Friday, September 23, 2011

कौन है तेरा यहाँ, मुसाफिर अकेला था, अकेला रहेगा |

मेरे खटखटाने का जवाब आना बंद हुआ,
बस इतना ही था,
मेरा उस गली में जाना बंद हुआ ||

यह तो थी मेरी बात |

किनसे पूछें रुकने का फलसफा यहाँ पर,
सूरज चाँद भी अंधेरों में घूमे जा रहे हैं,

एक मोड़ का फासला तय करने की हिम्मत जुटा,
हर मोड़ पर नयी मंजिल बना रहे हैं,

किनसे पूछें जीने का फलसफा यहाँ जब,
सभी जिए जा रहे हैं,

कोई आखरी मोड़ पार कर कभी रुका है क्या यहाँ,
उसी मोड़ पर पहुँचने को, सभी जा रहे हैं ||


Rià said...

I admire your ability to write such meaningful posts in Hindi. Bahut achche!! :)

Wings of Harmony said...

"Koi aakhiri mod paar kar kabhi ruka hai kya yahaan? Usi mod par pohochne ko, sabhi jaa rahein hain."

Itni khubsoorat baat kahi hai aapne. Sochne waali baat hai ke agar asli manzil tak pohochna sambhav na ho, toh jahaan tak pohoche, usi ko manzil bana liya. :D :D

PS: How do I write in Hindi? :|

Ankita said...


these lines are lovely and deep but somewhat melancholic...

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

Sun and moon revolves in darkness, but it's them that makes us emitting, other reflecting...

yea...whom to ask? we all are travelling like that insect towards that illusive light...

lovely lines...


Chintan said...

Bahut khoob :) Bahut hi khoob :)
Anshul hindi main to aur bhi kamaal kia yaar...Ok, I am reading it again now

[_]@ <3


Chintan said...

Ok, its urdu + hindi mixed...and I will meet you ate the turn :)

Unknown said...

Why do I get the impression that this verse beautiful and melancholic as it is, is talking of a journey to the other side, the unknown shrouded in darkness/ignorance??

Rahul Bhatia said...

Jaise patange ki manzil diya ki roshni hai waise hi har rahi roshni ki talsh mein hai!!
Lovely poetry

SEPO said...

wow hai rey!!! :-)


the other side of me said...

I wish I could understand what you've written..i guess it must be something nice by reading all the comments above :):):)

Unknown said...

Very beautiful.

and btw. I really wish to understand the picture in the b/g.
Its animated and awful.

maithili said...

Oh so you are a poet as well!

Clearly the last lines stole the thunder ;) A random one but expressed so beautifully nevertheless!

:) ;) Sudden poetic fever in blogworld makes me think over of giving a try to my otherwise pathetic poetry :P

Suruchi said...

Wow...that was BEAUTIFUL!
Aap to bilkul small wonder ho-there is no genre of writing that you do not excel in-especially when it comes to delving into the deep, unknown or unexplained!
Is that a characteristic style or has it evolved with writing?

Hindi poetry is much more difficult I feel because it is not just a play of rhymes-it evolves a stringing of emotions that have a melodic sense to it for the impact to come about...
Aur aisa bahut kam hota hain ki yeh haasil ho:-)
Aap ki yeh chote se kavita bahut bade baat hain:-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Use google transliteration tool.

Thank You.

Thank You.

Thank You for the complement.
But I ate what?

Follow your intentions, it will lead you to light.


And you too :)

@Other side of Me
Next time?

No matter how hard I try, I cannot explain it the way its creator would. I can't.

I attempt broken proses. I am no poet.

I don't know, I guess it has evolved with time.
Aap log sarahna se sur khaab ke par de dete ho, itni udaan na do ke girne se bhi hichakne lagun.

Alka Gurha said...

Beautiful yet Meaningful....Agree with Suru.

You should write more in Hindi.

jo said...

Manzilon ka peecha karte karte , har mod par mudte-mudte , bhool gaye hain ki kahan jaa rahe hain or kyon ja rahe hain, bas chalte jaa rahe hain.
Sometimes I try to find meaning in all the goals we chase and so far I've only managed to understand that its hard to find.
Beautifully expressed :)

AnicA said...

"एक मोड़ का फासला तय करने की हिम्मत जुटा
हर मोड़ पर नयी मंजिल बना रहे हैं"

wht a beautiful piece of poetry.... i just luved it to the core.... u knw there are cirtain moments and pieces that directly strike the chords of your heart "man ka taar chuna" this post of yours was one of them... and "yeh dil maange more".... so keep writing ! Kudos dude !

suvaiba said...

you know what,
when you write in hindi there is a certain charm to it... simple plain words that speak out volumes which very seldom happens in english..!
as far as this poem goes its great and its soo charming..!
it reminds me of harivansh raibachchans poem - yatra or yatri..!
do read its great and yes following you ..! :)
hope to

Saru Singhal said...

I love hindi poetry, its so beautifully written...Loved it...

FirstTimeMother said...

तुम एक ऐसे तत्त्ववेत्ता हो जिसके शब्दों की गूढ़ता को समझने में हमेशा आनंद आता है |
keep writing :)
Take care !!

