Friday, June 24, 2011

I wandered Lonely as a cloud.

One night when it was sunny outside, I fell asleep running around in a playground so unfamiliar and unknown that I felt at home. I tripped over a ledge into the lap of a big mountain that had a face of a man I knew and did not remember who. I stretched out and crashed in a feline stance while the shrubs around lifted their bushy bottoms like skirts and rushed away on their woody toes, huffing and puffing throwing angry stares on me for disrupting the decorum of the place. I fled. I fell. And it wasn’t sunny anymore. I heard a siren call out and children rushed to play. My feet grew lighter as the walk turned brisk and I would never touch the ground again, but no one seemed to notice. The siren grew like silence as I started running while the rains started wetting my feet. I stopped and the silence was gone, the siren was gone. Now it was a distant familiar voice waving from a distance, calling out to me, ‘would you want some tea?’ I shouted back ‘Surely!’ and the voice was gone saying ‘be here in five’, but I don’t think I heard that. There was no playground now, and I was looking at myself from my back and sometimes from the front and side while I meandered the narrow tread onto a mountain placed in a place where it should not be, or had never been before. I was not thinking, just trekking it with ease, and yet the one who was watching my back, which was still me wondered that this is not supposed to be the way it is. And while I trekked on to the summit, the me left behind took my eyes off me and looked around and absorbed the striking similarity of the places I have been and the undecipherable amalgamation of all of them into what I was in. I was again in sight, now on top, when I blurted out, this isn’t real, it is a dream, shout, shout out loud, snap out of it, shout damn it. And while I tried to shout, my shouts were stifled and muted. There was this siren again, filling the place all over again, blurring everything, wanting me to jump, calling out loud. And while I did, the place starting folding like a crumpling paperwork, from between crevices of the mountain, from the plains, everywhere, and I fell, and yet…It wasn't night anymore.

 I pressed a button to turn off the snooze while Ma called out that tea was ready. Now I knew.


maithili said...

I read the confused.. read the ending.. then again started .. and now I got it :P well it was a very clever piece! Did I tell you I have never seen an equal of you in describing the view? Just flawless description!

Unknown said...

loved the post and the vivid description. what a wonderful dream. :)

Red Handed said...

Very different! Totally fascinating and enthralling. you really dreamt this!?

Ankita said...


nice one :)

descriptions are really nice :)

Chandana said...

Sounds like the kind of dreams i usually have.. vivid, detailed, sensible yet making no sense at all.. and at some point i become conscious of the fact that am dreaming!

Nice read!

p.s - You are mentioned in my blog. did i mention that already?

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

Was that Neverland? loved it...happy dreaming..:-)

Komal Ali said...

Lovely post. :-)
Such dreams never leave my memory.

tarunima said...

what a vivid dream:)
i wonder why i don't get such dreams:P
anyways i love that line-
"the place starting folding like a crumpling paperwork, from between crevices of the mountain, from the plains, everywhere, and I fell, and yet…It wasn't night anymore.
it is really very descriptive..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) Well thank you Maithili but the view wasn't very clear that you missed it in the first pass. :P

Thanks Mehak, it's been a long time, how are you?

@Red Handed
It was better than this. Think of a fall that makes you fly, but lets keep that for some other time :)


Though I wouldn't have cared not even for a hitch if it was only my dream before lambasting it as childish and stupid, but now that you too have had such kind of dreams, I might want to moderate myself a bit more. :P
Thank You for the mention, and sorry for being late. Not really, it was my net connection not me :D

No, it was different, better. :)

Isn't that great?

You might be having such dreams only that the matinee runs while you are in deep slumber. :)
Thank you!

Vinati said...

I am usually a victim of chasing dreams that leave me panting whenever I wake up and come to terms with reality. Trust me, they are one of the worst kinds of dreams (read nightmares!)

About the post, I would say that your description left me totally awe-strucked. And all the minute detailing made it all the more amazing.

Keep Writing, friend! :)

Prateek Bagri said...

Day-dreaming are much sophisticated than nights; they can be controlled. Nevertheless, a dream is a dream and relishing it is life.

Cloud Nine said...

Such a beautiful dream? Lovely description:) Enjoying your unique style.

Mishree said...

oh my god.brilliant.u make me feel smaaalllll now.



Ankita said...

The reminds me of Wordsworth's poem Daffodils which is one my favourite poem... it took me a long while before I could put anything into words to describe how beautiful your description is...brilliant piece of the way dreams are one of the most weirdest piece of thought...I have seen such absurd dreams...reading this reminded me of those...:)

Rià said...

What a breathtaking dream...or shud i say kudos to u for writing it so beautifully!!

