Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random Wanderings.


 जलना तो इस काफिर दिल की फितरत है, तुम्हे किसी और के साथ  देख कर जलता है, तुम्हे कोई और देखे, तब भी तो जलता ही है | आज तक समझ नहीं पाया हूँ कि उस घड़ी का रंज करूँ या दिवाली मनाऊं जिस घड़ी तुम्हे देखा था | उसी घड़ी से आज तक दिल तिल-तिल कर जलता बुझता रहा है |  कभी लगता है कि पहले का वह आवारापन ही अच्छा था जब तुमसे नहीं मिला था, जब दिल और नज़र बस किसी पर भी आ जाते थे, और जैसे ही नज़र फेरो, दिल भी फिर जाता था | अब खूबसूरती मापने का पैमाना मिल गया है, बड़ी मुश्किल है | 

पूछता हूँ, "इतना क्यूँ सताती हो?", तब मुस्कुराया मत करो, क़त्ल होते हैं !



Some girls are like Hermione. Some say, they have an attitude problem. While the ones who have been with them for a while know that - they - are the solution box. Like a master key. You don’t look unto them for relationships, or maybe you might, but that is solely your discretion, but you cannot do without them. A friend at workplace, a childhood friend, or someone you just happen to know from a time you don't remember. You may or may not acknowledge it, but it is a fact that there are always some girls around you who inadvertently make your life easy as a part of their nature and not even break a sweat and would never ever talk about it. You just stand back and say, WOW.

Who says good boys end up last, even good girls do. I think it is the general class, ‘good’, that ends up last in these matters. But not for long, they are meant to lead the best lives, and be wonder (full) women, if not super women. It’s such a shame that they find it in the end, when their’s should be the first. 


Unknown said...

Ahh, its so refreshing to read your write-ups again, Anshul. The lines in Hindi are as awesome as the ones which follow.

Superbly written.

Anonymous said...

The first one was cute, I wonder...
The second one.. impressed by your understanding.


Chandni (Chanz) said...

Solution boxes! Absolutely. I have a few girl friends who fall in this category.

And really, I am quite amazed to see this coming from a guy's mouth..

the other side of me said...

i dont understand the Hindi part..but the second para is awesome :)..maybe its just the way it suppose to be..u met some wrong ppl so that you can value the right one when the time comes..loved the last line the most
good to see u here again :)
..hey i've awarded you long time ago on my blog..

Tanishka said...

Its not about a girl or guy... We all just happen to have someone who will always have a solution to all our problems... He/she has always been our lifeline.... And each time they just leave us wondering how is it possible every single time....

Alka Gurha said...

The Portion in Hindi was beautiful...Yeh duniya kuch acche logon ki wajah se hi chal rahi hai..

Carnett Rose said...

It's not that those who make lives of others easier end up being last - they are willing to put themselves on the back-burner to be there for others.

Well, that's how I see it.

Your lines in Hindi are beautifully written as ever. :)

Sh@s said...

Both the write-ups are awesome. Jalne mein bhi ek alag maza hai.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You Animesh.

Wonder out loud please,I can't read minds :P

Why, boys are truthful too :D

Oh, I am sorry for not having acknowledged that, have a look now, I've put it up in the Hall of Fame :)
And many thanks!

That, My friend, was a way of putting it, because I could fit someone (Hermione) in place :)

Bilkul, par bure logon ki bhi zarurat hoti hai, warna balance bigad jaayega :)

They too have desires, they're not made of steel. It's just that they are the way they are by nature, its innate. That, is my perspective. :)

Wo to hai :D

SEPO said...

I have a lot many Guy friends who fall into this category of solution givers. So as u wrap it really is about being and having the good factor

Anonymous said...

कभी लगता है कि पहले का वह आवारापन ही अच्छा था जब तुमसे नहीं मिला था, जब दिल और नज़र बस किसी पर भी आ जाते थे, और जैसे ही नज़र फेरो, दिल भी फिर जाता था | अब खूबसूरती मापने का पैमाना मिल गया है, बड़ी मुश्किल है |

bahut khoob yaar
shaandar likha hain tumane
hermaaini vali baat bhi sach hain

jo said...

Dude! The Hindi wala thing is awesome. Love it. Koi naye raston pe chal pada lagta hai :)

And yes ! Life would be so much harder without some sweethearts. Girls are somehow more gifted when it comes to comforting, it probably has something to do with evolution.

A grain of sand said...

Very nicely brought out the truth behind even the most basic of relationships!

Giribala said...

ये कौनसा मोड़ है उम्र का... अच्छा लिखा है!!

Chintan said...

Most of the times, in fact all the time, I am speechless after reading your posts....It's like, read, let it absorb...and that's it :)

Cheers Anshul...

Vinati said...

The first picture is so cute!!

And a very thoughtful post, Anshul! :)

It is true. The whole league of goody goody people ends up last in these matters.

Aashayein said...

Ok...I have fallen in love with it! Have already read it around like 15 times and still the hunger is not satiated. I was smilling though out and still am:)
loved it to the core!

Purba said...

How beautifully have you penned this ode for women!

A beautiful and sensitive observation.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Thank You.

Pukaarta, chala hoon mein, gali gali, bahaar ki :)

And I was not just talking about comforting, I was talking about being the master key to all your problems.

@A Grain of Sand
Thank You :)

Cheers Chintan! :)


I am glad you are happy!

Thank You Ma'm

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

बावला मन देखने चला है इक सपना :P

मोड़ नहीं आया है गिरीबाला जी, freeway पर billboards देख कर गुनगुना रहा हूँ | :)

Fatima said...

