Friday, September 16, 2011

It takes a lifetime to grow a good friend.

I’ve been growing a plant lately. A money plant. If you ask me why, well, it’s because it grows green leaves. And then if you ask me what is so dear about the leaves being green, I’d quote to you from some scientific research that green is the most perceptible color to human eyes, stimulating the rods and cones alike.

Green leaves give pleasure to eyes, have such a fine granular surface and are at their best when fresh and crisp. And happy eyes mean a happy me, right? So, I’ve been growing a money plant lately. A money plant with green leaves. The best part is that it doesn’t merely grow, it climbs. I am so tempted to stand as its support, secretly wishing that it would climb on to me and reach my head, but then I feel, it’s already inside my head.

Trying to be a nice gardener, I graft it a little so that it can grow  more rapidly. And behold! it spurts even more. Who said happiness grows when shared. It's these green leaves when spent.

It is sun shy, does not need to see much sun, or else it just withers away. Putting it out in the sun, where every one can see it is the rarest of all events. It suffices and thrives in closed rooms, small rooms.

People come and go, and everyone has something to show. We all love preaching. The other day someone told me about fertilizers. He said it works faster than any grafting technique. He almost had me there, I was tempted as hell. But when I added a pinch of it, I saw my plant's root cringe and shrink. He said it was okay, I tried to believe him too, but the fading color of my plant only heightened my apprehensions.

I never saw that man again. I will never use those fertilizers either. I'll grow a money plant!


Snow Leopard said...

So you have a green thumb, eh? I have read that plants respond to emotions too. Talk to it or play soothing music and your Money Plant will have Rs 1000 bills hanging from it in no time.

Ankita said...


I love money plant too.. it so very ubiquitous because its too adaptable to changes, one can grow it even in an empty bottle and does not require any special care...yes, needless to say I loved the post :)

Anonymous said...

I never use fertilizers for a money plant. It's quite self sufficient by nature. Nice to see this side of you.


the other side of me said...

you dont need fertilizers for money plant ;):)it grows best without it..and im growing a money plant too :):)

Pri said...

///Who said happiness grows when shared. It's these green leaves when spent.///

well, these green leaves do manage to create an illusion...but happ(y)ness is a never ending pursuit, isnt it?
besides money plans need constant care and watering.and ofcourse a constant support as well--to grow on..or else they wither.
you might want to grow a 'cactus' will grow even when you dont water it---just like true friendships! :)

FirstTimeMother said...

"secretly wishing that it would climb on to me and reach my head, but then I feel, it’s already INSIDE my head" :P :P
Love thy post ;)

Erratic Thoughts said...

Ahh a money plant,hmm nice...
"Green leaves give pleasure to eyes..." you mean green leaves of a 'money' plant?:D
And when I'm growing a 'money' plant in future, I'll be careful not to listen to someone asking me to use a fertilizer...

The habit of growing plants is so contagious, I wanna grow a plant too!:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Snow Leopard
Oh yes, I do, I do. And the music too is a result of these leaves.

Yeah, It's quite adaptable. Changes it's texture and form depending on what part of the world it is in. But retains it's essential values.

Oh my money plant thrives on my lust for it to grow thick and large. Which side are you talking about?

@The other side of me

Indeed, What use would the money plant be if I had no cactuses?

You seem to see something INSIDE it, don't you?

Red Handed said...

Water and a bit of sunshine, and thr she loves you with all her roots. Ok bad joke!

Thumbs up on ur green love! you with all her roots. Ok bad joke!

Thumbs up on ur g

Unknown said...

go green and loving the change..
peeche the guy is sitting wondering why are the trees green and that's you.
Mr. intellect.
Mr. Profound.
Depth personified.

Purba said...

Absolutely - a relationship is like a plant. It needs constant nurturing :)

nil said...

And you never will see that man again,
because he'd be fooling another man, planting another beloved plant into a trick for good things that make one happy to wither away..