Bhargav Bhatt said...

i tried to read insight of poet/author dreaming and i can jz imagine, where did he go, (at time we try to runaway from our ownself... dun we????)

describing was brilliant...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Relax girl, you are already having a workout session in dreams itself. :P

Only that I generally don't day dream, it's a night time affair. :)

@Cloud Nine
Nno, it was a night dream.


It is actually from the poem you are talking of. :)

Thank You!

But dreams are like that only.
Thank You.

D2 said...

J M Barrie must have written pieces like this one before he achieved immortal greatness. This was the most vivid dream I could have expected to see!

Unknown said...

I frankly thought that its your dissection of William's words.
Should have known better...
Vivid dreams make for memorable writing or is it the other way round?

Suruchi said...

Some of your posts make me re-read them before commenting..partly because I do not understand them at the first go(or understand enough to comment)and partly because I feel you may be onto something deeper than what appears on the surface...

The title made me look for "Daffodils":-)
Dreams are so weird sometimes-ask me I have them at the rate of hundreds in a night:(
Do you really remember your dreams so vividly? Will have to pay more attention to mine from today:-)

Unknown said...

Happens so many times,
alarm clock/ phone bell or someone talking loud merges with the dream and make it something it wasn't suppose to be.
its funny though
all things aren't explanatory.

Unknown said...

and also, Loved the description, as always :)

Shilpi said...

Dreams, they are weird, strange...sometimes scary too but yet so lovable :)
Although, it's very hard to explain dreams but you've described yours so wonderfully.. I love it :)

Tanishka said...

I should be the last person to comment on dreams coz mine are the weirdest of all...

Alarm's... The root cause of every problem.... Nicely written... :)

PS - Where did my comment go for that Krishna post???

Carnett Rose said...

I see I'm not the only one who can't distinguish the alarm from other sounds while dreaming. ^^

Your writing reflected the chaotic pace of a typical dream, a touch different from your usual works. It was a lovely read nevertheless. :)

Tanvi said...

Anshul getting such dreams,well I don't know sometimes the intentions behind it.. Yesterday only I got one of such dreams, I get scared, and I try to decipher the meaning... I don't get any... Sometimes it ruins my mood, and I get tired of such dreams... Why so much of confusion? Why so many characters? Why so many events?

Your post was nice :) You beautifully expressed your dream :)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I wish he wrote such things after becoming immortal. Would be easy to copy style. Thank You :)

I dare not do that ma'm, I dare not.

Take my words on their face value. If they conceal anything, they'll let it know on their own. Well, some dreams are worth remembering aren't they?

:) Yes, true.

True, it's hard to explain, but describing is much easier.

hehe really? How come you write so less these days, why not share some dreams?

You are not alone Rose. :)

Anshul surely hasn't descended from Pluto that he shouldn't be getting such dreams, is he? I seldom have such dreams so I don't get tired. Plus, I told you I was literally flying, that might be another reason why I wasn't tired :P

Mishilicious Mishi said...

I have such dreams all the time..being the unemployed person , I have all the time in the world to test my imagination!
nice blog btw:-)

Tanishka said...

If I'll post my dreams then whatever little doubt people have if I' am crazy will get confirmed... :D

Ritika said...

Picturesque description.

I can never remember the dreams so vivid.

Nice read :)

Fatima said...

You know the first thing that caught me was the reminded me of the poem Daffodils the one poem I really liked and secondly somewhere I felt like I was reading Alice in Wonderland all over again but with a difference...dreams really are weird and even I'm not spared of much so that I remember half of them and its so disturbing at times...can't concentrate on anything the entire day at times...and sometimes I see as many as 2-3 dreams in a entire night its freaking coz half of the people don't remember them and I'm busy in the fantasy world...

The detailed description and the picture at the start...all in all make the post wonderful :)

Take Care.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Hey, even I am unemployed until one month at least, then why do I get to see such dreams only once in a blue moon? :P

But that will definitely make a fun read, now won't it? Come on, go ahead :)

Thank You.

It is taken from that poem itself. Thank you :)

Mishilicious Mishi said...

haha Maybe your Power of imagination aint that good as mine!!!;p

Sonshu said...

Oh I love posts which end with the whole thing being a dream! :) AWESOME one :P As I always say your mighty strength in description is amazingly awesome. :P

Cindrella said...

Very beautiful imagination!! took me wandering along!!!

Ph_ said...

Very interesting!
Such dreams always leave me confused =/

Priya said...

Fascinating piece and I love the vivid descriptions! I won't say this has never happened to me!!

