Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Million Little Things!

The next line is a lie.

The previous line is true.

Going by the first line, the next line is a lie. Which means that this line isn't true either. But if this line isn't true, then the next line is true which contradicts what I just said, the first line is true. This would go on like a tussle, both saying the same thing, but both presenting a totally different realm of contradiction. That is what happens when there are only two states and the two decide to conspire.

I like paradoxes. Just like that.

Life is about a million little things, like a universe is a million little stars. In each one of us is a microcosm that begun very much like the big bang and the universe shall end up like we all do.


Vagabond said...

this could be my favorite blog post. just like that.

Punam said...

Totally agree! Life is but a paradox of a million little moments cherished and feared; loved and hated; smiled and cried at..

Miss D said...

This reminds me of this engineer asking boons from a genie in such a manner that the genie is in a loop.

Contradiction always brings new beginnings and that is how we survive, in the hope for more such paradoxes.

Loved the post. :)

Neha Shandilya said...

This is by far the most profound post I've read.. :)

Kinara :) said...

I read it once, I read it again!
Wow, I say to myself.
A thought-provoking one!
I am reading it again!
The contradiction is just amazing!

Giribala said...

And the million little stars are not so little after all!!!

Usama Rehman said...

Mindblowing Post! fantastic depth and insight, applaudable!

D2 said...

If we had the answers to every question, there would be no paradoxes. Until then, we live in the joys of these thoughts before ultimately dying of boredom.
Profound post.

Zeebs said...

You, you funny. Y U SO FUNNY?

Math science history, unraveling the mystery, it all started with a BIG BANG!

And your next and previous lines mind-boggle the bejesus outta me.

sumukh bansal said...

you have just confused me..
still pondering..

Soumya said...

I love this. Best post I've read in a long long time.

Just like that.

Nikki said...

Isn't that why there is no one way to live life...because life is a paradox and so every advice you get contradicts some other advice.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Yes, thank you!

Engineer eh? We must be related then. :P

Read more Ma'am :)

You have a nice name oh, and welcome to Aesthetic Blasphemy.

It's all about the perspective and view.

Thank You!

If you've not found the answers, there are only two possibilities. 'Not yet there, but on the right track' or 'you're doing it wrong'.

Thanks much!

They're not my lines, just a poor replica of some master's art work, the first and the next line that is. :)

Try it if you have too much time set aside for doing no-things, otherwise, do the thing you are supposed to :P

I am glad.

Every advice is relative, too bad that the one who gives it does not read the offer document carefully, nor does the one taking it.

Jyoti Mishra said...

million lil things shaping up our lives.. most of them apparently opposite in nature..
very appropriately u expressed that :)
more we know, more we come to realize that we know so little :P
an eternal paradox..

Awesome read !!!

Simran said...

I read this post twice and wondered both the times ...
What a contradictory :D

And I'm glad to inform you .. An award is waiting for our great writer on my blog :) :)

Purba said...

Confusion leads to clarity.

Srinidhi said...

Profound and abstract all at once! Love it!

Cloud Nine said... by itself is a paradox. Thought provoking post.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You!

It's a merry go round, like a dog chasing his tail. There are times when you'd be filled with glee to loop around doing it again and again, and other times, you just won't bother :P

Confusion brings clarity, which is ensued by a confusion of higher degree, and loop :)


@Cloud Nine
Thank you!

Vivek said...

hmm life is about looking into little little things ...n find happiness in them..
life is .... so beautiful and we most of the time either lost in past n future ..and miss the present...

nil said...

This is why you make it so hard for me to decide which one of your posts is my favorite!

Vinati said...

I too enjoy reading or writing paradoxes.
'Change is the only constant thing.' This one has always enthralled me.

Lovely connection of humans and the universe. Life is indeed about a million things. :-)

P.S: That picture quote...sigh! It is extremely beautiful.

Confused Soul said...

It's amazing how you conjure up such thoughts in your head and pen them down.

Deep and insightful. By far one of the best posts I've read :)

Ruhani said...

This is by far the shortest post that I've read today. Yet, it is by far my favorite. Profound :)

Ashwini C N said...

Yes. Life is about a Million little things. Loved those words :-)

Yougal said...

million little things makes a lot of difference... :)
loved the picture quote.

anushree said...

ur work is comendable..
short, simple,profound
great work...
million little stars....for ur work

Carnett Rose said...

How succinctly put. Life is a paradox - it depends on which side you choose.

After all, aren't we kept alive by those very million little things? :D

PhilO♥ said...

I love the quote. It made me think.
A short post, but you said so much :) Great!

Suruchi said...

I love paradoxes too, they define me most of the time-but then truth and lies are really non-existent.

What we think is true maybe just a perception and maybe not? I like the word play and that birds waala quote had caught my fancy too a while back, when I had tweeted it....
It really makes you think, na...just like you do? :-)

KP said...

When there are two states and two decide to conspire.. do they collide among themselves and end.. or do they make the mind wonder and wonder in endless loops of abstract thoughts and confusion?

Gargi Gupta said...

Good one! especially the picture :)

Komal Ali said...

Aaah, so nicely put. Paradoxes are intriguing and the frame you've used paradox in is probably going to keep me thinking for a while. :-)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

U have been tagged as a 'Versatile Blogger'. Pls visit my blog. tc.

S. said...

Inevitable !

phatichar said...

Wonderful post (we think alike on this one)

The previous line is true.. :P

Bhargav Bhatt said...

such a depth, beautifulll

very nice post..

Unknown said...

What's one's truth can be someone else's lies...ok, twisting the original quote to suit my purpose but life is a paradox some said and then left us to ponder on it. On a simplistic level it is, so many things could have gone wrong, yet here we are, alive and analysing.
Nothing less to be expected from you.

PS. Can you turn of the verification, my ageing eyes hurt with the effort to configure?

Saru Singhal said...

The contradiction is indeed confusing. I agree with the last lines of the post. We begin and end at the same point...

everythinginmymind said...

wow...nice post!

neeraj said...

First time on this blog, and well, hasn't everyone already said everything about it! :) Loved that ironical birds analogy at the end to no end.

Sorry, that was me trying to sound equally ironical there with that end-no end catastrophic phrase! ;)

Alcina said...

So very true..My mind is still in the thinking zone after reading what you wrote.. :|

Sculptor said...

Really well put together. Life's full of these weird paradoxes that leave niggling doubts in our minds about the choices we make. A paradox does well to avoid the distinction between right and wrong, and saves us the trouble of always having to stick with one.

What's life without contradiction or paradoxes? I'd say, a comic of stick figures

Unknown said...

i sooo love what the picture say. i guess we all love our homes, our shells, our areas the most, we feel safe here even though we know how short our lives are but we just keep wishing

Perspectives said...

u were high when u wrote this. Such paradoxes only arise then!

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