So hold on close to your money plant! :)

Rià said... plant takes me back to childhood when my mom used to have a money plant in each room...and the one in the balcony just kept growing at an alarming rate, the leaves were so huge and i used to loving looking at it each day as it grew bigger and bigger! Its beautiful...i miss plants here :(

D2 said...

Whatever you do, don't play 'Plants Vs Zombies' in front of your dear plant until it is old enough to grasp the dangers it is in. Make sure you treat it as your own dear child. It will grow to give you a lot of money. :)

Ph_ said...

All kind of green is highly noticeable, praised and then secretly envied in hearts, of who has it and not.

Do not trust on any one this time, cultivate your *green plant* the way you want :)

Great post!

Sadiya Merchant said...

i find plants very boring. pets r better :o

Chintan said...

Let the money plant grow but why hang a girl :)

Unknown said...

Oh! you were doing just fine. Don't heed to all the advice that you receive from everyone. Sometimes, the gut instinct is the best :)

Suruchi said...

*wondering if there is a deeper meaning to this all than what is signified by the title and the post-reads through the comments to fathom-not enough yet so would saunter around till the flood would come and then go green with a tad bit of envy for some inane reason-yes, green is sometimes soothing to the eyes*

Happy Gardening and with someone having such a detailed eye-I can almost see the plant rejoice:-)

P.S.What irony-my word for the word verification is "baffle":-)

aakash said...

I double on Suruchi... there is something fishy about this post :P

One thing I like plants for is that they dont poop around like cats and dogs :D


maithili said...

Well the blog definitely looks much more livelier now ;)

as for the plant, its a proven fact that plants do respond to music and emotions.. try talking a minute or two lovingly to your plant (its been tried at my home) and see how it grows :)

about the deeper meaning :P i know it will strike me some other time when i m doing something else ;P like always with your posts!

A grain of sand said...

if you come across ill/faulty advices in whatever you do, it means you are treading the right path! all the best :0

Cloud Nine said...

You will never see men like that again. Grow one more money plant:) Nurturing one is just an art...don't just over do it...Good luck!

Prateek Bagri said...

Sometimes enough of watering too doesn't help. It's the time when plant is progressing to a silent death.
I loved the comparison - somewhat reminded me of a lost abstract.

Saru Singhal said...

Growing and nurturing relationship is a difficult task but it makes you a better human being...Great Post!

Richa said...

Absolutely adorable post AB!

How metamorphic it is. Anything artificial might just as well hollow the roots. Been there, done that.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Erratic Thoughts
Yes, Money Plant, of all other plants. :)

@Red Handed
What was that? I did not get the root of the joke! :P

That was a little too much, please elaborate :P


Perhaps, he's not the only one selling illicit dreams. Got to proceed with caution.

I liked the money plant that made a nice entry into my room at home. It however never completed the loop.

Yes Sire! I just uninstalled the trial version that my mobile phone offered. I did not play.

Yes, it always is a source of envy if someone else has a little more.

Yes, plants don't even shout out for their needs, pets do. Alarms are always going of with them, with plants we've got to have vigilant senses.

Because, she revels in it.

Yes, perhaps!

The word suited you well this time.

Yes, they don't poop around, just sit at one place and grow.

Thank You, it needs more improvements, I'll work on that.
Do come back if something subtle hits you (not really subtle, it would do just fine even if a thought train hit you)

@A grain of sand

@Cloud Nine
Those men who grew money plants literally still exist, but values definitely have changed.

Yeah, sometimes the plant is just unhappy of its hosts.

Yes, it does, thank you!

Angel said...

I Love the this new template you have..even relationships needs to have a fertilizer like plants ? I'll try this ....Have a great weekend Anshul!

nidhi said...

well i have many money plants in my garden... but they grow well without fertilizers :)

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

well, it's in my head too...growing there say that color soothes the eyes, well it soothes my mind too :)

fertilizer wasn't a bad idea...high risk high gain they say...but then slow but steady is better in terms of law of averages...