S. said...

Excellent narration. :)

Thoroughly enjoyed the read. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I won't argue. I am very unimaginative as such. :)

Whoa, there were so many adjectives, thank you :D


Interesting==Confused?? Now even I am confused. :P

Yes, everyone has dreams while sleeping :) Welcome here.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I am happy that you enjoyed it. Sorry for having missed out :)

Maria said...

I also have a thing about dreams and each time I wake up in the morning I always try to remember the details. But most dreams are vague, you're lucky you're able to put them in words.

Maria :)

Punam said...

You weaved the story like a pro, Anshul!! Enjoyed reading this one. Yes, I understood the story as I was reading it, anddd I also kneww that it was a dream. Annd I knew that the siren has to be the clock alarm.

Fantastic dream-weaving. :) :) :)

~~ Punam @ Dreamz Forever.
Have you met the Hechicera yet?

Samadrita said...

Wow I just felt this was an account from an animal's perspective in the beginning, then I couldn't be sure as I went on reading. Finally the ending resolved all doubts. Great micro-fiction!

Purba said...

Poignant, lyrical, brimming with emotions - you always manage to reach out to your readers.

Loved it as always.

Sh@s said...

Surreal. Loved reading it.

Angel said...

Brilliant writer as ever you are , even your dreams you can write comprehensively ! a gift and a talent indeed!

The Enchantress said...

When i read and mum called..I got goosebumps...

SO ,you know it swept me away...


Tweety said...

I was so engrossed in it...and i so didn't expect this kind of an end...lovely description anshul.. :)

Someone is Special said...

The title invited me to read this post, as it is from Daffodils ~ Wordsworth.. and the post is just so awesome.. simply awesome.. love to read more of your work.. and we think alike Anushul.. I wrote a similar post, "Cute Tunes, last tuesday, in which my mobile alarm closed the fantasy doors of that dream world and opened the stupid doors of reality.. and congrats, your Google Page Rank is "2".. Keep Smiling

Someone is Special

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I am glad that this one, I saw in the morning only.

WOW, you already knew everything, that's great.

Alas that animal was me, stuck in a dream.

Thank You

attherateof Sh@s
:) :P

Thank You.

:) Thank You.


Firstly sire, Anushul isn't my name.
And secondly, on a google pagerank, 10 is the best. Right now, I am just nowhere.
thank you.

Pranavam Ravikumar said...

I loved it. My wishes!

Hiba said...

if only I could make some dreams a reality... ur description leaves me happy..and with so much to praise would do ur writing justice..

SEPO said...

an awesome piece. really!! coming
here after a long time. have a lot of catching up to do!!!

Anonymous said...

Sexy! I love to dream. Wish I could stay in that world where everything is how you want it to be.

Love your blog.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You :)

You can :)

Welcome back lady, how's the job and the city?

the other side of me said...

Well i would like to say..Dream more and write moreeeeee

Take care

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Haha...dreams dreams.....I hope you get many more different kinds of dreams...

The way you described your dream was awesome..:)

Thinking said... you first time...and amused by your writings...

Will sure come back again to read you more...

Keep are a very good writer....

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

But I never said that it was all going with how I wanted it to. In fact I was trying to shout out of it.

Oh Thank You my lady, I have grown a few wisdom tooth too while you were away :D

Okay this smiley cannot show you my wisdom tooth, and I am resisting temptation :P

@Other Side of Me
Thank You, I'll keep trying.

Me too :)

Thank You. Looking forward for the next visit.

Pri said...

loved the imagery!! :)

afterall, a dream but a small piece of heaven we visit by chance and long to stay in for ever...sigh!

Anonymous said...

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Yes, heaven :D

I wish I could have big pet dogs on my internet space too. The dogs who bark less and bite more trespassers.

Yours sincerely.

Er. said...

True, and honest to its core. Woven imagination at its height.


I have been away from the virtual world from the past couple of months, now, I believe, but one thing I very clearly remember is your genuine and true to the post comments on the blog posts you read, chief, back then. Now. Still. :) #respect

Also, guess I am new here, I would seriously like to know the reason why you opted for "Blasphemous Aesthete?" I mean, what was on your mind for that? Hmm?

Beyond Horizon said...

How rightly its said..."Imagination can take you anywhere"

Loved it, and what a fascinating start of the dream! :)

:-Dee said...

A good read! I enjoy your blog.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Let's keep the names and the discussions on them for some other times. You are welcome here, but have we met before that you know me the way you explain?


Thank You, welcome here.

Someone is Special said...

Aww.. BA.. Sorry for the mistake.. Hmm.. And 2 is just the start anyone needs.. and Thank you so much for your reply.. SmileS..

Someone is Special

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