Saturday, August 13, 2011

It'd be lonely to be the only one who's holy.

It’s funny. The mind wanders in erratic directions drawing mind numbing projections as I lay my head down after the day is done. Dangling in between states of conscious and dreary sleep, I am jolted upright by a thought stream I start to ride on.
Immortality! I dream of a man unto whom God appears and gives a boon that God would come and defend him if any kind of enemy tried to harm him. There isn’t much background that was given at the start of this reel about the kind of person he was. And at first, everything was normal, until the news spread.  
It’s funny. Often we burn, not by what we lack but with what others have. He had a piece of Eden, now everyone wanted it, all of it. Hence started the volley of attacks, one after the other, and another, everything and everyone seemed to be the enemy now. And amidst all of this, while he was cowering behind God’s grace, he felt broken.
Alas, what a loss he had incurred. An irrevocable loss! Every time he was defended, he found himself on a ship that drifted a little further from where he had lived all his life, from all who he had believed to be his people. He wanted to leave all of this now, so he turned to his Master again and requested Him, ‘Take me away, I don’t wish to see any of this anymore’.
Brought back to my present state, I stared at the clock, and ‘it’s funny’, I thought. I barely manage to jot down ciphers that would reconstruct it later before the swing of drowsiness takes me away again, and I don’t remember when I woke up again and it was all white again. I let out a hysterical laugh. It’s funny, isn’t it?


Subhrashis Adhikari said...

no ONE can be immortal...and we all are immortal...

Funny it is that most of us are sad for what other's have, rather than what we don't have...

'live and let live' someone said...

S. said...


Depicts the reality check.Something to which anyone can relate. :)

Cloud Nine said...

Immortality!!! Can relate to this easily. Hard to dream of the last days:(

maithili said...

Ok I have to tell you this,
when I read your posts its all on a superficial level and when I m all alone and pondering suddenly I am able to see your post on a new level.. I don't think you know that your posts really give out more than what you want them to..
I read your post sometime back and went about my work.. Somewhere a thought came and I wondered if there really is a message sent to us in our subconciousness? I often dream strange things which make great sense in subconcious but when I wake up I can't remember them at all.. Funny isn't it?

Lilangel said...
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Lilangel said...

Great post !

Many a times, a man of virtue often walks the lonely roads. A Danish quote comes to my mind which says "If envy were a fever, the whole world would be ill".

It will take another yug for people to understand to be happy in their own lives :)

Ezazi said...

Just landed here and totally LOVING your blog. Followed. Keep scrolling. Cheers.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

True, and yet we don't see. Funny.

Thank You :)

@Cloud Nine
And I thought you had a wonderful vacation? O_o

Oh me, the waters here run shallow, and cold.

Perhaps, the man knew many subtle things. Thank You for sharing.

Welcome here :)

Sara said...

And you're back!

I fall more in love with your blog with every post I read.

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

"Often we burn, not by what we lack but with what others have."

How true. How so very true.

How do you write with such depth.
I am never able to name the deeper of my emotions.

Asma Khan said...

Thoughtful doze... :)
Stay Blessed

Wings of Harmony said...

This post came about at a right time, when I am midst few conflicts...internal conflicts. We all know that ultimately we walk alone when the time to embrace light comes...but funny it is, as you say, we do not understand the deeper nuances that make life worth living. Spirit to live and to love, is what remains immortal. We all burn and perish. :)

Nice Post.

Prateek Bagri said...

Like Sub said, Immortality cannot be attained; not even by going to Meluha.

*Sorry for the PJ*

Aashayein said...

Your writing gives me strange positive vibes! Not talking only about this post but all of them...Often I feel this urge of re-reading them!

Alka Gurha said...

Most of our miseries are because of what others have and we dont...nothing wrong with it, its human nature but it should not become overpowering. I strongly feel parents do not teach kids about being thankful - Gratitude. Its all about competing and thus the envy.

Suruchi said...

I don't know why people wish for immortality coz I often feel one lifetime and the sameness of it all despite all the adventures, gets monotonous-what fun to keep changing the bodily garbs and if only we could know about is funny!

anything which looks like a blessing takes very little time to turn into a curse-that is how human mentality works...sad and funny, it is!

soooo glad to have u back here-hope you had a fun trip:-)

Saru Singhal said...

Quite intense...I am thinking over two things from your post. One, we burn from what others have and second, he was drifted away and away from where he was. Immortal or Mortal, live with positive virtues. And, we're still not living with positive virtues knowing everything so well. Isn't it funny???

Great words...And, I love the way you say, 'thought over'...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You my lady, am honored to know this :)

As I said before,the waters run shallow here.

Thank You

So, did it help? :)

Meluha was just a part of the whole plot. Even Nagas have their own glory, and immortality? If you see closely, even the character here was also not granted that.

Then I am doing good work, thank You :)

Yes, true. Alas the parents of the parents might not have taught them the same.

I think the wish for immortality stems not from the monotony of living but the fear of death.
Yes, I had fun, it wasn't a trip though. :P

Thank You.

Menachery said...

wow realy intense and worth a thought ...

Someone is Special said...

Immortal.. Great post AB..

Someone is Special

Purba said...

Immortality is a curse..imagine seeing all your loved ones die....I will never be able to handle the grief of separation.

And great to see you back, your lucidity never ceases to amaze me.

Simran said...

Welcome back :)
A great post poured with thoughtfulness !!

Jyoti Mishra said...

immortality is the elixir which men has been trying to find since ages and will keep on finding till ages....coz nothing like this exists in reality :P
But they do exist in our supersonic imaginations
Vampires n all are the manifestation of same thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

very mysterious . but liked reading it.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Often we burn, not by what we lack but with what others have.