BTW, what is it with that background pic? hang the girl and the balloons will help you fly? but balloons do burst :p.... she has a red face, but looks at peace...

tarunima said...

I'm really happy to see that you care so deeply for your plant :)
Keep it that way! :)
Sometimes the love and affection you give them provides all the nutrition required for blooming..
happy gardening!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

The best thing about money plants is that it grows (climbs) even when you don't care about it.. I love them too..

Anonymous said...

over head transmission :-)
Guessing you have a bigger message. !!

yasha said...

Anshul are you really talking about a money plant??Hmmm I doubt.You have a convoluted brain..;)

Vaisakhi said...

hehe green thumb activated???...nice...i love my money plants too...hmm waitin to see how much money they can give...:P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I guess you missed the whole point. Anyways, use organic fertilizers only.

Mine too!

Games involve gambles too, what can I say.
Could the boy and the girl be related? There can be stories, there can be themes, This theme, I'd rather not reveal. But I can't stop looking at this from the moment it was drawn.


Yes, I love stacks of green.

You bet, I am talking about The Money Plant!

Nah, it's just the green heart technologies.

Rachit said...

the concept prevails for the humans also.. be natural.. an added layer of envy will hurt your relationship.

Weakest LINK

Jyoti Mishra said...

Nice template.. :)
Well I wonder how everyone likes to grow a money plant.

Is it the money-myth which makes us love this plant so much or the Greeny leaves ??

Chandana said... you have a green thumb! Nice! I am not much of a plants/garden person.. maybe sometime in the future.. :)
It takes a lifetime to grow a good friend - but I guess its worth it! :)

Anita Jeyan said...

The green of money plant is really refreshing...also because it is an indoor plant and my house is full of it.. :D Somehow I have this feeling that you also meant that a good friend is like a money plant. I am so sorry I am very bad at drawing conclusions from creatively written articles which has inner meaning embedded in them.

Alka Gurha said...

The new template is refreshing...just like the post.
Friendships like plants need attention else they wilt away.

Unknown said...

First of all, nice template man!
Your blog also looks fresh, I also once thought of keeping the widgets and all, to the left side.

Secondly, versatility! What goes on in your mind when you script down such posts.
"He said it was okay, I tried to believe him too, but the fading color of my plant only heightened my apprehensions."

You are bound to be apprehensive about things you own and love. Follow your heart in such cases :)

Sarcastically Special said...

Plants are as lively as humans are. When we don't need fertilizers, why would they :)
And as you have also mentioned. People come and go, we all love preaching. There are perhaps the ones who self-proclaim themselves as knowledge gurus. One of them might have suggested the use of fertilizers.
Hmmm, Interesting one!

Sarcastically Special

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

True. Thank You.

It's funny, but everyone here seems to love one, except a few, who prefer pets :P

Green thumb? It's soiled in brown :P

Hmm, nice attempt at understanding it, a friend can be a banyan tree too :)

Yes, they need nurturing.

Thanks Animesh.

@Sarcastically Special
First of all, nice pen name.
Secondly, welcome here.
And thirdly, thank you!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I saw I missed one of the comments.
Richa, apologies!

Thank You too.

Mishilicious Mishi said...

I always wanted to have a money plant..gardening is one of the best hobbies I guess..seems like you have grown really attached with your plant..which is so adorable! and it does take a lifetime to grow a goood friend...A friend is somebody you share all your good and bad got to take care of the seed, got to nourish it..give it the water of sincerity and Faith on each other..the connection you established here is Beautiful!

and btw Did I ever tell you, you have an adorable smile..your smile is refreshing and it makes me smile, everytime I look at your photo...Stay Blessed hamesha..ameen :-)

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

Glad to see the template is normal now, I could hardly read yesterday. The picture signifies something? :)

And also, is this JUST about the plant or is there an indepth philosophy that I completely failed to grasp:D

mk said... have been gardener too...
thts a nice aspect, hope you could plant more trees too... :)

your money plant is lucky to have you, it will surely grow with a support like urs!!...

simple yet a nice post!...keep penning ur experiences.... :) :)

Unknown said...