Awe..hindi wala kitna pyara aur cute sa tha!

And the second one was deep, kafi research ki hai lagta hai apne...ya experience hai apka :D

Always love reading your work!
Take Care

Ritu said...

I am spellbound, Anshul.

Suruchi said...

The Hindi portion-marvellous...I need more adjectives to tell you how breathtaking wonderful your verses are-and to see you in a romantic mood is like the icing on the cake...

I guess I underrate you as being so into books that you never have time to look into someone's eyes...forgetting that one who can sink into words can fall deeper in a gaze:-)

You must always acknowledge the presence and need of good girls around before it turns bad for you....
It is not "such" a shame but a TERRIBLE one-for all your expressiveness here, I wish there was more direct expressiveness you had in real life...(forgive my assumption-it's just a feeling)

Kunal said...

Brilliant Anshul...shabd nahi hai....bolne ke liye..

Hindi wala to bas....kamaal ka hai...

AnicA said...

" अब खूबसूरती मापने का पैमाना मिल गया है, बड़ी मुश्किल है" what a compliment.... any girl would feel on top of the world to get a compliment like this :)
and about the 'jalan' part....दीवानों की ये बातें दीवाने जानते हैं, जलने में क्या मज़ा है परवाने जानते हैं ...
and the second one was pretty interesting especially coming from a guy...
so, to sum up all i would say, keep writing dude your posts are enchanting!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Research kiye bina experience nahi aati re :P


Now alright? :P

My fretting or fleeing from facts won't mend them, nor would they cease to exist. Hence, you must not ask for forgiveness.
If I were to be the way you ask me to be, I'd be the one suffering from uncountable heartbreaks. A little, is necessary, agreed, but I don't yet know where to draw lines.Immaturity of thought and action, perhaps.
Thank you, and now I feel like you have known me a lot.

Dhanyawaad Kunal.

दीवानों की ये बातें दीवाने जानते हैं, जलने में क्या मज़ा है परवाने जानते हैं

क्या बात है! :D

Neeha said...

Random piece, bt well written.
Need to say so true, after seeing some cases.
The reverse is also true:)

Someone is Special said...

The write-ups are awesome, Anshul.. :-)

Someone is Special

PhilO♥ said...

Understanding girls, are you :)
The solution box, yes they are always there :)

Cinderella said...

Hermione. That is one analogy no one would think of - but then there's you.

Unknown said...

That would be my story though even not half as as smart as the smartest witch of her age.
And I liked the last part....leading lives the way that makes us contented if not blissfully happy.
But being considered a reliable friend actually means we finish first where it matters most.

Rachit said...

girls are mysterious... close for strangers yet engaging for closed one's :)

Weakest Link

Rià said...

Loved the lines in Hindi as always! And that analogy of Hermione is just so good...and true as well!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You!

Thank You!

Not all, some are plainly chatterboxes :P :D

She had this first impression on me ::P

Good if works for you that way :)



Suruchi said...

Hey Anshul,
You are not just one person I ALWAYS read but also always return to go through your replies:-)
Luckily, hearts are not like glass-breaks sometimes make them stronger!

Thought and action where love is concerned can never be mature-it is contrary to their intrinsic nature when coupled. Those who claim they know where to draw the lines are experiencing something else on a different plane altogether...not the kind of love worthy of you:-)

And oh I wish I knew you better-you are like the elusive writers of the bygone eras who have a simple line doing wonders in the mind:-)

Saru Singhal said...

The writing in hindi was charming. True, good people are last in line. They do get what they want/deserve or even more. I liked what you said about girls like Hermione.

Soumya said...

It all depends on what your definition of good is :P

Good to see you back :)

Arpit said...

Dil ko touch kar gayi ye post! :P

Happy Blogging!

Anonymous said...

I have a complete attitude problem, with no plans to adjust it.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It's not in mine, it is in your head Ma'am, where wonders are being done owing to the literature you've read and you are drawing your wine through those fountains while you read someone as ordinary as me. It is like remembering the titans of literature through the deeds of a pawn. :)

Thank You

Good is what looks good to me. It is relative on a wider time scale, but at that instant, it stands absolute for me :P :)

Thank you, and welcome here!

Very good.

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Elvirah said...

In our life journey we meet few people like you've mentioned here who would make a difference to lives but never mention a thing about it. And like you said, there is a chance we overlook such friends who come and go in between. I could n't quite read Hindi so better but those lines sounded very fascinating to me.

Beyond Horizon said...

Well, I have to say, WOW!
I think a bit of jealousy is good.
I liked the way you stressed on 'they' are solution box.

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Wow...lovely post about girls...Haha the first pic is funny!

Monika said...

I know one with attitude problem :P Like this one.Don't know its like i have much to say but I can't come up with a single word. Standing back and saying,WOW, for the time being!

anushree said...

loved the first part written in hindi..very transparent and so was the continuation in english..i have become so fond of your blog that before reading the comments over my blog i always try to go through what next have u written ...

Intern said...

I am slow in hindi so chose to skip the first part :P

The second part was truly true to every word. Loved realizing that I know and have such people in my life too. And who better an example than Hermione.

I would like to share it in my blog :)

Sam B said...

Anshul, You certainly are the sweetest guy around. Never knew a guy could say things like
"You may or may not acknowledge it, but it is a fact that there are always some girls around you who inadvertently make your life easy as a part of their nature and not even break a sweat and would never ever talk about it. You just stand back and say, WOW!"
Haven't been to your blog for a long time...such a pleasure going through your posts even though my mind cannot for the sake of god understand your level of hindi.

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