Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey clocks, won't you run on your legs when I set you on fire?

Only if some night, I destroyed all the clocks of the world that maintained good time. Only if someday, everyone woke up to the chirruping of the birds or the gleam of the sun than to the annoying alarms.
Clocks have been grossly misunderstood and utterly misused, ever since the idea of keeping time sprouted in someone’s mind. He/She must have been under a seriously funny spell, and then like any other poor joke, this too was shared and spread. ‘Keeping Time’? What is that supposed to mean? Time is supposed to flow; it is an entity in the space-time continuum, why would anyone even want to ‘keep it’?  
Time is supposed to keep us, it’s a one way street, and any entity trying to be on the reverse route is enroute to oblivion. Yet we tend to run on this conveyor belt in the opposite direction, seldom making progress, only to be prematurely being overcome and overwhelmed by its speed. Like dry sand through hands, time slips away.
Time, it is meant to be aware of something that is passing away, gushing by, like a rivulet. And yet, the gauge that was meant for mere gauging has been bred into an unforgiving master, whipping us, skinning us and we like slaves crawl on bleeding knees, in quagmires of time. The concept of ‘late’, though well established now, should not have been there in the first place. And now, we are too busy trying to avoid the repercussions of being late. Why do we want ourselves to be bound by the idiosyncrasies of time-keeping, routines that grow more mundane, the more rigorously and religiously we follow them?
I too am bound by these like many, only that I’d love to curve out and do something that I’d love to when I’d want to. (Though it is true that most of the time I want to do a thing that I don’t quite know how to do, nothing.) Other times, like days as today when a beautiful person (just because he/she can talk my subject with awe and spellbinding enthusiasm and glee, I’d call the person beautiful. They are like gardeners watering my zeal), I realize that I can never hate the subjects I chose to pursue and would want to give all my time to read them no matter how poorly I had done in past examinations, and yet I merely sigh, I am too engrossed, I have no time. Need to manage more time. And then I wonder, how can I do this to something I have come to love, there is time, and always will be, for everything my mind can crave for and desire for.
I believe, time is meant for historians. To maintain a chronicled list of events, that is all. For us, time should only be to flow with, in continuum. And as far as keeping time and punctuality are concerned, with the exception of commitments already made, I’d love to forget the watch.


Soumya said...

Time? Sigh.
My Biggest enemy.

You're awarded :)


Sadiya Merchant said...

i think not waking up to an alarm clock is d best thing one cud ask for. dats y sundays r so special.
so wen u wake up, its wid an innocent smile n not d intent of beatin d life of a grasshopper like ringtone :)

this i think, is d frsttt post in so many uve written dat i completely understood....
n totally louuuveeed! <3

Purba said...

Stunning is all I can say...

Wish time could be seamless but it's not. Wish it could be forgiving...Wish it could forget...

Time can be merciless and we all know it.

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

not only historians, don't forget the geologists...

i also hate the alarms...wonder how sad was the person who made it...

yes, time can be merciless, but then if it wasn't, we would not have all the fun.

time flows...problem is that it ages us with it...I am having a wonderful life...i wish it never ended :D...i wish time kept me forever...or may be, it will...

Chintan said...

worst is how it never turns back...!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You for the award. I appreciate that, truly.

I have Boondock Saints as my ringtone, and I don't mind it. But yes, smiling when getting up is more important which comes without any alarm.
Glad you understood :D

Time is memoryless. It's us who don't let go.

Clocks are meant for geologists too? Strange. Why do you need to confine yourself to time restrictions while digging black gold?


Aashayein said...

The topic you wrote about is something we all think at some point of time but for a very short duration and get ourselves busy with other errands....
I totally agree and appreciate this work of yours...time should flow..
I wish we all could let the time flow rather den binding and holding it!

Amna Siddiqui said...

You've written about something so close to everyone's heart, so beautifully. Really!


Miss D said...

Time and its irrevocable enmity and friendship.
It can heal merciless wounds, can also create rifts that one never knew existed.

Loved the picture and the words to go with it!

Megha said...

Time is our tool...I use it differently on weekdays & lavishly on weekends...who looks at the watch then

Vaisakhi said...

howi hate my everyday 5.10am alarm....everyother day i feel like turning into an alarm hunter....this is such a well written piece...n yup everyone can connct to it...enjoyed readin...:))

Red Handed said...

