Well said! I have always had phases when I read too much or write too much! yet to find that balance!

Purba said...

The most beautifully expressed writers' block.

Wings of Harmony said...

Hmmm, that moment of realization. You've given once again, food for thought.

You were missed. :)

Carnett Rose said...

Funny, I've never had the phase of 'writing too much'. It's more or less a perpetual writer's block.

But reading inspires writing, doesn't it. A thought-provoking post. :)

Cloud Nine said...

Good one. Empty the plate gets refilled:)Why this long gap? Missing your posts...

sharmila said...

Going through the same phase.Beautifully expressed.I have been reading a lot lately with hardly any thoughts to put down .

Ankita said...

Amazing....very beautifully expressed...and very creative...:)

Ph_ said...

Former situation used t happen a lot with me. I hate being rusted and not able to write or lack inspiration, although I'm still not a good writer but still.

This one is like all the other posts of yours I really like :)

Suruchi said...

And whenever you end your write ups you pass on the food from your mouth into ours-for thought of course!

Writing is more n more becoming an art and not a modern one that you scribble just about anything. I miss both reading n writing...actually my thoughts too. Though someone like should not go through anything as such-you just need to close your eyes n dwell in them. Do open the eyes but to type what comes within :-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Yes, a discipline I sought in all walks :)

Thank You!

I'll say again, My plate is full right now :)

Eat when you feel hungry :)

You are way too kind with words, reserve them for better days, thank you though!

Your appreciation helps me write.

Thank You!

In science, we often learn by analogies when the real concept is too convoluted to understand :)

I hope you find it sooner.

There are only a few in this blogger world whose comments are taken as endorsement for my works, I look up to you Ma'am.

I'm giving more thought to the word called tramp, and meaning to the word too :)

Rose, reading only gives thought, some are aired and lost, others are documented and retained. That is why I wonder out loud on paper.

@Cloud Nine
So have I missed your presence here. Haven't been much active lately though.

I pray you start reading a little more slowly then, to allow thoughts to strike a chord.

Thank You!

Never under judge yourself, good is a relative term when pitted against a category. You never know how good you are, judgements can be modest too.

There was a metaphor intended throughout the post. But then I thought most people will not see the fork in my tongue, which I desperately wanted them to see. So, I interjected a more legible line in the end. But it seems from the majority of comments that I open myself to the wrong audience. Only a few good minds read me right, and I am grateful to them, you being one.

Jyoti Mishra said...

Constant struggle ME and ME
to annul the triteness..
you brilliantly expressed that :)

And these days, there's always something in your mouth... and the complimentary snap :D
loved it

Chintan said...

Sigh! I know the feeling. I do not manage time well and just concentrate on writing, talking than reading. Reading is usually slow..very slow but well, here I am :)

SuKupedia ™ :) :) said...

everytime I have a backlog reading or writing I always promise myself to set a time and get everything straight.. sigh!! never stick to it.. wonder what is lacking O_O

Ph_ said...

I'll take that advice. Thank you :)

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