Friday, April 22, 2011

An IT for sure.

Here’s the first lesson.

Noun: A noun is the name of any place, person or a thing. This is what I learnt when I first learnt English constructions.

A noun is a word used to name a person, animal, place, thing, and abstract idea. Nouns are usually the first words which small children learn.

There are many different types of nouns.

Proper Noun:   You always write a proper noun with a capital letter, since the noun represents the name of a specific person, place, or thing.

Common Noun:  A common noun is a noun referring to a person, place, or thing in a general sense. A common noun is the opposite of a proper noun.

Okay that should be enough. Other nouns don’t concern me at present. I just want to ask you what noun classification you consider yourself in? Now before you bare your weapons are tongues at me, this is aimed at a particular group. Yes, the blogger pals who don’t mind capitalizing their names, or ‘I’s. Please, it might not affect you, but I think it gives an impression of self estimation and ‘esteem’ation. It’s your first benchmark for me at least. For the love of the language, and if not for its sake, for the sake of identity, don’t be common nouns. Rather, be proverbial for someone if you can be. Come on now, you can be that too. 

In the past, I have met a few people. People who’d mean nothing more than mere names. We meet them every day, as passerbies, daily wagers hired for some work, or just a name flying around in the hot summer air? Let’s say, I have met many rohIT’s, mohIT’s, sohIT’s and mudIT’s and many other names. Let’s say, I have met many who are just ‘IT’s to me. Now mind it that they are different from the Rohit’s, Mohit’s, Sohit’s and Mudit’s who are proper nouns to me. 

That’s all for now, or maybe too much for a naïve to utter.

A strong sense of identity gives man an idea he can do no wrong; too little accomplishes the same.
~ Djuna Barnes


Sonshu said...

Wow, that was amazingly thoughtful.
I never thought of it that way, the whole Caps standing for self esteeeeem. :) wonderful post. loved it!

Giribala said...

i liked it! brings e. e. cummings to my mind.

Saumya said...

though I never gave this much of a thought ....but I always write my name as 'Saumya' (S capital) it my blogger signature...or my mail account....and it's really true that if names are not written starting with a capital letter...they do not make that much influence!!

Paulami said...

well my name will always start with a P (in caps) but in my writing i prefer small letters because i feel free of the constraints imposed by language pundits.

Tanishka said...

I had never thought about it from that perspective...

When I' am in a good mood I properly write my name Tanishka but when I' am not in a mood to write or I' am feeling lazy then I just write tan....

Going by your idea of writing ones name, I belong to prommon category... Sometimes proper, sometimes common... :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.

E.E. Cummings won't be coming here to check if you spelled his initials in capital, but I plead on his behalf madame.

Thank You for the support.

feeling free and free use of language are two things intricately drawn, yet separate. They aren't called pundits just like that, neither did they make rules to annoy children.

maybe Tan would do fine, you know it would sound silly if 'tan' got a (sun)tan. :P
Okay that was lame, but you get the idea right? :)
And be a proper noun, most of the time, you'd like it :)

Fatima said...

Nice one and quite thoughtful too...I never really thought that something so small could mean something like this :)

But I usually begin my name with "F" something that's my habit esp when I feeling down or I'm downright bored I scribble my name or sign at the end of the book...and with all the doodles that could be present...I'm sure this also means something but yet I dunno what ;)

Different and an unusual write up!

Take Care.

Unknown said...

I guess most people begin their names with a capital..we all went to school remember, where grammar was force feed on tender minds...that said...but true a name in lower case would be overlooked...but there is also the fact that there are enough people with the same name as me/us floating around that there is no sense of uniqueness of many R's or .... ;)Interesting thoughts.

Vivek said...

Hi Anshul,
Nice post , I do find many bloggers in that sphere.
I totally agrees with you , keep it straight and simple the very basic rules..why so much decorations over it.

Take care
happy weekend
All the best for exams :)

Sara said...

hmmmmmmmm *flexes brain muscle*

Chandana said...

Hmm.. never thought about this.. but it could be true!

I always write a capital 'C' but all my 'i's are again small.. esp in the middle of a sentence..
Observed it just now!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It sure could mean obsession, but I am not sure :P Just kidding.

Thank You Vivek

Alas my brain doesn't allow enough access to me to flex it a little. :P

So would you change it or let it be?

Neeha said...

I always write my name as Neeha-Gottipati,I never miss writing N & G in Cap's.
I never paid that attention , it's jus my habit to write it in that way.
But your post in thoughtful.

Unknown said...

wondering who was the fool the one who clicked on disaster, it is indeed a unique the quote in the end..

Ana said...

How mean of me! Visiting your blog for the first time but I loved this post. You write really well. :)

Ana said...

And my blog name does not start with a capital letter :P

Sara said...

your comment made me laugh :P
I was just messing around :P

Sara said...

oh and I meant it in a figurative way.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

That's good :)

I know who that person might be. And the person also knows that I know. :P
Doesn't matter. :)

Did you change that now, because I can see a capital 'A' adorning the beginning.
And welcome here. :)

I know, the messing around part.

Purba said...

My name ends with an A and my blog's title starts with an A. That's some coincidence - unintended of course :)

Sarah malik said...

well , it DOES make sense but for me these things are not really a measure for either the single 'e' or the double 'e' in ur post!
While on paper I write d initials of my name in capitals..on the world wide web..i usually dont take d pains to use caps! maybe next time on i ll keep in here u go

'S'arah :)

Sayak Shome said...

