Friday, July 8, 2011

All in a game.

For once,
let us just pretend,
everything to be all right.

And while we pretend to forget,
the pain lets for once, forget,
to pretend.


Prateek Bagri said...

Such apt pictures for 3-3 lines. :p

maithili said...

short, intellectual and a good play with words! and I agree really apt snaps for the topic!

Sara said...

cute photos.

tarunima said...

ah so true..!
and i love the photos..

Simran said...

Short but so true and thoughtful !
Amazing selection of photos =)

Bhargav Bhatt said...

optimism... well crafted

Cloud Nine said...

Really thoughtful! And the pictures add to the feel:)

Ankita said...


beautiful and deep lines..loved them!

FirstTimeMother said...

"All in a game" pictures are so appropriate to these simple and meaningful words you presented here... love it... :)

Vagabond said...

*And while we pretend to forget,
the pain lets for once, forget,
to pretend.*

lets forget to pretend.


Sh@s said...

Nice thought. Pics are cute and so apt :)

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

pretend everything is all right...and then forget that we are pretending...

we will all be in our self created happy world of illusion...

great thought...


Fatima said...

True and apt, the way you've captured the entire feel in just 6 lines is amazing! And the snaps also add to the effect :)

Take Care.

P.S: Something new after a long time and long para's the change is good :D

Anonymous said...

u've got an entire story spun in just 6 lines.. an ocean of emotions yet simple..

if only it was easier to forget than to pretend..

cheers :)

Punam said...


you are amazing!! writing something like that - writing hundreds of lines is easier.. fitting hundreds of lines worth of stuff in THREE is a talent. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Trust me they took a lot of time to be hunted down on google. That's why apples still are a delicacy. :P

:) Thank You



Thank You.

Isn't it worth living by? Optimism.

@Cloud Nine
Thank You.

Thank You.

Thanks :D


Thank You.

I could create reality too, it's the play of the will.

Thank You.

It is, just play along, dance to the good tune.

I am honored Punam. :)

Mishree said...


Red Handed said...

Beautifully portrayed
Loved the lines and the images are just soo apt!

Suruchi said... I get the apple story on the Fb status:-)

And about the comment for here...
Urmmmm....arre I forgot...
This post makes me forgetful:-)

Let's forget it all and be happy:-)

Neeha said...
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Neeha said...

Choo cute.
Didn't expect this kinda post from you BA:P

Someone is Special said...

so true and cute AB...

Somoene is Special

Sadiya Merchant said...

hehe so cuute!
n i love d frst pic. is it a post inspired frm d pic or u wrote n den found it?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


@Red Handed
:) Thank You.

So you've been in the game for long? :D

Strange, why? I mean, why not?

Thank You :)

Alas I ain't creative enough to create posts on prompts. The lines came first, just like the hen. :D

Anonymous said...

Bful. Love the apples. :)

Vinati said...

short yet so deep!

Ph_ said...

Short and beautiful.
Cute images =D

the other side of me said...

the apples are soooo cute and so does your words..
something unusual from you and I loved it.:)

Take care

Sony said...

Play the game and forget that we are in game?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Thank You.


@the other side of me
thank you :)

Maybe, or just remember why are games played in the first place. :)

Alka Gurha said...

The pictures and the thought compliment each other so well.

Cindrella said...

Cute and apt images and lines so true!!

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Wow...Cute images
and gr8 creation :)

Did you get this thought after seeing those pics or you chose those pics after getting that thought?

Unknown said...

sometimes, pretense makes things alright for us :)

anatreek said...


Kiran Ashraf said...

pretending seems so hard sometimes.great post v short but v straight to the heart :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Cute pics! :) Nice words. :) Enjoy reading it.

Was it a dream? : Interesting and unique experience. :) U are lucky!

Amna Siddiqui said...

Love this. Possibly because I can relate at some level. Beautiful :)

:-Dee said...

It's almost like a labyrinth of words!!! :) I like the way you have played with it. and I doubt I can eat apples after this... they seem so cute and lifelike!!! :) I enjoy reading your blog!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You :)

Thank You :)

The thought came first.

And I am asking you to forget to pretend :)


Thank You.

Do you, thank you :D

@ :-Dee
hahhaa thank you :D

Tanvi said...

Cuties :D lets just pretend, to pretend :P:P


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Sorry for having missed out your comment.
Thank You. And as I said to Solitaire, let's not pretend.

:D That is a nice thought :)

Mishilicious Mishi said...

awwwwwwwwwwww Cutie pie!

