Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twisted Logic.

There are moments where you just hold your tongue, not because what the brain wanted you to spew out would have been horrendously wrong, but because the situation demands that the third party caught up in between the heated debate between the left and the right lobes of the brain should remain oblivious to their naivety and the friction that they have caused between the two faculties of mind. One side, the creative one says, ‘Go on, let him have it’, while the logical one tries to reason, ‘You do this, and yourself step on a live mine’. It helps sometimes, keeping them in ignorance of their ill-perceived superiority from other species. I just wished they someday considered us to be of the same species, the higher one. The other times, I really wish my neurons’ synaptic gaps were not so far apart, so that the impulses and prompt replies reached in the time frames when they would have the greatest punch in them.  Presently, they are too slow and any disturbance that they try to cause in my voice strings just ends up in either hiccups or a short cough.

Being students, we have been up close with the Godly creations (pun intended), which the entire world sometimes refers to as one pillars of the nation. Now I don’t know how many other pillars are there and in what health, or what other classes of people are given this herculean task of holding the structure of nation intact like Atlas holds the firmament but I do know that the magnificent pillars are either worn out, or are too few, and they are the ones who really bear the burden of quality maintenance. The newer ones, most of them if not all, are standing on infirm foundations, are almost hollow and need constant replacements lest the machinery might crumble like a stack of domino. I sometimes wonder, who ever coined that term, the pillars thing, either never actually went to our classes, or he was wise enough to coat sarcasm with some sugar, realizing the modern egotists getting into this profession.  Probably, he was a diplomat par excellence or was suffering from acute shortage of good grades. 


Being from an engineering background, one thing that has been gifted to me is the wisdom of scientists and the results that will work in the form of simulation programs and of course, the computer. Gone are the days of Thomas Elva Edison, when one had to do the experiment one thousand and one times to finally cause the bulb to glow successfully and stably. Now, before the actual implementation of any design, or even before investing in the hardware, we simulate. This simulation habit is sinking into our personalities such that we often simulate situations on the whims of whatever little imaginations we have. And we’re not alone. It is intricately related to creativity, though on a different scale.

When I am getting ready to reason with a man, I spend one-third of my time thinking about myself and what I am going to say and two-thirds about him and what he is going to say.
Abraham Lincoln

So while I was preparing for my hardware project presentations, these question were echoing again and again from an unknown source in my head.

Q. Why does this thing look so ugly?
A. Have you ever seen a man or woman without skin? Does that look pretty to you? Does a skeletal look pretty to you? I don’t think so, and this, Sir, is yet to get its frame.

Q. Does it look beautiful to you?
A. Of course, I created it with time, toil, and money. Ask your mother or father how beautiful you are, though I am tempted to tell you otherwise, Sire. Did nobody tell you before? Oh I am really sorry.

Well there could be many bifurcations or trifurcations or many distributions and a whole tree of possible questions could be framed, but let’s not get into details folks, just have the cream, and the chocolate.


Of all the other things that are expected of a good teacher, two are of utmost importance, as I have come to realize. First, a fairly good sense of humour is a must. No, it’s not that a teacher should come to class dressed as a clown or crack jokes instead of doing what he is being paid to do, but he should not mind laughing with the children he’s nurturing rather than bearing that unyielding look of a tormented soul.  And secondly, well, this should be the Firstly, but well, let it be the way it is for now. So, secondly, a teacher should not have a mind that minds, and should not seek revenge upon the hapless dependants who barely stumble to tell the real truth about him/her. A tamed ego is what I am talking about.

Excerpt from the memories of words said and unsaid in a presentation.

Q. What do these R and L stand for?
A. Right and left. 

Q. But according to convention and being an electronics engineer it looks more like Resistor and     Inductor?
A. How un-engineerly of me. I'll surely make the suggestion to the author of the book I referred. I'll urge him to strictly abide by IEEE norms. But dear Teacher, the initials in your name, its R C written here, what does it stand for? Oh well, being an electronics engineer, it looked more like Resistive Capacitor to me. Why do You seem to be all charged up, Teacher?

