Saturday, January 28, 2012

My attention span lasts a millisecond.

Attention please, this is a pretty outdated post that was written at time when some people who now are dead, were alive, and when things which I have missed in this post, had not happened. It was the time when this mutating hormone of ‘Paper Patriotism’ had sprung up after a long time, so strongly that I had to absolutely give it an honest hearing and make notes while it ranted. I had made efforts to keep this hormone in seclusion and to achieve this I had unsubscribed to newspaper and all the News Channels, employed strict filtering in my browser to block any news site and got ear plugs. But when the house maid just carried in the newspaper of the out of town neighbor and left it in my house, the sick little hormone was unleashed, yet again. Luckily, I had the notes from the last time which I halfheartedly tried to update to make this post look a little more contemporary to the time it is being revised to. I hope it is not outdated before you finish reading it. Time is strange, I don’t blame you, it flies faster than light and we’re still snail paced. Strange times, there goes nothing.

It was six men of Hindostan,

To learning much inclined,

Who went to see the elephant

(Though all of them were blind);

That each by observation

Might satisfy his mind.

Reading the newspaper gives my patriotism a great boost. I go through the newspaper, see India shining, and feel my blood curdling (Though excessive curdling may cause it to precipitate into a gelatinous type of substance and cause health hazards, hence I don’t do that often, reading the newspaper that is). I see India making it into the fourth position on the world’s list of most dangerous countries for women, way to go people. We are already in a bid to topple China in the population race, and the armament race between the two neighbours has already taken the two to become the world’s fastest evolving war material stockpile. No wonder smoking should be strictly prohibited lest a little spark results into a disastrous inferno. I don’t quite remember how many Diwali rockets just go kaput but I’ll have to trust the claims the war pundits make because, the only way to be sure, is to put the product to use, but only one out of the whole lot is tested, which obviously now sleeps with the fishes in the depths of the Bay of Bengal, (The only working one, I pray? Perhaps not, just for cautions sake). Talking of quality, I read that a ‘Tested OK’ Water Melon blew up like a bomb and that too, on a dining table? That Water Melon was seriously sick and was given an injection. But we believe in, “the bigger the better”, don’t we? Bigger houses, wider roads, bigger cars, bigger pockets, bigger lives, bigger melons, bigger problems, right? Did I say bigger problems? Oh, sorry, bigger problems are for the smaller people, we need bigger bail outs. And we don’t like Fat fat.

Reading about safety and all these incidents of rape and brutal killings and day light murders, where do we think we are living? Now I have three theories about these unabated and shameless happenings. One, we have started taking the “World Ending in 2012” blasphemy seriously, and are letting the animal instincts take control (Actually, animal instinct tends to drive animals out of danger, so that term needs some serious brainstorming and subsequent revision). I saw quite a few facebook statuses stating that the Armageddon is inevitable, owing to the recent turn of weather events, like heavy snowfall in places which received it last more than half century ago, and I wonder what is wrong if God is overwhelmed with nostalgia over past and just trying to relive them? It isn’t abnormal to have things which used to be pretty normal a few years back, show up again. Maybe all the conservation efforts are bearing fruits this winter? (Though I’d merrily side with the Armageddon theory given the kind of nature we have, the frail human nature.) 

Back to safety issue, Theory number two, it all has been happening ever throughout the timeline but was never reported, but this does not explain what makes today different from any other day. Why report today, if you didn’t report yesterday? Making amends? That is nice. There are quite a lot of other things too that require amendments and probably a complete overhaul. It’s all about ratings I guess, more the rage in the event and more sensitive the issue, the better are the ratings, better the ratings, more is the readership and viewership, more audience means more advertisers, more advertisers mean more revenue, more revenues mean more avenues, avenues to grow more revenue and repeat. I don’t like seeing death scene repeated again and again and its autopsy being narrated with ample spice and sadistic mirth like enthusiasm on a news channel, while there are many other good and important events that get sidelined. Journalism of courage (Pointing at the whole bunch, not just the one who uses it)? Hah! What do I want, go back to Stone Age? I am afraid not, but there can always be a better way, unless you have the best, which definitely is not this one.

Third, people are turning into followers of Gaddafi and his likes and carrying out his orders of free pillaging, rape and murder. Gandhi’s out, Gaddafi’s in. Otherwise how do you account for a 15 year old and a 17 year old attempt rape and murder? They cannot be politically motivated, it is different. Curiosity cannot throw us overboard to such extreme steps in the first attempt itself, we are used to the easy ways. He’s dead anyway, want to follow suit?

 I read reports how incomplete and dysfunctional hospitals are being inaugurated overlooking a pile of construction material behind the tent house, of how funds are being embezzled into private accounts and I get into thinking of all the reforms that could be made. I read how newly born life is just waning away because there isn’t enough infrastructure in hospitals? That too in a country where the political power reins is in the hands of women who are mothers too? Have you been into a line to get a medical slip, or a test done, or anything like that. Won’t you want to get past all of them, by some means and get your work done faster? Well everyone there wants to do that. How many times we’ve used references to get a work done faster or used influence to get gains. 