I wanna eat them up! all ov them..hehe yeh I know so mean of me;p

well nice read...with nice thought provoking message..

to pretend dat everything z ok sumtimes truly helps if not it gives you the time and courage to think well instead of panicking ...pretend everything z ok..while you plan to get everything back on the normal track on the other hand! kaisa?!;p

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet:)

Purba said...

From what I see from the mile long comments, someone's aesthetic blasphemy has earned him a legion of female fans...And I know why :)

Wings of Harmony said...

Just few lines and so thoughtful. The first pic of the Happy/sad apple made me go "Awwww". :):D Lovely Post Blasphemous Asthetic! :D

Blessed Be!

Asma Khan said...

A secret for happiness :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

Pretend everything is all right and then forget ... this can become a fantastic talisman.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

If someone kept them the way they have been kept here, and not eaten, they'd rot. Now that would be injustice. So, it isn't mean :)

Thank You.

Enlighten us please. There are but a few good men. :)

Thank You :)


Carry it along then :)

Ankita said...

Simplicity is the most beautiful virtue..and your 6 simple lines expresses deep emotions. Great piece of work...!

Tanishka said...

thoughtful lines and perfect pics to go with it... :) The apples are cutoo pies.... :D

Rooj Siddiqui said...

Haaye. So deeeep!
Loved the picture.

Angel said...

Oh,some deep thoughts are here! beautiful apples ....

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You :)

Yes, they are :D

Haaye :D


Pri said...

we would all love to pretend if someone promised that it would make us forget the pain...
loved the simplicity in the thought, though :)
wish it was that easy!!!

Carnett Rose said...

Simple yet profound. I like how you always manage to find the right pictures. :)

Chandana said...

I have read this post almost twelve times over the past two days... Something about it draws me to it...

The comments say it all! Very precise and deep... Am going to remember these lines for a long long time :)

The Enchantress said...

simply magical pictures !!

wonderful lines.....let us be oursleves !!

Saru Singhal said...

Pretensions working this time...:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I promise, It works, but you'll need to remember it, always. That is the catch. :P

:) Thank You.

:) I am honored.


Welcome here.

Richa said...

bang on target. :)

mk said... we pretend,
we no longer need to be,
as we would be happy...

nicely written,and the cute pics to compliment it!! keep penning!

Black Swan said...

Couldn't have come at a better time :) Great read!

Tweety said...

Ah awesome Anshul...Lets forget to pretend...I wonder what kind of a world would dat be...where we all are without the pretense...i loved the lines...

Beyond Horizon said...

aahh..eemmm..What should I say? Your few words have said everything...Aesthetic indeed!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Thank You.

@Mea Culpa
Welcome again. :)

:) That wouldn't be much different.

:) Thank You

Miss D said...

I bookmarked this page, just because I had to.

Rià said...

Nice msg and apt pics.

Giribala said...

The lines reminded me of this poem by Emily Dickinson:

Heart, we will forget him!
You an I, tonight!
You may forget the warmth he gave,
I will forget the light.
When you have done, pray tell me
That I my thoughts may dim;
Haste! lest while you're lagging.
I may remember him!

Snow Leopard said...

Hmmmm..... (in a thoughtful way). Interesting word play.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I ain't complaining :D

Thank You.

Beautiful, frail, and always convincingly unconvincing reason from a mind to the heart.
Thank You for sharing.

@Snow Leopard
Thank You, and welcome here.

R said...


am following your blog now so that I can follow your posts better :)

N. said...

Thoughtful. Led to train of thought.

SEPO said...

i love such pretensions sometimes. small pleasures in life no? cute pictures :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Raam Pyari
Thank You ma'm.

Okay. Thank You.

Yes, small packages of joy.

Ritika said...

With nice illustrations, lines that mean deep.

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

That was an occean of comments :)

Really nice one! Pretence is good at times :)

It is said that if you change ur physical posture, and do something playful, your mind adjusts to that activity and u can forget about ur pain for the time being.

btw, ever played with a balloon.. hitting it up like a ball?!!!!



Sonshu said...

Brilliant! Seriously. :) I love the pic too, its so cute.

Register Domain In India said...

Every thing is perfect. you are right in your way. I like above the picture.

Gaurav Dhamija said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Antony said...

maybe too late to post this - but i reached here only now, blog-hopping!!

few lines, HUGE impact :) --> magic often comes in small packages like this...

and perfect pic to go with the simple, profound words!

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