Saturday, May 21, 2011

War of the Words.

The Sentencing goes blithely on its way,
And takes the playfully objected rhyme,
As surely as it takes the stroke and time,
In having its undeviable say.
~Robert Frost

Word, formed by the elimination of an ‘l’ from the world, in no mannerisms should be considered just a Word. A few words are all that takes to destroy a temple, faith or a world, personal or otherwise. Much in the same way, a few words would take you from rags to riches.

We hear people say things, and we think we are not listening. Alas, if the human brain was so comprehensible to the humans, then we’d have achieved the ‘Zero Kelvin’ perfectly ordered state long time ago, perfect sync, harmony. The Creator knew it. He made the laws, of entropy and of mass and energy alike. The entropy is ever dynamic, and ever increasing.

Let’s take the famous work of Shakespeare, Julius Caesar. How many years did Julius spend, and how many wars did he partake to reach the zenith of his power? What did it take to topple him? Just a few words of doubt and misguided reason on the part of Cassius, and the history stands testament to how easily Caesar bled. How those three words, “Et tu Brute?”, gained such prominence to be used in every situation of back stabbing and deceit. How many words did it take Brutus to win over the Romans, and how many did Antony take to torch Rome in flames of mass upheaval and mutiny? Perhaps, only a few. Why? Because, these men recognized the powers of interjecting just the right words in the appropriate places. 

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Words are like arrows, once released from the quiver, will have their devious say, some time or the other. Martin Luther King planted a seed, by the mere words which are ever immortal now. ‘I have a dream’. Everyone, who listened him speaking those famous words there and then had a dream, his dream, his ambition. But these are the examples of instant action that are written upon the pages of history. But that’s not all to the words, they are doing what they were made to, or intended to, everyday, to everyone, slowly, stealthily and steadily. On one hand they are breaking friendships, relations, factions, ideologies, beliefs and bringing down empires, on the other hand the leaders of the states are honing to their lying skills, to woo the public.

John Galt said it just once, that he’d stop the motor of the world. He did it and how? What did he do? He himself admitted that he did not do much but slowly starve the society of people whom it depended heavily on, and yet shunned them as ruthless, immoral industrialists who had no sense of moral responsibility who thought only of filling their personal coffers. Slowly, over a span of many years, he did it, and yet he did nothing, but planted the seed in them. When they were ready, he reaped the crop. Words are one of the most powerful weapons that Man could have invented in all times. I believe there are only a few things that are immortal. Words fall in these few things. Words could be like a virus, they are entombed deep in the subconscious of the host, aloof, alive, and dormant. No remedy can ensure that the malady never thrives or sprouts.

There is this particular friend. Rather, there is this general friend about whom particular friends had been talking about. When I defended his stance, they gave me reason after reason to make me see the other side, which they called the real side. They tried to prove that he was a shrewd planner and a cunning man, who had this inner circle of a very few for whom he’d snatch opportunities from other outer circle friends, including us. While I believed him to be different, they tried to show me the other way around. I realized something that day, and I shared it with those particular friends, the same thing I’ll share with you too. From that day, I would not be able to look at him and his deeds the way I used to. Because, even though I vehemently defended him, and still had faith in him, but it is a natural tendency to test the truthfulness of the claim from time to time. His every action questioned, and every move dissected to find traces of the alleged real intention, just like we’d try to find traces of nicotine in a reformed drug addict. I told them that due to what had passed that day, I’ll never be able to trust him the way I did. What harmed me if not words?

But these are just a few manifestations of a much larger force at work throughout the entire world. The War of the Words, it began the day we started using them. It looms by and large and we all are just playing by the words so many architects ingrained in us. Does it await culmination? The horizons are still too far. But it is just the negative part of it, focus on the other one too sometime.

If I’d only carefully show you the kinks in my armour, even if I draped it in mirth and humour, the thought would still pop up in your mind every next time you’d read something I wrote. Go on, deny it, and I would not argue, I too did the same and would continue to do so. I think I have done what I had to by a mere mention of what I intended not to. I'd write more, sometime later, but when I could show you more clearly how it works.

But do you still think it would require going down three levels deep into a dream to make possible espionage, to plant the seed, inception?


maithili said...

hmm nice thought.. words do break or make the way we percieve things.. just read it somewhere.. Words are under your control until you speak them, but you are under control of words once you have spoken them.