How I wish my evaluators had a good sense of humour, or at least they should ask a damned technical question if they are so adamant on quality. But it seems they are more concerned about presentation syntax and semantics than engineering. Half filled pots make too much noise. I am not even a quarter full, but if you don’t know something, keep mum. Why ask a stupid highly uncorrelated question that will only prove the fact that you don’t know it. What happened to, ‘Once a student, always a student’, huh? Well, a restraint on the tongue gave me good grades, so no damage done, no issues, no ill-feelings. I shall speak no more, for now.

Look at us, running around. Always rushed, always late. I guess that's why they call it the human race.
~Wally Mars (The Switch)


Suruchi said...

My God...someone is really angry and my God, who gave you such teachers?

Sadly, teaching has become a profession rather than a vocation:/
The "R C" bit was super hilarious, especially since a non-engineering me could grasp it all!

I guess teachers, who really are those in the actual sense of the term,do have a good sense of humour as well as no revengeful streaks...the others who do not confirm to these are there by sad circumstances and compromises.

I love the usage of super appropriate quotes in your posts Anshul...and such aesthetic bend in someone from science backdrop is such an amazing thing to see!:-)

Rekha said...

I am not an Engineer but I can sympathise after all I studied one of the driest subjects known to humankind...accounts and audit...wonder why the smartest of the lot turn dumb as lecturers.
It pays to keep your thoughts to yourself even when comes to dumb bosses until you supercede them.
Not all are born with instant's a talent - one either has it or not.
May you find smarter bosses who know when to keep their mouths shut......enjoyed this literal "tête-à-tête" immensely.

R said...

Equally tough to find a teacher who knows his or her subject well enough!

Prateek Bagri said...

According to Mr. Jairam Ramesh, the faculties at IIT/IIM’s are not world class which basically implies that there is no world class teacher in India. Engineering is teaching me to look beyond and when you answered “Right and Left”, it was something beyond. Perhaps we have to live with the sheer fact to do get the things ourselves.
And the quotes in this post are so much apt.

Prateek. :P

Anonymous said...

as iam also an enginner i can understnd ur situation
and as far as things in mind was conernced its just the chemical locha that every enginner have but they will come to conclusion very soon
baki project ke time to haal aise hi rahte hain

maithili said...

Very relevant issue. This is the scenario in every sector of education. Teachers spend better half of their lives on degrees they need to teach and then they vent out the frustration of those years on the students! Specially if you are in engineering field, you are sure to find some teachers who would rather be working in industry than be teaching and there are even some class of teachers who get reservation in government colleges and regret the students who are going to get a higher pay in once they are out of college! Yes, this is true. Education has long ceased to be a noble profession. Today it is a commerce and teachers are merely earning a living and not contributing to quality education.

Superbly written once again with all the quotes in the right places! loved the structure of the entire post!

Unknown said...

Sad but true that teachers tend to lack a sense of humor, more so in India. it was one of the things that left me stunned when i first came here. I think professors in colleges abroad tend to be more relaxed in their approach and are more than happy to share a joke to lighten up the academic environment.

Nicely penned (or rather, typed. :P) post. :)

Sara said...

I don't think I qualify to comment on this post. :P

ps. i liked the kid in the switch.

Alka Gurha said...

You have touched a relevant topic... Forget sense of humour, most teachers are a frustrated lot and they take their personal frustrations out on students....Their is a lack of understanding and it comes from lack of interest. The malaise is deeper...We need institutions for teaching teachers.

The Enchantress said...

It simply annoys when Teachers are of one such breed..

Blessed were the days when Gurukul existed...

Oh..I am so much suffering from Nostalgia....

Hugs Anshul...Calm down....

Chandana said...

The kind of teachers that you said we must have are an almost extinct species... The last time i found teachers who were humorous and dint have a 'mind that minds' was in school..

4 years of engineering taught me that no one has a clue what they are teaching.. I dont regret it(which means i very well do) and life turned out ok.. so well and good!
And the R & L part - just the kind of thing that happens! Hilarious! :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

I fully feel you, coz I'm sailing the same boat. Teachers are born to harass their students. This comment will never end if I started writing about them.

Well out of anger I too have written few dayz back about my teachers.
plz have a look.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Well, I don't know who gave me those teachers. God has some whacky sense of humour :P Thank You.