Anonymous said...

mediocre hindi poem
but nice to read

mk said...

you write really gud in hindi!
loved the thought in it!

har mod par hai jindagi,
hum bas himmat juta rahe hai,
kuch kismat baloon ko mil gayi hai manzil,
hum manzil to na pa sake,bas mod bana rahe hai,
jiye ja rahe hai, jiye ja rahe hai!

thnks for sharing, each one making its own path, to reach the goal!!
keep penning!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I'll try to balance out the two. Thank You!

They aren't hard to find, just get obscured over time. We make goals, then we make new ones in transit.

Mein aapki sarahna se phool nahi sama raha :D

Such is the language, Hindi :)
I will read that poem you suggested.


:O Dhanyawaad!

Thank You, I don't wish to match up with you in proses. Rookha sookha theek hai.

Jiye ja rahe hain!

PhilO♥ said...

I suck at hindi. S I couldn't really understand it. But the other comments gave me an idea about it :)

I like the new layout :)

Tanishka said...

Even though I only understand your Hindi posts partially yet i really like to read them... :)

Richa said...

reminds me of the epic lyrics 'मंज़िलों पे राहें ढूँढती चली, खो गयी है मंज़िल कहीं राहों में..'

Loved it!

Aayushi Mehta said...

I absolutely loved the first stanza.

The second one was quite profound, makes one think about where we're going, and where life takes us.

Lovely writing.

I love your blog background.

Santosh Kumar said...

Very beautiful poem..Thse two lines are mind blowing :
किनसे पूछें जीने का फलसफा यहाँ जब,
सभी जिए जा रहे हैं,

Check my poems at (in Hindi).

I hope you would like.

Thanks for sharing.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You!

Thank You too!


Thank You!

Sure, thanks for the link.

Carnett Rose said...

Such profound lines...I've said before and I say it again - the essence of your writing is clearly reflected in Hindi. To me it seems as like proper Hindi literature.

Nice post. :)

Rachit said...

हिंदी की अदा ही कुछ निराली है, समा बन जाता है :)

वेअकेस्त लिंक

Jyoti Mishra said...

Kyaa baat !!!
Maza aa gaya :)

Rooj Siddiqui said...

BA, ye kia likha hai? :(
I so wanna read it!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hay..nice read, touch for me to understand few phrases in hindi :(.. anyway.. its k :)

Punam said...

Shayad woh manzil, woh aakhri mod salvation hai??
Magar jjab har aadmi us taraf jaa raha hai, kuch jaane kuch anjaane mein, to uske aage ki kahani kaun sunayega?
Us mod ke peeche toh sabhi gum se ho jaate hain na,....

Lilangel said...

Loved the last few lines...thats so right..Nice poem :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You!



Hindi likhi hai, aapke liye kabhi aur sahi.


Kuch aisa hi hai. :)

Thank You!

Kiran Hegde said...

Beautiful Buddy!!

A grain of sand said...

i walk,
in this crowd,
amidst this crowd,
my identity lost,
my interest in some abyss,
i don't know where i head...
all i know is i'll be a loser
if i lose my stead...

Nice post!

Unknown said...

The world seems to have turned its face from poetry; maybe because profound thoughts are hardly melted into words these days. What you have written here rings with truth, wisdom and beauty. Utterly brilliant! Please do keep up your writing and compose more of these gems of poetry more often. Kudos, buddy!

Vivek said...

HI Anshul,

Very Nicely expressed the feelings ,truly aesthetic.

Unknown said...

this post being in the devangari script, i was unable to understand. i can barely read my mother tongue Urdu. but i love the fact that you are close to your roots. i am writing about blasphemy these days

Anonymous said...

bahut khoob
really a good one

Anonymous said...

It reminded me that song of SD Burman (if i am not wrong), "yahaan kaun hai tera musafir.. jayega kaha.."

i loved that :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thanks buddy!

@A Grain of Sand
Don't loose your steadfast steed then. :)

Thank You, it was really a great lift.

Thank You.

I don't write about blasphemy buddy. :)


I'll give it a listen for sure.

Oxymoron said...

it's been a while since i have read a quality post in hindi...great stuff..
it's short and profound....two qualities that make a post truly wonderful...
and i must say you have built a very impressive blog...

Anonymous said...

Aur pata nahin sabhi kyun jaa rahe hain :D

Isi baat pe ek tarana ho jaaye..
"Is modh se jaate hain, kuch sust kadam raste kuch tez kadam rahein....."

Have a nice time:)

PhilO♥ said...

It's past friday!
No post!? :O

Someone is Special said...

Anshul, What a beautiful way to express the feelings.. Love it man.. Happy Weekend..

Someone is Special

Fatima said...

This was a wonderful one..and I dont have words for this one...meri khamoshi mein hi mera jawab dhundlo !


Gargi Gupta said...

Kya baat! Aakhiri mod, yes, nobody can stop there no matter what!

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Anshul, was quite away from blogging, so missed out on this poem of urs.

किनसे पूछें जीने का फलसफा यहाँ जब,
सभी जिए जा रहे हैं, - amazing... is what i can say to you....


Tweety said...


If i say this was beautiful it would be such an understatement anshul...I actually have no words for this...

Simply awesome...

lokesh said...

liked it!

Unknown said...

keep up writing good posts

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