Time is immortal and we the mortals.

Lovely piece!

Suruchi said... much relevance shown to time..he must be a happy guy and would bestow you with loads of himself so you could do loads of what you like...amen:-)

Time is never money, like beauty, like fame...the more we get to do what we like, the more we crave for doing it more...a vicious circle like every thing else kept on our path to trap us. Time should be kept otherwise we'd lose it irreversibly, na?

Sometimes we even use it's scarcity as an excuse to hide the fact that we do not use it right...

And why do I feel that you are in love from so many posts...let's hear of love from you sometime soon and that would not be a blasphemy for sure:-)

Rachit said...

time halts down when we read something worthwhile and so was the case here. :)

Weakest LINK

S. said...

Like dry sand through hands, time slips away,

So true :)

Beautiful post!

jo said...

I must say that this is the first post of yours I've truly understood. :P
And its..beautiful.
We've actually become slaves of time,rather clocks I must say. We're trying so hard to run faster than time that we've forgotten what it is like to flow with time in a rhythm.
I hate this entire idea of being on time, exam time, office time, blah blah. It kinda takes the joy out of living.
Thumbs up !! :)

Kunal said...

Its an interesting concept...Clock was designed to assist us, help us..and now..actually we mold and design our lives around it...short term plans, long term live everywhere....but in the present. body clock still works in the morning ;)


the other side of me said...

Time is an illusion...and nowadays its moving damn fast..

A brilliant post,let us forget the watch and start to live :):)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You :)

Thank You too :)

:) Thank You

That's good indeed.

:) hehe yes.

@Red Handed
Yes, it is so.

What forms of love are we dealing here, please be more explicit for there are many forms I never tasted and there are forms I drink everyday :)

The only time I have heard that time really stopped was when Krishna delivered Geetopdesha :)
Thank You!


Congratulations, you've made a head start. :)

And what after the morning is past? Back to our beloved time clock?

:) Yes.

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

gold, coal, oil,etc, they all have their time restrictions you get them you have to know that time :)
we have learned the language of rocks...and the first thing they speak is their age...

SEPO said...

Wow!!! This is such a different thought..! Gosh, now why did I not think of this ever...!!

This post of yours has made my mind swirl....! No watch, no time no restrictions!!

But how will I manage to run away at 6:30 sharp from my office ??!! :P

Unknown said...

super interesting as always! I would love to wake up to chirping birds and the morning sunshine too, rather than my incessant alarm!
But i guess without a measure of time, I would probably while away all the hours I have. :P

Anonymous said...

"There is time"...such comforting lines!

Our lives have become compartmentalised.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Oh yes, you are excavators of sorts, historians in another way :P

That is what I say are prior engagements :P
Won't it be good if you could go to and off from office? :)

while away doing what you want to :)


Wings of Harmony said...

Time is like a passionate lover, whom you Love to it keeps running out of your arms to turn around and get back to you... :D Yeah, Time would run away...not something you want! :D

Alka Gurha said...

To realise the value of one mili second ask the person who won a silver medal in Olympics, they say....

KP said...

Very true.. I liked the way u expressed the thoughts in here.. just like raw thoughts as it comes to our mind..

Suruchi said...

offoooo even made me read your reply twice to truly understand it and still wondering if I have understood it:(

Arre woh nature-shature se pyar and humanity waala pyar nahi,re...woh kisse pyaari se ladki se dher saare non-brotherly pyar-that was the most obnoxious definition of love...but what can I wanted me to be explicit:-)

Jyoti Mishra said...

I wish I can forget the watch n break the alarm on daily basis...
and the "I have no time. Need to manage more time" is I guess a universal disease from which everyone is suffering.

Great read..
Loved it

Someone is Special said...

Wow, What a post.. 'Keeping Time.. It is supposed to flow..' Hmm.. I'd love to forget the watch too.. :-)

Someone is Special

Saru Singhal said...

Time is my enemy as I want to get up late and do things as I wish. I wish the concept of time vanishes from our lives. As usual, nicely written...