Thanks for letting me know that we are not alone. :P

@Raam Pyaari
Actually, the shortage of experts makes them try their hand at each and every subject they dreaded in their degrees. :P

Oh yes, that is what I have learnt, you gotta make it work, then you gotta get your head into it.

No Sir, projects are much fun here. In fact the best part of it all. Only the report making is the worst part.

Education is really in distress. Thanks for sharing the concern.

You've seen only lecturers here, not the teachers. There are a few, everywhere, loved.

Oh but L could be left and R could be right for anyone, under what disqualification would you consider yourself ineligible? :P

I don't think institutions for teaching teachers can help, many get in engineering just because they had no other option, similar could be with that institute.

I don't remember anything from my past life, so I am not sure if the Gurukuls were the way they are projected in books. Even teachers seem to be good in stories.

They are rare breed, but lets not claim them to be extinct totally.

Will read. Thanks for dropping by. :)

I also have seen the brighter side, I have seen teachers who wanted to be teachers and that itself changes things. I have studied from teachers who'd repeat again and again until each hand was raised high when asked, 'did you understand'. I have seen student friendly teachers, and I have seen teachers who are still willing to learn, even from us. In short, I have seen a big sun, and little black holes too.

kitkat said...

wow! rushing somewhere so i cnt leave a proper comment. you're so smart hey!! following u on twitter :)

Anonymous said...

your neurons' synaptic gaps are just too far apart for words
ha ha ha

yeah they must be too slow
haw haw haw

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

We don't need no education...we don't need no thought control....

real teachers do not control your thought...but helps you to think and unleash your thoughts.... unfortunately we lack real teachers...

Great post...


Pavitra said...

Woah....that was one frustrated post....
I've got so many friends doing engineering and most of them share the same stories like you...
And the topic of "my teachers are out to make lives miserable".....don't even get me started on that...Although i don't blame my teachers as much as i blame my college admin for coming up with stupid rules....

Nice post!

Hopelessly Flawed said...

Silence has great utility...and reflex control is what I've mastered coz of such teachers.

now, not only do i keep quiet when i am soo tempted to speak my mind out..but i have also developed the skill to nudge or signal the people i am giving my viva's with, prompting them to keep shut and not aggravate the situation.

Unknown said...

Ignorance is a bliss anshul !
few Teachers still haunt me,(i was never a chaaploos)
they were discouraging and selfish.

Can't ignore for long though..
Read you previous could help.

Jyoti Mishra said...

yeah there exist some good ones too (You can always find exceptions), but they are hard to find.

mk said...

well, my sympathies with you,
and to the teacher too who lack a sense of humor!!

poor you, the creative mind is of no use in engineering college, where you have to only recite the words from the books..surely you should have adhered to that :P

and then..Resistance and Inducter is all in the mind of ur teachers..why get to right and left!..

a nice post from you!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:P Am I? :D
Thank you!

@The Feeling Lioness
Yeah, that is why I sometimes wish to keep my trap shut.


And surprisingly, I am not frustrated, I just wanted to reminisce incidents that make me tickle. I have had a wonderful engineering experience. :)
And yes, Admin is such a pain most of the times.

There are a few opportunistic candidates who just want to munch on that occasion where everyone else is doing no good. We've had a fair share of them too, who jump on their seats like eager beavers when someone else is stumbling over his/her question in the viva. I just hope your lot positively acknowledges your signals. :)

Both of the posts have been written by me, and I am already at mental peace, even while I wrote that, and even when I wrote this.
And it's great you were not a pet of teachers.

Maybe I lived in a blissful place where exceptions stumble upon alternately?

I don't need sympathies, I have no regrets. They shaped me the best they can. And what kind of engineering colleges make you recite words from books, I am happy we've had much more sensible faculty here.

Tanvi said...

Oh my god!!! umm... someday or the other a post about your dumb teachers was bound to come... :P Its okay, well.. not okay...umm... ;( what to say?! :P :P hehhee :D

Always late, the human race!;) Nice one :) And chill :) :)


Giribala said...

Oh okay, so it is about the teachers :-)

Anita Jeyan said...

The post begins with one or two paragraphs from which I was not able to make out what the problem was :( Ah engineering college teachers and I would write a book on them, the tone set to anger and frustration throughout and between the lines. Loved the RC part..! And its okay...luckily they dont follow you once u have passed out and gone and u'll never remember them...except when it appears on ur blogger dashboard !