Although Berlin wall might have fallen some time earlier than it was really supposed to due to a little miscommunication on the part of a senior congressman, but mistakes are not deliberate. But these days, I feel that Political parties are not interested in Good Governance, they are just interested in ‘Governance’, and being in power. Some are sending money orders to people to buy votes, circumventing the Electoral Procedures and shamelessly violating them, while others are simply giving away beer and wine (They know how to woo people now, don’t they). A politician whose credentials are often mocked at on facebook when compared with the desi RTI guy like the numerous annoying SMSes that we receive as ‘Forward this or else’ and ‘Think about it’ compliments people of a state that they are doing a pretty good job even in foreign nations whose farming would be so dull had it not been for these people. And the opposition, very crudely twists the compliment into a comment, that what does he want, that Indians should get back to doing labour? A really commendable job Sire! 

There are people who've witnessed what online forums and blogs and sites can potentially do, topple an anarchist, start a revolution. I wonder why is this itch then, to censor the internet. Are the lawmakers feeling left out that internet did not create wonders in their country? Or probably, Armageddon is for real, when we tear ourselves apart, and it starts like this only, in a disguise to prevent it from happening. Ah! The possibilities, it makes me giddy.

We apparently are showing a dismal performance in ‘Cricket’, which is a synonym of ‘sports’ to many, overlooking the good performances in other, minor sporting events.  Someone asked me yesterday if I was sane. I don’t know for sure, but there is a possibility that I am. This makes me wonder about something. Our brain is capable of handling many things, like sports, cars, arts, literature, sports, adventure, politics, business, science, maths, and etcetera. And there is a study that claims that an average human uses not more than 5% of the total brain in the entire lifetime. Looking at what I have written above, what would anyone infer of it? Too much facebook, perhaps? Anyways, I am digressing. But it is such an irony that even I have highlighted nothing more than what everyone’s talking about, the negative. But I have reached the end perhaps.

Like many others, my patriotism bubbles through me and when I am done reading it, burp! (and trust me, I gave up drinking cola just because of the afterburner burp it delivered). Gone, just like that. 

And so these men of Hindostan

Disputed loud and long,

Each of his own opinion

Exceeding stiff and strong,

Though each was partly in the right,

And all were in the wrong!

~ John Godfrey Saxe


Meher said...

Its a brilliant post. Seriously, what's been happening to morals and ethics?

Anonymous said...

things are changing in this country
nice post

Someone is Special said...

powerful post packed with strong words but how many will feel it?

Someone is Special

maithili said...

I m not ashamed to say that I haven't read newspapers in months! The reason being- Rape and murder hardly make an impact these days on people. For a few days the journalists follow it and then forget it. Scams and corruption no matter how big will never get punished. Good things are hardly happening and if they are then its only a miniscule proportion. I do not believe in 2012- end of the world theories but I feel we are already dead..

Unknown said...

Tought Provoking indeed! Don't know where we are eading with all this...maybe creating our own hell on the earth

PhilO♥ said...

Amazing post. It was totally worth a read. It's scary how everything is changing. The World may not this year, but yes, mankind is degrading for sure.
I cannot believe a 15 year old doing something like that. Seriously.
Great post. Keep it up!

Chintan said...

There was so much chaos in my mind about what has been happening these days. What topic to pick and choose and write about it, what not to. This was a learning lesson on how to direct everything in a post.

I do not have to tell you how well this is written. It is a shame we have started driving sadistic pleasures from hate and worse that we love the idea of sitting on a live bomb that will tick sometime this december, unless someone cuts the red wire!

~ Chintan

hitesh jain said...

Every evening we come back home after the same 9to6 job for years in row now...Social media has helped us interact-share and discuss-Evolve and take on revolution. The Talking is more- Doing is minuscule- Are we short of a leader hiding in ourselves who can take on things and daringly stand in front of the problems and say- Boss yeh nahi chalega. We are still limited to Social- Animal Insticnts. and short lived pleasures of sight. Thanks for sharing- It was a journey through the past reading ur piece :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


I hope, for good.


You know a little good in small proportions too can fill a chalice, we lack focus.

Perhaps, heaven and hell are just our own manifestations that hold promises of endless joys and miseries which we build over time.

Thank You.

Don't worry, it won't blow off like a magnificent showdown.

Guide yourself, that is all what is required of you, and of everyone else individually.

Carnett Rose said...

Times are changing, humankind has been at its lowest level and yet would it be true to say that people have at least stirred awake, ready to fight, even if not aware for what? I speak in reference of the last year.

Nice read. You should write more of this. :)

Rachit said...

like always enchanting... :)

Weakest LINK

Tanvi said...

I love to read the newspaper, I love to read that views page in TOI where varied topics are brought up by editors..... I love the speaking tree, it often reminds me how diverse we are.... I wont just see the golden side of it, India as a country has to go a long way and improve.


Ph_ said...

