Friday, April 1, 2011

R.I.P. July 2007 - March 2011.

I still remember the first day when I set my eyes on you. 25th July 2007, a Friday hot summer afternoon. I was transfixed by the sight, you were there, right there in front of me, sitting idly in an inanimate form so innocent, so… flattering! The way you lay in repose, I was sure it had to be you. The curves and yet, the symmetry. Love at first sight, this is what they say, I felt connected.

I bought you home and my family liked you, no, loved you. The way you just so seamlessly connected to mother, and merrily danced around on the stage set specially for you, you were just a magnifica opera d'arte. I remember how mother was a little apprehensive while handling you, lest you may run around and hide away in some corner and not be seen. I wonder was she so careful with me too when I was just born, same apprehension, same protectiveness, same concern that I might get hurt? But then, it was her first time meeting you.

We had a great time together, you virtually became my right hand. An extension to my right hand rather, like a sword. Thinking of sword reminds me of how many frags that we made, countless heads, how many civilizations planned, built and demolished, not to forget the medieval times that we were together conniving and dispensing history. I proposed and plotted, while you assisted in its execution. Some said you’re too heavy, some said you’re not enough, for me you were just perfect.

I believed that our relation was meant to last long, really long. I never saw it coming, the futility of wishful thinking. Nothing’s built to last, nor you, neither me. And yet, its really remarkable what resilience you showed until there was someone who could fill in some part of the void while you would be away. Alas, the shoes were too big to fit in for just a replacement, but you were lost, to me, forever. I am at loss that I cannot repair. Did I greive for you? No, just that I missed you every single time the other one missed something that you never failed to achieve. Post mortem reveals that you succumbed to some malfunction in your sensory parts, how I now wish I had just cremated you in the dead of the night rather than to open you up and look for signs of resurrection. Hope! I was blinded, so naive. 

You made me realize that a master once chosen in seldom defied until death. The way you upheld your loyalty to me, and played tricks with others who tried to treat you like just anything, I feel all the more proud, and this makes me more nostalgic. I specially liked your tail, how it curved into any little room it got for itself. The only solace that I can get is that you breathed your last in my very palms. 

We had a beautiful time together my friend, my aide. I wish you all the peace. Dearest Logitech, R.I.P.!

P.S.: Now I think you can think of why the cats are happy?


Red Handed said...

Oh dear lord! First i thought u are talking bout a girl,
Then you said some said you are too i thought its a cat (taking the first pic into mind)
Then the end just blew my mind up!

Nice post thr! :P

Cinderella said...

Haha! I was sure you were onto some mischief the moment you spoke about you mother!

Good one!

Tanvi said...

Well nice one to fool around here.. :P And i am sure many thought many things before they came to the later part.. lol :D Had i not read your status on fb, i wouldn't have understood :P hehe :D

Nice happy fools day!


Killer Drama said...

oh god i thought it was a pet !!!!! u fool, i was about to cry !!!!!!!!

some april fool's joke!

i always fall for anything !! so gullible


but thank god it was just a mouse

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Red Handed
LOL, thank you!

Actually, once it was the motherboard, and the next time it was my Ma. :P

hehe, next time I am going to get a better status for fb.

OMG really?

Always Happy said...

April Fool's day post eh?

oh, the photo at the beginning of the post was so deceiving.

Kiran Hegde said...

hahaa..............Amazing... :)

Unknown said...

Lovely...thanks for the weekend smiles...I totally, totally dig your pain...I felt it when I replaced my system of 8 years...she was moody, brilliant in patches and vulnerable, traversed 3 cities like me...I loved to zip through Napa valley through her gaze...she sits in my parent's room now...maybe I will take heed of this post and create a sonnet for her. enjoy your weekend. :D

Nic. said...

This made me laugh in the end, you were talking about your mouse?! :D

Well, my keyboard died the other day, so I understand how hard it is... It's tough typing with a mouse using an on-screen keyboard. But I found a new love, a new keyboard. :)

Mouse-s and keyboards, they come and go..? xD

Jules said...

ROFL, that was absolutely great! What a trickster you are :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Chandana said...

clever me, i read the last line first. My scroll bar suddenly decided to scroll all the way down, so not my fault :P

Poor thing.. look at it.. all curled up and so peaceful!

Prateek Bagri said...

I love disguise write ups and I myself write them too. Most importantly I love when people rant you after being "cheated".

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Always Happy
I'd rather call it the conspiracy of the cosmos that my mouse dived into the grave on this very day and that wasn't an April fool. :P


Go ahead, a loyal friend deserves this. I am looking forward for the sonnet.

Eventually, I will find one too. :) Thank you.

Thank You.

oh, how clever of you indeed.


Sameera said...

Haha.. that was amazing.. Caught all of us.. :)

Anita Jeyan said...

I really thought u were writing about a pet cat !

Anushree said...

lol...i thought it was about a cat....haha!!...good one!!

Hopelessly Flawed said...

well written :)

TurbulentMind said...

bloody brilliant!! I played right into your hands!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) :P

Nah, never had a pet cat.