Sarah malik said...

v all know the relationships v have with our beds and alarm clocks. i have kept 'desert rose' by Sting as my alarm tone..that ways i tend not to press the snooze button too many times :P

and i reallyyy wish i could live in 'timelessness' if only it be for a lil while.
awesome post!


Carnett Rose said...

If only everyone expressed their desire to live a life which is not constrained by 'time', but, of course, everyone waits for the other to bite the bullet.

Time is here to stay, unfortunately.

By the way, has anyone told you that your pictures are mostly surreal?

Well-written as usual. :)

AS said...


sorry for late comment, was down with flu :(

yes, i hate alarm clocks too, bit they are essential evils ..heheheheh!

Tanishka said...

I don't know about all the clcoks but how I wish all the clocks around my dad just disappear.... He is so particular about time and me... Well lets not talk about me...

Nice post... A world without clocks and no worries of time... Sigh...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I wouldn't want to love time. There are many other things to love.

Ambition is contagious. Perhaps he should practice more.

Thank You :)

Na, abhi to dimaag par aise hi bahut bojh hai, Ladki handle nahi hone ki :P

Why break the alarm everyday, break the clock once and for all :)

Thank You :)

Thank You :)

Beautiful song, I'd love to wake to it for a day or two. After that I'd change it, lest it gets on to my nerves. :P

Indeed :)

There is no race for commenting Ankita, you take care of yourself :)

Well well well, lets talk about your tryst with time too sometimes :)

Wings of Harmony said...

@BA: I meant "Love to Hate" :D

Unknown said...

Time and tide waits for no man....there was a blogger whose profile wished for 26 hours in a day... we have locked up time into yrs, months...blah to the nano sec and beyond...why blame it when the reminder of our own blunder meets our daily eye....
Philosophical rants on a different timescale!!!

Cynthia said...

cerebral, engrossing, thought-seducing. I've broken myself from
the habit of looking at my watch.

FirstTimeMother said...

Well it may be awkward that 99.9% of times i never get annoyed by my alarm clock. All because i love to get up early in the morning and clock is something which helps me to do that. Its never the clock which displease people in waking up early its only their laziness and then later even the chirping of birds will be equally annoying if we replace it with clock.

""I realize that I can never hate the subjects I chose to pursue and would want to give all my time to read them no matter how poorly I had done in past examinations""
My favorite line from your post :P :P because its something which i am also facing...

Overall 10 by 10... nice post :)
Take care..

amy said...

I am speechless.
Your words hit me.
Profoundly beautiful...

sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Samadrita said...

If only it were as easy to attach to less importance to time in reality.

Simran said...

Wonderful post!
''Everything changes with time, time changes everything''
Moments consists of time that fluctuates and make differences!

Everyone wants the same as you:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

My bad :)

True, and yet, its a device of our own making.

Thank You.

Interesting indeed, but maybe that is because you love to get up early :P
Thank You!

Thank You

It is, be careless, only that you'll need a deaf ear too :)

Thank You

Wings of Harmony said...

:D No Problem :) :) :P

Anonymous said...

very well written. time is what everyone needs to manage.

Chintan said...

you are tagged here :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

I don't even rmbr whn was the last I woke up frm a sound other than alarm.. :D
so if I broke the clock as u hav suggested thn I hav to buy tht damn clock every day.
more often my alarms r set in my mobile so i can't afford to do tht :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


@Some Unspoken Words
Yes, thank you :)

Thank You :D

hehehe okay :D

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

There is not one time, not one single time when I have felt better for looking at clocks.

Not in the exam hall, not in the morning, not when I have to meet someone, not during an interview... not ANY time.

Kirklops said...

Speaking of clocks that keep good time, you should probably start your destruction spree here,

Nice post, btw.

PhilO♥ said...

First of all, I'm in love with the second picture that you have posted :)
If only we could wake up to the sounds of the birds chirping and to the sunlight falling on our faces :) But in a crowding city, apart from alarms, all that can wake us up is the sounds of the traffic!
A lovely post. Very thoughtful.
Time flies, and one must take it in a beautiful way! We must go with it's flow!
Lovely post :)
Take Care!

Ph_ said...

Ah! time =/
Well said, time is supposed to keep us and time is what is mastering us.

