Friday, May 13, 2011

Raindrops for the sunshine.

It has been raining relentlessly since the past four hours, raining like the skies ran out of storage space to accommodate more water. It is supposed to be mid April, summers reigning mercilessly over the plains. And yet it has been raining today. Such change in weather has been seldom seen, especially since the last few years, when even the monsoons flew past unnoticed, parched skies. The skies had been prejudiced against any color in sky that could bring even tiny hopes of quenching the land and its people below. Fluffy whites had lingered in desolation and dispersed for many months now. Overwhelmed and overrun, the gates had broken giving way to the pent up release. Almost sharp and hard hitting arrow like droplets had been incessantly showering in an attempt to sink deeper into earth’s skin.

Ever since the opera of the skies had started the performance with loud bass and rumble and a crackling shoot now and then, she had been fixed to the edge of her seat by the wide window. She hadn't talked all this time, not even once. Nothing seemed to bother her, and her eyes were attentively seeking something on the mist slowly hazing the entire breadth of the window. Her eyes had been performing a sort of ritual following any random droplet that started to crumble and slither down the wet pane, cutting through the haze. She kept on gazing through the misty panes, tracing patterns with her eyes. She seemed oblivious to the faint sounds of the television that was playing in the far end of the room, nor did she hear the abruptness with which the channels were being switched or the sounds let off by her little boy expressing his boredom in moaning yawns.

She did not see him too, along with the rest of the things; he had been sitting about an hour when he saw her drawn away by the rains. And yet, he saw her. In fact, she was the only one he had been seeing all this time, lost in her, oblivious to the world, just like her, only that he watched the locks of her hair breaking and oscillating for a while to eventually break down into stillness, somewhere over her tender face. His eyes moved with her curls just like her’s followed the droplets. He wasn’t in a very comfortable posture. Arms folded on the thin rim of the chair and the chin resting on his arms, he observed her inquisitively, never minding his tired arms which might have started to hurt because of the pressure of the narrow rim. Watching her at peace mysteriously brought a bright smile on his face of which, even he wasn’t aware of.

Rain on the window and sunshine is her face,
Her gleaming radiances’ such ,am transfixed in my place,
The golden locks sneak out, to glimpse her beauty,
As they gingerly swing, tending to her grace.

A break in the spell of the rains brought her out of her reverie. He had no idea how long he had been looking at her, without blinking. Even if he blinked, he did not remember if he did. When she moved her head and looked at him, she saw his gleaming smile. She smiled back quizzically and that broke his spell too. 

“Even Mona Lisa would have shied away today”, He flirtingly said without recovering from his leaning posture. She smiled slightly and turned to the other side, hiding her smile from him. “And?” she was still listening. “And, and Michelangelo would have surely dumped her as subject for that masterpiece.” It worked! She laughed loud and slowly came to him, never looking away while their eyes talked in mischief. She lovingly ruffled his hair, whispering coyly in his ears, “but honey, Mona Lisa was painted by Da Vinci” and headed for the television where her son was constantly clicking the remote control. 

He scratched his temples lightly in an attempt to hide his face and bit his tongue lightly before breaking out into a wide smile. “Coffee?”


Lehari. said...

Such irresistible temptations..the rains and the love of your life..

The cherry on top is that both are a single dimension of time..

With a bright smile,
Lehari =)

Unknown said...

i love it. i love it too much.

Suruchi said...

Starting with brilliant imagery I never expected it to be a love story and then continuing as a love story in the making I did not expect it to be a love story already made!

But then it is foolish to expect anything at Aesthetic Blasphemy, isn't it Anshul?:-)

Simple love stories always make the best of reads:-)

Perspectives said...


"bacho ke baapu mona lisa was painted by Vinci..."

Neeha said...

Nice read Anshul.
Any girl would love if she is compared to a Mona Lisa or any master piece.
The guy need not be embarrassed , he surely won her heart:)

Soumya said...

Coffee?? :P

Lilangel said...

Lovely it is..:) Rains and Love :)

Prateek Bagri said...

Rain is indeed the most tempting thing happens. A pure bliss.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And they have had a fruit to this love too :)


Actually, I could not do justice to any part, lets just say the story was too weak. But still, thank you. :)

ab bachhon ki Ma ko kaun samjhaye, unko hansaane ke liye kitne jhooth bolne padte hain. :P

He already did, they were together.

That, was an escape statement.

Yes, it is.

True it is, more better if it is drizzle. But have you ever seen the quiet quiet snow falling?

Anita Jeyan said...

AWESOME post :)

maithili said...

beautiful..simple and stable love... i like the silences shared.. almost felt like you are the guy who is watching the girl! :)

Punam said...

Amazing - a picture perfect situation of love with the 'happily ever after' tag. :) Good work, Anshul.

Tanvi said...

Do I have any words better to express other than saying it was wonderful?! :) :) Expressed beautifully :)


Sonshu said...

Oh Wow, that was such a cute love story. So beautiful, just as always!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You!

Sigh, it wasn't me. :P

Thank You :)

umm better search a dictionary :D
Thank You.

Who me? Not quite.

Joe said...

When the sky dims our hearts lighten...rains bring warmth and coolness at the same time right through all that mist....just like rediscovering what was already there :)
awesome read

Prateek Bagri said...

Just once. :|

Sara said...