Unknown said...

love the title and the post.
catchy !

Red Handed said...

Late one to comment but you wudnt mind wud u? Sorry

Awesome post. You just think so deeply and such profound thoughts!

Immortality is a curse. Your life just becomes meaningless. Just moving on n on without destination

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.

Thank You.

Curse or not, it all depends on the motives and objectives.
And thank You Ma'm :)

Thank You.

As if women are ever so ready to die. :P Just kidding okay, you are right :)

@Some unspoken Words
Mysterious? Which part?


The title is inspired from a song by Haley Williams :)

@Red Handed
Better late than never :P
My life doesn't become meaningless with immortality though, there can be destination. It's just that things that I want to have along aren't immortal, so I might hesitate a bit :P

Anonymous said...


Vaisakhi said...

immortality...huh...this word always makes me think of tithonus...everything is good 4 a time...wat would we do with a never ending life wen everyone around us dies...but ya we can stay immortal in memories through our deeds....tats wat true immortality is all abt i guess...

lovely post...intrstn n deep thoughts...:)

Jyoti Mishra said...

yeah my mistake.. men n women both :P

Unknown said...

Laying out such a deep marked expression with words and reaching hearts ain't easy at all. You do it with finesse, and I loved the theme, it spoke to me and that's what I love about writing. It does wonders. It really did :)

Love, Risha :)

PhilO♥ said...

"Often we burn, not by what we lack but with what others have."
Loved it! It's so true. And deep down, how much ever a person may try to deny it, it is the truth..
The post was so intense. So thoughtful.
Even after finishing reading,the words stay..
You write so well! I can go on reading :)

Carnett Rose said...

Funny how I come across writings that reflect my current mood. You speak of envy - a vice that has wreaked the strongest of wills and here I had fallen prey to it a while ago. :)

Even a much coveted blessing of immortality becomes the cause of unhappiness; all because of a latent desire to outdo anything and anyone. A well-written post. :)

Tanvi said...

I always see to it that I concentrate on what I want... And in the conscious, sometimes its a battle between my two insides... I find it funny... but then wide awake, or with open eyes, I just live my dreams!

Mixed feelings wala post hai pumpkin pie :P


Ayushi said...
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Ayushi said...
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Ayushi said...

You've given me intense food for thought :)
You write with such precision, I was so deeply engrossed, This reached my heart, Your words have magic :)

Love :)

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

It’s funny. Often we burn, not by what we lack but with what others have.

I really loved this line....And it's truth...

We never compare ourselves with the ones who are less fortunate than us...but always complain about what we don't have...

Good post :)

mk said...

Its funny ...but sometimes imagination take over...and the dreams give some choice...

Immortality is something everyone wish and fight for, death being the ultimate truth...

we loved the god , also our loved ones, god for giving us the loved ones...

why do we fight, if the god decides to look after us...even alone but we were with our loved ones!!

nicely written....thnks for sharing!!

Mishilicious Mishi said...

ohoo em late to comment! a lot has been said already:-( Immorality is wanted by almost every one of interesting post indeed..and hey why dint you receive your award? plz go and check my old posts..a set of awards waiting for you there:-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


I was talking about the other kind of immortality, that of not dying. And there always has to be a contingency plan, just in case. :P


Thank You :)

:) I am glad.


You're living your dreams, and I am still weaving them, mine.

Gracious :)

Thank You.

I think I gave a reason for that, why would we fight if He descended to protect us, he still is, but then in a more visible form.

You're not late. And I think I put up your awards in the hall, have a look if you want to :)
And Thank You, a big Thank You :D

Angel said...

WOw another deep thought piece! Sounds mysterious , is this a dream or just an imagination only ? So broad piece!

Komal Ali said...

Great post! :-)
Loved how you write about such topics so eloquently.

Bhargav Bhatt said...

you always awake me.. when i deeply think... your insight on da subjects/post gives a very natural kick...

awesome again...

the other side of me said...

Again and as always nice post.. you have good choice for words..:)

keep it up!!

SEPO said...

welcome back!!

enjoyed reading this one!

nidhi said...

great post..enjoyed reading it...and how true it is "Often we burn, not by what we lack but with what others have." like :)

A grain of sand said...

no matter how much we may loathe it,its an indespensable part out psychology....and we cannot escape it.
"you can love it, you can hate it,but you cannot ignore it"
nice read:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

As I said, a state of oscillation between sleep and awakedness.

How are you?

Good Morning :P :)

@The other side
Thank You :)

Thank You :)


@A grain of sand
not indispensable, I believe it can be done away with. :)

Someone is Special said...

PS: Anshul, I wish let people of India remember Gandhi at least on few selected days..

Someone is Special

Komal said...

I think the way you gave this post the title 'It'd be lonely to be the only one who's holy', completely justifies the words.

I actually loved the title more than the post itself. It defined Immortality, the cons of envying and what are we doing with our lives complaining but not giving.

Keep writing.

Punam said...

Strange, but your write up makes sense. It has hidden meanings about jealousy, about greed, about the 'chosen one', about how people leave you whjen you are special or when you become rich, or symbolically, when you prosper - God's own child, God's chosen one.. being that is difficult, and yes, lonely.

Shauna said...

Sometimes the more we become our
true selves, the more we drift from
what was previously known, which
often becomes what is best for
our spiritual self - so has been
my recent experince.

Good, thought provoking piece.

Anand said...

Liked the post.. Loved the way you used the language. :)
No one can be immortal. A simple faith may let you sail through this life peacefully rather than having such a boon and carrying a turbulence all along

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