Unknown said...

I lately chose not to speak much, its safe,
and makes you classy,
speak when its required, everyone throughout their lives try to learn the art. at least I am striving ...
nice post and yes, there are people who try to make you believe things forcefully, (i have done that to my guy, to show the real side, hehe)

Anonymous said...

well I guess mere words start harming a person when his belief in the particular thing is not strong enough...wel everybody in the world is moving around with brittle,half hearted belief systems on their brittle that even words can destroy them
wl i am just wondering

Perspectives said...

three levels deep?

at times first level does the trick and at times you create an epitaph of mistakes and we turn a blind eye. Faith. Perception we have in our minds. Love.

yeah words to affect our thinking. words retain their meaning irrespective of the pitch and loudness they are spoken at......but these things do effect the listener...

Tanishka said...

Its not just about the words but also about how you put it....

I liked what you said about change in perception towards that friend despite of defending him.... It always happens and yet I never noticed it... I like the way you point out the minutest of things in the most convincing manner.... :)

Neeha said...

The first time I thought that you have to be careful while framing the words is , when I came across one of the blogger's(deepika) title "Words do matter".
Now you makes me much conscious that words shouldn't be uttered as one wish, others feelings & relationships do matter.

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

Amazing choice of WORDS...I wish i had the writing skill like you, my posts would have been more powerful...:-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Even when unspoken, they lay in us, and directly or indirectly influence the choice of words we make.

I don't quite know if it makes us classy, but yes, it should be safe. :D

Upon this rock I shall make my temple
Marred by the acute deficiency of the Men on whom I could have rock steady faith, I have come to believe that unbeatable and undebatable faith is only a momentary affair. As the time slips by, they'll let me down, as will I alike.

It's all inside our heads, a trick, and as your central character is, its all Maya. :P

True, that is diplomacy of words.
:P The pic is from forbidden land, or it would quite loudly support you, the first pic.

Deepika writes good, and that you realized something after reading her, she must be proud. :)

Please, I am not satisfied yet. And you write beautifully. DO NOT consider yourself to be anywhere less than me or anyone else.

Center Shocker said...

Good writeup :)

Phoenix said...

beautiful insights and amazing write up... the kind of impact that a few words have is truly enormous!

Punam said...

wow! That came out strong. Yes, I agree - words can make or break a lot of things. But that example u gave, the trust that ur friends' words poked holes into, was a classic. It happens so many times.

Meher said...

There was this saying that words are like leaves, once they break off from a branch, they can never be strewn back. Words can hurt like crazy,We've been there, felt that. Nicely written.

Unknown said...

Words have the potential to destroy, heal, sometimes make a deadly mark when unspoken or unused and yet we see words strewn everywhere in real and virtual world...
A potent spell, for their power comes from the (shrewd/prejudiced/clouded) brain that thinks and/or at times just spews them...its goal determining their inspire or destroy for ever.
Thoughtful as usual for someone still so young.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.

Yes, it is, my words are mere ashes when it comes to powerful.

Thank You for appreciating.

Nevermind. :)
The saying is true.

Thank You :)

inquisitive-life said...

I guess if they are not being used in right context, it strikes harder than bullet. Moreover its incurable.

Nice thought man... Interesting post... I must say :)

God Bless.

Prateek Bagri said...

Spreading thoughts of wisdom is nice but overly spreading is a tantrum.
Words are the most delicate possession of human beings. Putting it right, less and cleverly is the trick. Plethora of un-requisite words will only end up in a blah blah!!

Giribala said...

OK got the message--use your words wisely and use other people's words even more wisely!

Anonymous said...

words are always sharper than swords
it could hurt a deep in heart
we should always take care when talking to any person
nice post buddy keep it up
following your blog

sulagna said...

anshul brilliantly thought of and written. The first line itself on the concept of world and word was so powerful, it would make everyone slow down and take in every word

The Enchantress said...

If all you said is true..I must say you have already mastered the art of words...

Cause every time you leave your words on my blog are perfectly apt to what i wanted to say...or what i wanted to hear..or how I wanted to be understood....

Words are all I have to take your heart away...Reminds me of the song....

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Inquisitive Mind
Thank you.

So, what did I write, blah blah? :P

I wish I could separate words into My words and Their words.

Thank You

Thank you for appreciating Sulanga :)

I am honored.

yasha said...