@Hopelessly Flawed
:) Thank You

@Turbulent Mind
hehe :P

Suruchi said...

offoooo...would i be offooo-ing more posts?:-)
well, i am not really complaining, considering i have a smile transfixed on my face:-)

i was so sure it was a cat...and those french kissing cats...omg...french kissing just lost something divine about it;-)

Alka Gurha said...

You fooled me...but as Suruchi says instead of the goofy look I have a smile on my face. I loved this one.

Unknown said...

I thought you're talking abt a girl, then I guessed a pet or smthing! UR unbelievable Anshul..! Unpredictability personified !
God's gifted you with this unique writing skill. Keep going dear :)

Anonymous said...

I thought your pet died!!!! Omg!! you crazy guy! Hahahahaha. I can't stop laughing.

I hope you buried it safely, wrapped it in a girftwrap or something.

Hahahahaha Logitech looooool

Fatima said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fatima said...

Haha...the moment I read the title of d post I knew it was the poor mouse courtesy your FB status :P

Anyways the post was hilarious (coz I knew for whom it was written) and even sentimental coz it had the right blend of emotions !!!

Keep Writing such weirder stuff and share it too :D

Take Care.

P.S: Take good care of the new one n keep it away from the cat ;)

April 3, 2011 11:14 AM

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Lets just say, if it keeps you smiling, keep those offooo's coming :)

Thank You

:) Thank You.

Yeah, it just received its last rites. And a photo frame with garlands and some incense sticks. :P

I will try to keep up, thank you :)

Rià said...

Lol u r too good! The last line solved the mystery. :D

Anonymous said...

Haha...I knew it was coming.....though love the cats pic! :D

aria said...

RIP.. :)

pS- have a really funny word-verification for commenting on this post 'susti'

Aashayein said...

Not a smile but I am laughing like anything...hahahha..Dear lord! What are you upto these days????

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) Thank You.

:) They sure are making merry, aren't they :P

susti is to me what words are to you, comes naturally. :P

Umm...nothing, I am myself a li'l surprised at what is happening.
Bas, barbaadiyon ka jasn manata chala gaya... :P

Purba said...

Oh dear God, your mouse sure is a lucky girl. May her soul rest in pieces!!

Anonymous said...

So retarded.

:-Dee said...

That was wonderful reading and i enjoyed it!!! Nice post!! :)

Bikram said...

aingggggggggg girl-cat-mouse ...
My oh my You had me there tooo till the Logitech Mouse came in ..

Nice One ..he he he he


Rekha said...

Back again...this is so silly but i have always been ode to my pentium as check it if you have some precious time left....
My Ode Not Sonnet

Sarah malik said...

haha! When i started reading i was making all sought of wild guesses as 'who' could it be..and then it went a wayyyy too wild i guess :P
the cat mouse story just got 'hi-tech'
well penned, enjoyed every bit of the suspense filled read! :D


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It rests in single piece :)

Probably you are too accelerated to even mention your name.

:D Thank you

:) Thank You

On it

High tech? I was all the way describing the virtual adventures I and my mouse had. :)

Shilpi said...


it was awesome... truly enjoyed it..
and hey btw..thnx fr droppin in :)


Tanishka said...

I was so sure you are talking about a cat and I felt so bad coz I have always wanted to keep one but mom... Forget it... I really did not see this one coming... :D

I' am loving your new happy n humorous posts... Keep posting... :)

Lilangel said...

LOLs...couldn't stop smiling :D

Giggly Post :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Ahh!!! Love at first sight!

But Why was the post mortem for? How could you? Tearing every part away...

May Your Logitech R.I.P.!

Had a smile throughout while reading, but I knew it was coming...Since you mentioned it in your status once before this post, If am not mistaken! :)

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

BA, loved reading the comments of all the readers!

Even i thought, u've written about a girl, rather ur GF!!

You have a way with words :)


Disguise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Disguise said...

...why am I not surprised? My mouse is dying too.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

First of all, welcome here.
Then, thank you :)

Trust me, cats seldom take someone as a master like a dog would do. Try having a dog, at least he won't sneak into kitchen to drink all milk, or colour it red with blood after having having gorged a fat mouse. :P

:) What else could I ask for.

You see, I am an engineer, so it comes as a natural craving to understand the reason behind the failure of the system. And I did not actually tear every part away, was just looking for something I could salvage. :)

Why would I say 'I bought you home' if it were a Girlfriend? Are they just another commodity on sale somewhere? :P

Call the Doctor!!

Sado said...

hahahaha i thought you were talking about a cat XD


O god ! Poor Jerry ! May the mouse rest in peace.

Only an engineer can undrstand this pain man ! Gr8 post.

The Solitary Writer said...

hahaha this is seriously funny ...i initially had a feeling that it would turn out to be something different ....beautifully written bro ....:P i cant think that you actually wrte abt your logitech mouse :D lol

Ritz.. said...

HAHAH .... Superb .... simly awesome.. highly creative .. :))


Tanishka said...

Grrr.... I love cats, Period... And I will buy one some day....

Unknown said...

haha, witty and creative! :) reflects your unique writing style :)

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