What an interesting post. Something quite usual yet so different!
Good luck with the money-plant tending!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:D No you told me this time only. Thank you!

It is titled 'Beautiful Disaster', and the song is good too. Listen to it sometimes, maybe the picture starts making sense too, though the pic was made by someone else who had never heard that song.

Regarding the Plant, there can be different meanings to the word 'plant' itself. Which one suits here is up to you.

No, I've not been a gardener, but I am a son of a farmer.

Thank You!

Punam said...

Hmm so, Anshul, are you growing money plant for the fun of it, or are you growing it for the myth that it carries?? :) That growing it will help the owner earn a lot of money???

I remember my nani used to grow it in her old home. :) Don't know about the myth, but I never had a liking to this one plant. :)

Sarah malik said...

Looking for greener

I like ur posts for the subtle message they plant on my mind now! :)


Joe said...

A tender tendril of a money plant intertwines with its support like slender fingers over a violin, doesn't it?

Sri Valli said...

So, you like gardening...It is very satisfying hobby...I can say!!

Loved your new template...Kidsy and Cute :D

Boy is having fun with balloons :) But why is this girl is hanging! :'( </3

Unknown said...

What can I say! a green thumb is a very fine exercise for patience...why asks a tiny bulb in my mind...of all the green, a money plant...?? I gave up gardening with two rose plants which died despite my singing to it or was it because of it? maybe they were trying to wean me of my rose tinted world view
Some people swear by fertilisers... ur plant is allergic to it i guess. Go green be it plant or uncle sam's bills... ;D

Unknown said...

Btw , love your colourfilled template though a mean boy saddens me.

Cynthia said...

I learned, just this year how to
keep plants healthy.
My Gram says plants help us to learn
to take care of people - so now I
name my plants: Eva & Temple.
And yes I do talk to them - didn't
think about playing music - will
have to add that.

Pramoda Meduri said...


@People come and go, and everyone has something to show.

yes and we have something to show to them as well.. ur comparison is good. i have a point to say, planting and gardening are one side relationships, friendship is two sided, both shall have same intention, to grow the friendship..

Interesting blog here.. will come for more posts..

PhilO♥ said...

I could imagine your plant grow, and the roots cringe..
I guess using fertilizers is harsh..
All plants need is some love :) Water, and sunlight :)
Lovely post!
Take Care :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Didn't I tell the reason in the beginning of the post?

What message did this post have?

I've never played any musical instrument, so I can't quite say. You gave the example, you know better, you must be right.

The boy is not laughing, I don't know why no one sees his expression.

Why of all the green plants would I choose a money plant to write on? Hmm, that must have something to do with the split up between 'Money' and 'Plant'. Did you know plant also means a factory?

Look at the boy, no, listen to a song Beautiful Disaster. You might come to know what is on his mind. He's not laughing.

Eva and Temple, nice names.

@Being Pramoda
We owe freshness of air and the life giving oxygen to these plants. Don't you think these friends have been doing their part ever since they were born?


Wings of Harmony said...

I think I missed the change in the layout! It's nice! :D Question: Why a girl hanging? :D :P Anyway, about this post...Green, specifically dark green, is a color I like to keep around me as well, as you said, most soothing and appealing to the eyes. :D An yes, sometimes, love is what is needed for something to case of your money plant and in case of all of holds true. :D

anatreek said...

There is a way to your is alluring..

Anand said...

A great read Anshul... We can draw parallels in growing a plant and a relationship. You shld take utmost care while nurturing them as even a tiny mistake may hinder its growth..