“Even Mona Lisa would have shied away today”

I like the analogy you've drawn. :P

Bluebell Books Twitter Club said...

find you in your friend's blog.

lovely story taller you are.
keep it up.

check out short story slam and make a submission today.

Bluebell Books Twitter Club said...

find you in your friend's blog.

lovely story taller you are.
keep it up.

check out short story slam and make a submission today.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nice thought. Thanks :)

I understand. It is mutual.


@Bluebell Books
The way you wrote it, I am afraid not.

Angel said...

Writer you're so brilliant! Deep thoughts!

Angel said...

Writer you're so brilliant! Deep thoughts!

mk said...

romantic, light, pleasant to read...
ur eyes for detail...allows the reader to imagine...

nicely written,the peaceful love life, and the day dreaming watching the rain..sweet n seep...keep penning!

Unknown said...

Anshul, you are awesome. Your every write is so deep. Talking about this one, there aren't much better things in life than rain and love.
And when you come across a write which blends both of them together in such a soothing way, you can't help but smile.
Great post!!

Fatima said...

Ah! Is this Anshul ?? my god I just can't was a pleasant read a delicate mixture of abstractness and my words idyllic romanticism !!

I'm falling short of words..all I can say is it was Awesome =) and the verses equally beautiful added to the beauty of it !!!

Good Read :)
Take Care.

P.S: For a moment I really felt I was reading one of my writings n it felt so goddamn good n even funny :D

Purba said...

For a moment I was transported to that window...watching the rain fall in sheets. This post was breathing with life.

Matangi Mawley said...

Such a beautiful read!!! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.

:) I'll try.

Thank You Animesh, and bes of luck with exams.

bene, but I'd rather change, lest I'd be sued for copying styles of fellow blogger. :P

Thank You Madame :)


Saumya said...

awesome awesome picturesque .....absolutely loved it!!!

Ana said...

I've got one word for you: "Sigh!"

I loved this. Makes me wanna fall in love all over again. I really miss the rains now.

Unknown said...

sigh, what do i say... i LOVE the way you write! there is something poetic about your prose. :)

Unknown said...

weather has so much to do with our moods,
I love rains, they do have a spell on us,
but aap to writing ke badshah ho..and yet again... mesmerizing post..
pls I want a lot of rain now, enough of garmi

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.

A sigh for me? Sigh! :D

Thank you :)

Mein to shabdon ki fakeeri mein jee raha hoon, jo aate hain, likh deta hoon.
Really, I need heavenly showers too.

Unknown said...

There is something about rains and these simple moments of life that make it magical...the stuff of memories....lovely.

Kavita said...

Aww..this was superbly romantic...
I guess the rain that amazing ability to transform us into sappy li'l fools at times.. doesn't it?! But then again, it's all worth it.. :)

Loved reading this one! Even more so cuz it was raining here today...

Tanishka said...

That was super cute.... I love it....

Him, her, rains and coffee... It can never ever get better... Simply perfect... :)

I know I' am being repeatative but I super loved it.... :)

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

great post...superlike...simple yet so beautiful...i felt like i was there seeing the entire drama unfold before my eyes...

kitkat said...

Aww you write so beautifully :)

Sony said...

mature beautifull

Ph_ said...

After a frustrating day I read this post and feel fresh :D Just the thought of rain has brought peace in mind :)
Beautifully written Anshul!
P.S. good to read your blog after a long time :)

Rià said...

I cud almost visualise this whole thing happening...lovely!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) Yes, its soothing.

True, it's worth it. Thank You.

Hahaha never mind, thank you.

Thank You.


Thank You

Exams? How did they go?

:) How are you and hubby?

Sh@s said...

Its raining here. Your story made a perfect read as the heavens added the necessary background score to your post. So, it made an interesting read. It isn't a weak story as you said, you surprised me with the ending.

the other side of me said...

OMG,this is so nice!!!!!
I love it:)
Beautifully written

Keep writing!!!

Take care

tarunima said...

firstly i like the name of your blog:)
and secondly this short tale was superb!
love+rain=pure bliss!:)
loved it:)

magnoliaamber said...

BA, when I read this I could only hummed, "Mmmmmmmm....."

Haha. You are allowed to take it as a compliment:)

Ph_ said...

Lat one tomorrow. They went well, first semester terror is about to end finally :)

Carnett Rose said...

Found your blog through a friend's. Not only did the name catch my eye, but your theme too. :)

As for your story, it's beautiful. I loved your description of the rain, and the subtle depiction of love only added to it. :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You :)

@The Other side
Thank You, and welcome here

:) Welcome here.

:P Thank You


:D Thank you for dropping by

Aayushi Mehta said...

This was SO beautiful. Great imagery. Warmed my heart and made me smile :)

A Sunny Yellow Window said...

My first time to your blog.
This one's gooood! Romance, poetic. Wondering if what prompted you to write this was just the thought of a cuppa on a rainy day! Loved the imagery!

Beyond Horizon said...

“Even Mona Lisa would have shied away today”...hmm...quite flirty flirty and sweet too

after reading this I would like to say "Even Nicholas Sparks would be awestruck with your writings" ;)

yes because am too much into reading his books nowadays :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You :)

It was written on a day with clear skies and hot weather :P

I see Sparks around in the comment. :P

Alcina said...

Beautiful :))
You always engross me in the tales...and your power of description just makes your pieces beyond words of praises..
I just simply loved this line> 'he watched the locks of her hair breaking and oscillating for a while to eventually break down into stillness'

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