Phoenix said...

such enriching read... i'm in awe of you! :)

Ph_ said...

RC was hilarious :P
No seriously every teacher should consider having these two qualities. Sometimes it is because of teachers that students(I myself precisely) start hating the subject :P
Ugh.. this reminded me of what *Praises* (sarcastic) I used to listen a few days ago from one of my teachers and later if she was answered it was a matter of her ego. *Sighs*
Nice post :)

Vinati said...

This is the thing which almost everyone faces at some point or the other. Genuine teachers are hard to find. And what you said about having two qualities, is very true!

I liked the post because you have put across a very good point. =)

Keep writing, friend! would love to read more from you.

And thanks for visiting my blog!! I expect you there more often. :P

Sameera said...

Anshul.. I truly understand the mess in your head. being an engineer myslef (Am i bragging :P), I know how much we hate those useless assignments, presentations, and moreover the Knowledge transfer sessions.

We had a Communication Skills teacher who once asked us to prepare Resumes. And (as always, we copied the format of the most brilliant kid of our class. And, guess what!! She wrote "Carrier objectives", instead of "Career objectives". Sigh!! :(

Had to prepare the resumes again with punishment of-course.

P.S. The comment stretched a bit-long. Apologies. Nice post. Bought my college days back. You'll definitely miss them :)

Rià said...

So true...i wonder what kinda teachers our off springs will have...i was a never a fav to begin with, but i turned out pretty ok even then. :)

Kiran Ashraf said...

visting yr blog fr the first time. u rock dude. i second yr opinion that teachers should not act like student-eating monsters. they should be more like frnds with whom u can easily share things. great post. congrats u have got a new follower too :)


Can understand the frustration man..being an engineer myself. And often, many teachers make an already messed up situation far worse.

Nice post

Beyond Horizon said...

Hmmm...I can sense the rage in your writing...and its agreeable too

Hope you are not smiling as the smile in the pic now...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:P Nevermind.

Oh yes, it could be.

Am glad that they don't follow up, though I might someday need to reread this post to live it again.

Thank You.

Same here, I too sometimes tend to shrug the subject off because of the loss in interest, but such explanations simply don't work before the exam day. :P

You try keep writing things that I find interesting, I'll try to keep reading. :)

So the topper was the carrier of the whole punishment itself, its a little relief here that lecturers already know we copy, and they don't complain much. Equality prevails. :P

I wasn't bad either.

Thank You.

Yeah, I agree.

Long time no see. :)
No I ain't angry or anything close to it, not now. :)

Amnn.......//1! said...

nice one ...

Angel said...

Writer , Teacher is still the noblest profession ever .
Nice read!

Ph_ said...

Exactly! In the end you've to force yourself to actually study what has been so hell all along =/ And in such times it is hard to memories too ... :P Student crisis :D

Sonshu said...

Awww, you write so well.
Every single time I read your posts I'm like :O literally. :) Haha.

Evaluators. Oh holy cow they're plain boring. And they gimme nightmares. The thought that our life depends on a few humans who might or might not be fair with correction is scary! :P :P HAHAHA. Got me thinking bout that :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.

We are not talking about the nobility of the profession, it's without doubt the best. We are talking about the ones who are into it, a large chunk of them.
And, what's with that 'Writer' thing.
I am no writer. I am Blasphemous Aesthete. :)

Yes. :D

LOL, its good to exercise the brain cells every now and then, in petty matters too. :P

Unknown said...

Someone had a real bad time in class :-)))

Alcina said...

Are you going for any research by the would make you richer than even bill gates :/

How much should i fund? :P ;) :D

Anonymous said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete yes project making is fun..if u made it by yourself
and ha report making is a cumbersome job

Komal Ali said...

Sigh. I like this post especially the quote you concluded it with. I never read your writing. I always feel it. :-)

Thanks for the link to the story on my blog. :-) I'm feeling much better now. Hope you're in good health.

Poulomi said...



Aayushi Mehta said...

Funny, thought provoking. Great stuff :)

SEPO said...

Wow. U got smarter in the break I took!!

No. Seriously!! It was a great read!! I will be honest and say that there were some parts I did not understand :P

But it was awesome :)

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