Ritika said...

I love the title.

And ths new template is so very cute.

Sarah malik said...

well different people, different perspectives..something which i found peculiar about it all was the 'Money(plant)' grows on its own better ..yet v fret and burden ourselves with things it needs not.
I too had a money plant at my home, and somehow it grew well wen v left it on its own! Reality is somehow parallel to this for me:)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Yes :)

Thank You!

Yes, right.

It's quoted from somewhere I cannot remember. Something like a Chinese proverb.

Yes, it grows into something with much better and healthy leaves if it is watered with honest, affection.

SEPO said...

I lovve money plant. We have everywhere in my home. From bathrooms todrawing rooms...!

You should come to mumbai in rainy season, you will be overwhelmed by the greenery around!! really!

KP said...

Well well Is it just about growing a vine? the pic.. the heading.. the words all give me a different message...

The selfishness! is written every where when i read this..
But i liked it.. also those reflections on happiness is nice! letting in a 3rd person doesn't help..

standing as support to it.. (that is not selfish.. sorry!)

Rahul said...

A nice post!

Sam B said...

Now, that was random. There must be a different story behind your money plant. :P

We have one that climbs through our walls to the terrace on top. The most beautiful thing. And I miss your exciting comments on my blog.

Komal Ali said...

What's the underlying meaning of this post? Or is there none?
Just curious because your writings are mostly dense. :-)

I am raising a plant too - it's really hard to not forget to water it. :-P

Hope all is good at your end.

Ashwini C N said...

Thanks to My Grandpa, Gardening is something which I look forward to, Not just as a routine.
My heart feels happy when I pass by the plants and they come to me lovingly and touch my hands.

Nice. They take a long time. Still as you said, they are worth it.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

If I get an opportunity, then I sure will.

It was indeed about selfishness. Thank You for reading in between.

Thank You.

@Sam B
Money plants are good.

For those who seek, there are always meaning. Otherwise, it's plain trash, lie.

That is great.

Priyanka Kamath said...

Hello !
I thought I'd drop in a quick appreciation here:)

New to your space but love each of your posts !:)
You got a new follower !:D

Looking forward to more posts from you:)

Happy blogging !:D

Siddhartha Joshi said...

No quick fixes work with friendship too, fertilizers are a no-no, even if they seem to help initially...

Tanvi said...

Nice even I will :) :) :P Cute one :)


Bikram said...

did my comment go through

Bikram said...

It does not seem to..

I got to type again.. I have money plant in office and home and its going miles ..
it is true if you love the plant nad take care it grows happy and its lovely feeling to seee a leaf grow up ..

as your title says takes a lifetimg to grow friendship.. but on other hand these days its too easy for people to break it in a sec.

especiall facebook makes me laugh some people make friends an two days later delete the link WEIRD makes you think what sort of people they are

No fertilisers for me

I regard friendship as sacred .. and it comes with a lot of responsibility


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Welcome here.


In Moscow? :P

Is facebook for making new virtual friends? Or for connecting with real life friends separated by distances or time?

Soumyadeep said...

fertilizers may make it grow fast...but it won't be strong to stand in the test of time...
wonderful post...

new to ur space and a new follower to urs...

Unknown said...

no artifice can substitute for the natural. <3

nice to see a writeup on plants minus the botany terms i've been forced to cram into my brain.

i used to plant money tree too. but i liked orchids and bromeliads more. now, i miss my garden.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

i believe so too... but when autumn comes and i see the change of green to the different colors, its beautiful. and gone for awhile.. and when spring time comes... the sprouting green leaves are again beautiful to look at...

nice post...


Gargi Gupta said...

and I can relate well...that's because I got a money plant too and waited patiently for it to grow like for months now...finally I see new leaves coming in and nothing can beat that :) oh yes, I'd careful about the "sun" part now

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Innocent like a child! How big is your money plant now?

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