What a thoughtful post Anshul.Now I fall short of words.:)I wish I could use words as wisely as you do.Very well written with appropriate examples to strengthen your post.

Angel said...

Writer what comprehensive write-up ! Just like to add that according to someone ,"Words are alive; cut them and they bleed."

I am lucky to have found a blog from a high caliber writer.

mk said...

war of the words indeed.
each word if carefully spoken in a appropriate time can do wonders...but it does need a influence too, the power of stature, personality to compliment it..thing that is not acquired so easily. A lot of patience, focus and use the same for something massive..even though you could put a doubt or two with clever use of words in some insignificant ways!..

a nice read and thought provoking!!

Cloud Nine said...

very thought provoking post. Yes, silence is always better than words let out as a torrent!

Sara said...

Good post.

Last line = <3

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And I wish I could use colors as you do :)

True, very thankful to you for sharing this.

No, I beg to differ. Who was Gandhi if not an ordinary man, when he started to rise, what influence, what power would you claim he had? If He is too controversial a person to apply this line to, then think of Nelson Mandela.

@Cloud Nine
I am not just talking about the words sent out as a barrage, I am also talking of the words unspoken, that eat us from inside like termites. I sometimes believe that saying things out loud to the one whom they are intended for eases the guilt of otherwise having to carry them on mind like burden. Some burdens are necessary though.

Yeah? Thank You. :D

Unknown said...

enlightening post, indeed. it reminded me of a post i had written about words though i never published it. And i know a lot about speaking words without thinking first and then regretting it later. :P Need to improve on this trait.

Suruchi said...

Hi Anshul,
How did I miss this one!
Now I do not have words to express often about what and how you write:-)

Words cut deeper than swords and heal faster than ointments:-)
I looooooooooooooved Julius Caesar and "Et tu Brute" has been one of my favourite quotes*speaks so much of the company of friends that I keep:/*

If only we could say what we feel at times, express it right and then at other times restrain the words which should never be mouthed, wouldn't we achieve the Utopian state?:-)

Maria said...

thought provoking.

i agree, words are powerful. written or said. they can make or break. personally they have too much effect on me.

thank you for the inspiring and sincere words on your blog and the ones in your comments.


Ph_ said...

Words can heal so can wound. In most cases deepest scars are carved by words.
Interesting read. =)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:P You should publish what you write, why keep it back?

That could put a question mark on the company you keep. :P
About the question, I don't promise anything, but it sure helps attain a peace of mind.

:) Thank You.

Thank You

Alka Gurha said...

Spoken ones can not be taken back and unspoken ones are our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts define the quality of our life.You have put it so well.
Insightful post as always.

Rià said...

Love the lines by robert frost..yes its very imp to choose the words u speak. very well articulated.

Carnett Rose said...

No, one doesn't require to hijack the subconscious to have one's way, it seems. Words are enough.

Although, it might be debatable, considering how one could choose to not let words affect's one perception? Difficult, yes, but not entirely impossible, I guess?

Another thought-provoking read, it was very well written. :)

Beyond Horizon said...

"Words are like arrows, once released from the quiver, will have their devious say, some time or the other" nicely said :)

anything to built up...right from birth till its grown..takes time and patience...but destruction doesn't...similar with words...Words have the power to built and destroy too...

and I don't know how should I answer your question at the end...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.


Can you? Not impossible, but you'll need to be deaf and blind for not seeing what you are shown or need to know things beforehand, as they are.

You don't actually need to answer with an explanation, yes or no would do. :P
Even that isn't necessary, its more of a rhetorical question. :)

anushree said...

well i dont know why i read this one, i guess the tittle was very catchy...
i loved the pics..they are very wisely used.
coming down to the post...very thoughtful,and nicely framed...i dont remember it was written by some roman author....i have often regretted my speech, but never my silence.
i think all of it made sense.

Alcina said...

As usual your observational skills ..Mind blowing and sometimes mind boggling :P

Whole concept is after all summed up in the care taker of the respective spoken out words..and you played with words very well in the "War of the words".

Noor-ul-Ain Hanif said...

awesome post visiting your blog after a long time and its very awesome :)

Noor-ul-Ain Hanif said...

awesome post visiting your blog after a long time and its very awesome :)

Mishilicious Mishi said...

so true! words once spoken never come back to its all about choosing them carefully..this is one thing that can either make u or raze u....

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