Historians? Every being is creating a history I believe.

Interesting read :)

Salman Latif said...

You never get time when you try to manage some. Just go whimsical for a few days and act on the momentary whims - and you'd know you can do lot more by actually intentionally mismanaging the time than by managing it ;)

A grain of sand said...

Time and the consequent timing of things...aah! my favourite enemy! they like to play game with me ,often because i don't stick to the rules of the game :D
nice read!

Angel said...

As always brilliant post ! I believed no time ever wasted for time that is being enjoyed!

Sonshu said...

Time. I always keep cribbing about it. We're so dependent on it, yet we despise it so much. :) How funny right?

Loved how you took this and made it so beautiful.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

O Dear, some one gift her a clock with a clown please :D

Oh I know how Cesium clocks work, lets make a clock that gives wrong time.

All right then, lets sacrifice the birds chirruping and go for sound proof windows :)

Thank You :)

@Salman Latif
It's all inside your head, and your head is not telling you the details of its processing, but it is planning still, though it looks like whimsical to you at that moment :)
Welcome here

You keep favorites in enemies too? What does the least favorite enemy get? :O

True. :)

Funny, really.

Bikram said...

we do try to control life dont we building watches , calendares , predicting weather etc but do we really control anything ..


Lilangel said...

Time in form of hours..days months.years, yet nothing can stop it from humming its own song :)

Lovely post as always :)

Unknown said...

who made these clocks ?
I have some different relationship with them which I can't even express.
I love the way God has made day and night & Time,
Everything just so perfect.
Height of misuse:
sometimes I wear watches because they look good even when they DONT work.

Saumya Kulshreshtha said...

I guess I am one of the last ones to comment. But it is okay, given that my namesake was the first one to comment. Amazing piece, beautifully written. I am in love with the way you write, and would want to comment on each of your post. Since I don't, I would at least want you to assume that I read each one. Kudos!

mk said...

we want to free ourselves from the clutches of this time...but time means responsibility...we study , we work 'coz we had to, we hate clocks,
as you have aptly put out!

nice blog....we can't break the law of world, yet we could bend it as per our need...hope one day we get that stability in life that we don't have to fear this clock...anymore..[:P]

Anand said...

Some deep thoughts on time.. Great read... :) I was always chased by time and dictated what to do.. Wish this time factor vanishes from life :)

Sakhi. said...


everyone would love to forget the watch :)

Fatima said...

I thought I had dropped my comment on this one....weird its not there was I dreaming ?? :/

It was a good one..why do you think so much..time always runs away..the more u want it to stop it simply slides from my hands like the sand..i wish you could revert it least not to change but to relive the moments of ecstasy...

on a lighter note i soo wished watches weren't invented..if we were late we could blame the weather n all...hmmp ab toh yeh bahana bhi nahi bana sakte :P


Beyond Horizon said...

Time! so much to say about it.

Well its actually true in saying that the clock is ruling our life...I just cant see my wrist without watch.

an talking about breaking the alarm clock, I dont need one...I woke up when my mom shouts at me to get up :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Don't know about controlling any other thing, but we for sure are holding ourselves back. :)

No one can! :)

:P That is good, so if someone asked you time, what do you do?

Thank You for letting me know, I'll keep that in mind :)

There is no law of the world that cannot be amended. :)

You were chased by time? Interesting. Someone too important you seem to me.


Ab kya karein, aafat mol li hai to jhelo bhi :)

Your Ma has a alarm ringtone in her vocal cords to wake you up regularly? :P

Beyond Horizon said...

Naah, my eyes dont open with alarm ringtone, but they do, hearing her voice...if not then..kabhi kabhi maar bhi milti hai :P

anatreek said...

Wow..beautiful words..wish I could write like you..

Kavita Saharia said...

How about waking up before the alarm and grinning at it when it rings.Btw ,i loved your thought on 'beautiful people'.

Falaxy said...

keeping up with time, a never ending battle... only coming to an end when time finally wins and time is up for good! : \

Joe said...

They say "Time nd tide wait for none" who asked them to wait ?? :P not me...
Time should be treated like soothing music, nobody should regret it playing off, nobody should want it to stop...
Awesome post... loved it..Cheers :D

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