I am glad that I write my name Sayak and not saYak. :P

Suruchi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suruchi said...

oye...I remember commenting on this post*oh my god...please don't let dementia set in so soon...abhi to mere khelne koodne n Proper Noun banane ke din hain*

where did my comment go?:-(
and for the love of the language and all things that are holy and sacred...point taken.

waise u gave me good pointers to explain nouns to my students;-)

Suruchi said...

Oooo...but then I don't like the idea of "no means of communication other than what they write"

Is there an Anshul of Facebook?:-)
*grinning devilishly:-)*

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Umm okay that is a pleasant coincidence, but I am still confused how do I relate to it?

In due time, the web and the e-working is going to take over all routines which are presently being done with paper and pen. Would you mind loosing it then?

LOL Yak would be too much to even compare to Sayak is way better than saYak. You look like Sayak :) (Because you are Sayak :P)

It was right there, now its gone. You teach English?
I am a lazy netizen at facebook, but still if you insist... :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting Disaster

Anonymous said...

silly and green

Red Handed said...

You think too much!! pwahha but really a different perspective to weigh things :)

PhilO♥ said...

Never thought that by using the definitions of proper nouns and Common nouns, we could define ourself :)
Great post.
You do think a bit too much. But that's good, cause you get me to think :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@the feeling lioness
yeah, really.

@Red Handed
How much is too much?

perhaps, language was designed to define oneself an everything else too.

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
i guess am better late than never, at your posts...
reading this post reminded me of an editorial in The Times of India. it said something similar about the small "i's" poeple use, but then once someone pointed it to another who said "That shows that I am not a Capitalist."
i wonder why his 'i' got capital while saying that.

The Silhouette...

p.s. - i prefer my "i's" to be small, but the name to be caps. For i can be anyone, but no one can be me.

mk said...

I am....

it could be the motto, the defination of life..becoz, everything u face in life, ur acts define what's ur take on urself...I am...

then, the same makes u more human, wht u percieve abt many psychological diseases, it is did the identity of them... Its as essential as you wana make it out..the craving for fame and money too come out of it..

nice article, thoughtful and deep if you want to make it so..

as per Nouns, I had never been good at grammars, till now too..:) :)

The Enchantress said...

Omg ...

I never did thought about it..

You are RIGHT !!!!

Unknown said...

i'm visiting your blog after quite some time and i must say this was a real interesting post! enjoyed it... somehow sometimes i don't mind writing mehak but then most of the time i like being Mehak. :P And I is always capital for me. An interesting thing a friend told me once is that Englishmen are highly egoistic. Why? Because in the English language, 'i' is always capitalized! :P

Tweety said...

Ohkay so I am glad I write my name with capital 'S' and my pen name with capital 'T'.
so the guys who said ki '' nam mein kya rakha hai'' must read this :-D till then I am happy with Tweety and Shweta.. After all its all about 'I'

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Eon Heath
Maybe the grooming that we have got from the books we have read has influence how we derive importance from such little trivialities.

That's an excuse, there is no age too big to learn.

Ah Revelation. :D

Perhaps, they are not wrong in being one.

Shakespeare said it, rather, Juliet said it, but that was in some other context, we just use the parts that suit us. :)

The Solitary Writer said...

hmm well...there used to be a problem in my Caps button on my keyboard...But i would use shift key instead :D good post...good to be here after a long time

Rià said...

Interesting insight there...never really thought abt it in that sense.

Ritika said...

Seriously, I always thought about it. But didn't know how to put it. You've put it all correctly and it so frustrates me, when people put their initials in small alphabets!

Hey, You are awesome at putting things, and compiling them together.

Take care.

P.S.- If you find these kind of my mistake in my blog, please bring them into my notice. It ll be extremely kind of you.

Zeba said...

Wow. Thanks for this particular train of thought that your post kick started in my head. Wonder how e.e. cumming came about. I wonder what he thought of himself. Hmm.. Wonderful post.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Solitary Writer
My Caps Lock is as good as new. The left side shift button shows some wear though. A cumulative effect of capitalizing and Counter Strike. :P

What about now?

If you really mean that, then lets start with your name itself first. What say? :P

Go through his works, somewhere (of course its Wikipedia) I read that he once told his French translator that he prefers his name in capitals.

Sonshu said...

You have been tagged :)

Challenge: :)

Ritika said...

@Anshul- haha! I was too small when I made my id. It is because of that. I have to find out the procedure to change it though. Thank you for pointing it out.

Ritika said...

Well, I have changed it now. :)

MangoMan said...

Interesting angle! Btw, 'Mangoman' being a commonish noun, am I good for nothing?

Matangi Mawley said...

Matangi--- that's how it's always been... and I second your thoughts... Name is a person's identity! And I feel we ought to take pride in it... :)

really good one!

Sam B said...

Interesting...never gave it a thought! I am soo late in reading ur posts :P

Punam said...

Second time here, Anshul. I would say, there are other reasons too, why people put their i's in small letters. I am trying to present another perspective here.
A small 'i' also signifies hiding from everyone. Reasons could be many. Some people are very reserved, don't like attention and tend to melt away into the crowd. Such people write small 'i's. If someone has faced ridicule or abuse in child hood, he might tend to write small 'i's.
Introverts (not all) may also display similar thing. I tend to write my signature in all smalls, even the initials - and i do know that such a thing would classify as humility to a fault - that is on fact harmful for a person, rather than being a quality.
It's a case of trying to hide one's identity. Such people may also do everything and hide when the time comes to take the credit for good work.
So, there you go, many more perspectives to I. :)

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