I do not mostly pay attention to news and politics :/ Reading this posts made me realize how the world scenario trends and keeps on changing..
Good post :)

Purba said...

We are at the crossroads. A country torn between wanting to hold on to the past and tearing ahead to embrace the future.

The conflict, the restlessness, the angst, I guess is part of evolution.

And I firmly believe - we shall overcome!

Rià said...

I would like to agree with Purba...i hope we overcome. Brilliantly written!

Sandeep Pandey said...

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Sandeep Pandey said...

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Jyoti Mishra said...

Too much to process... u covered it all... no wonder why maximum of students hate to read newspapers.. coz all they see is filth n bullshit.

world is changing definitely, but it can change in a much better way if leaders literally want too...
but again those "people in white" r nt worth calling leaders.

No need to say hw fantastically it was written...
Awesome read !!

Dreaming Wanderer. said...

very nicely put forth... your writing is powerful... enjoyed the read..

pls check my blog.. sumthing awaits u..

divsi said...

now thats a brilliant piece of writing..
wish we had many more people feeling this way...
patriotism is VACANT today..

FirstTimeMother said...

It ain't about the newspaper, its all about the issues (anyhow even newspapers are becoming the part of issues now a days).
Elections conducted in the neighboring states and the newspaper whose 70% part is covered with different parties' manifesto so as to vote for the one which sounds less corrupt. In today's world, politics which has got a synonym called corruption.
Regarding the exploitation against women, from domestic abuse and rape to child marriages, the women suffers and is blamed for the circumstances. Last month, Andhra Pradesh DGP stated "flimsy clothes provoke rape" but he failed to justify the rape Of a 3 year old baby or a 80 year old woman.Recent story of a 14 year old gal and her 2 year old baby girl. Endless list is opened.Later they fail to accept the fact that its a male dominating society even though we have a female president and almost a female prime minster(Sonia G) but least the things have changed.
Well said, In india, cricket is a synonym of ‘sports’ for to many but somehow tennis is no far.
Yes, we are sane and Our brain is capable of handling many things. It's not about the complaints, its all about our concern towards our nation/society afterall we are a part of it.

Damn interesting post.
Thanks for sharing.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Humans have sunk to the lowest level? That would be tough to decide until we've risen again :)


Stay happy :)

Yes :)

Hum honge kaamyaad, ek din!

Thank You.

Stop Spamming.

Thank you!

@Dreaming Wanderer
Thank You, I am glad you liked it.

Feeling is no remedy for the malady plaguing us. We need doers.

It's not just the news paper, it is the media overall.
And thank you :)

Unknown said...

Ah, the aesthetically pleasing Blasphemer posts have given away to introspection....your type of patriotism is here to stay...its nothing new...our politicians are just a reflection of society and when were we ever united or worshippers of life?
Our Manusmriti teaches us that women are inferior, placed well after "shudras"(caste system...don't even touch that pole, lest mandal and the self immolators alike drop down from hell) like cattle (do you know the kanya daan ceremony is based on the cattle auctions rituals in villages of old...ask any Tamil Brahmin married girl who had a wooden stick held over her head for a full ten minutes by her would be sister-in-law while seated on her father's lap), meant to be led by coercion or force so why does rape, eve teasing, molestation, dowry deaths, honour killings, female infanticide and selling of bodies shock shouldn't.
Corruption is why different invaders ruled our lands for a millennium...nothing new about greased, greedy hands stretched forward.
Have diet pepsi or better still invest in some gelusil...yeh toh trailer tha...abhi picture bakhi hai mera dost. ;D

Sujana said...

Reading the newspaper always leaves me angry but I question myself, what am I doing with this anger? Then I feel hopeless. But hopefully, we move forward. Raising awareness is a start. Great post, I couldn't stop reading it!

Unknown said...

Very thought provoking post! So well written, too. And the poem just fits so aptly there. - Ankita

Suruchi said...

Wow...and we hold the political and sarcastic pen just as well as we wield the poetical and prose one:-)

It was an engrossing read-you haven' stated anything new agreed, but the anguish in you is new for a reader....

I stopped reading the paper too a long time back and filtering of news was not really required-although I feel this was as bad as turning my back to the problems...but then some gruesome pieces of news left too bitter an after taste in my mouth to summon my otherwise brave self...

it is a sad state of affairs disguised by certain symptoms of progress that we are made to believe are occurring...but then while we give up on the papers, let's not give up on hope!

As always, an unusual post served on this wonderful platter:-)

Nirali Naik said...

I gave you an award on my blog :D

Ruhani said...

Brilliantly summarized. Waiting for your next post :)

Tanishka said...

Times are changing, for good and for bad too... Lets see where does it all stops...

Btw it was good to read your post after so long... :)

Alka Gurha said...

Chaos all around..Yes. But what gives me hope is the fact that we have young people like yourself who are willing to be the change they wish to see.

Shadow said...

you could be writing about many a country, not just your own. it certainly does seem like the world at large has lost its mind... great write!

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