Friday, April 29, 2011

I search for a seed...

‘Your perspective is quite interesting, but I feel that you have quite misunderstood reality.’

‘Is that so? What do you see in this painting?’

‘That is not important and is the most trivial of all the issues. Mine would be a different one too, but would still be off the tangent…’
‘So what do you imply from all this? Reality, what of it?’

‘Reality is what often hides itself in plain sight. More often, it is taken to be something it is not. Reality is not a matter of moments, or of seconds or minutes. Reality is eternal and persistent, though often mistaken as ephemeral and evanescent. Why? Because it changed us or our ways the moment it revealed itself. What this painting tells is something what its painter painted. His colors meant something to him. We look it with our colors, not his.’

‘So what are You after?’

‘To see the world as it is, in the colors it was made, without being affected from its reality. Colors those are intrinsic to it. Not through the colored glasses that I’ve put on over my eyes, shades of imagination. I wish to see through the illusions of ‘What If’s’ and blending that might put loop holes in the firm footings on reality. I wish to see the things the way they are, not the way they become when I see them, without cobwebs and the helter-skelter deviations which hinders it. Plain, blatant truth is what I seek. I am searching for that seed.’

‘Ew, seems like Heisenberg’s principle to me. So you want to say that painting imagination is not creative?’

‘Oh it’s a beautiful expression, but why would someone paint an imagination if he sought no reality behind it? Only that no one asked him, and if someone did, he just smiled back and asked, what do you see? Maybe because you’ll never understand what he did, nor will he understand what you made of it and how. His creation is clear to him in a way that can’t be more clearer to any one else, much in the same way our interpretations are to us.’


‘Alright, I concede defeat. You win. You’ll not know until you know it for yourself. The painter will always fail.’

"Lara walked along the tracks following a path worn by pilgrims and then turned into the fields... For a moment she rediscovered the purpose of her life. She was here on earth to grasp the meaning of its wild enchantment and to call each thing by its right name..."   ~Boris Pasternak

P.S. : Special thanks to Ajay Kumar of 'Locomotion from inner to outer' for that poem video. Thank You for publishing me Mr. Editor, I published a bit of you too :)


magnoliaamber said...

Indeed I think it is true, but we are free to always interpret the reality in our opinion, don't we.

Really, it is not about winning or losing...

This is an interesting discussion AB:)

Aashayein said...

This is one of the best post I have ever read on any blog!
Reality and imagination are indeed two different things!
Loved the way things are expressed!

Matangi Mawley said...

Loved the pen that wove this out!

People who claim to see the white of everything... Of course- everything else is white... white is omnipresent... contains all the other colors in itself!

"ek chadar maili si... yah maili hi sahi..." --- my heart goes out for the victims of the white... eyes that had refused to take in the burden of a million colors-- takes refuge in the white... and are crushed beneath it...

Out of the world!

A brilliant post.... And whoever made the video/wrote the poetry/narrated--- Kudos!

Alcina said...

I read it late..but i feel the questions posed by me in my current new post are almost the same..

We have to be puzzled yes until we really know for 'REAL'

Nice and thoughtful!

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

The only truth is transformation of energy . . . Everything else is interpretation . . . Including this comment . Yes its all about perceptions and perspectives

Rekha said...

Is it really possible to see the reality as it is without blinkers....a valiant takes a lot to separate "our" perspectives and visions from the actual, the pure state of being....interesting what you have attempted...

Paulami said...

i just have to say...that the poem is brilliant and more so because of the rendition..

simply loved it

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Yes, we are free to explore all the possibilities. And it could be a discussion, but my reply would be the last line. I concede defeat, you'll never know why. :P :)

Thank You :)

He is a very fine person, who sees through smoke many a times. A vizier for us.

Umm not quite :P

I wish it were so clear to me, I won't be trying to justify answers then.

Black or White, if I close my eyes its all the same

Thank You

Miss D said...

Beautiful imagery.

The music with the video was piercing.

Enjoyed the post and I say that because I was made to think.

Eeshie said...

WhOa..this was all deep and cool..

Irina M. said...

I enjoyed this post too Anshul. Sometimes (not always) reality tends to be what we want to make of it...a ray of sunshine....:o)..

Vivek said...

Hi Anshul,

Nice imaginary , and thought , yup what a painter will paint will be the imagination ..that someone will not know the state in which it was painted most will reach to its reality but most of the time it doesn't , it require a eye of a viewer who get engrossed over it to find the real story behind it isn't?.

Re: How are you doing BTW , Exams over or are still going on?.

yasha said...

Imagination and reality is more about ones perspective and Anshul thats a wonderful thought beautifully put into words.:)

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of something I read a few days back....

"Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we're stupid." ~ Julies Fieffer

Was nice reading:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

How often do you think? :P
Thank You :)

How deep? :P

:) Yes, sometimes.

But I beg to differ. I so not meant it.

thank you :)

No one asks the author why he made it red, they'll not ask us too. But they'll admire the artist but tease and ridicule us.
Thank You for sharing the quote :)

Prateek Bagri said...

It wouldn't be nice if I only comment Whoa!
Post with the video made me think; yes I really do think.

mk said...

I do beg to differ in some way....
when the paintings was just for specify what they observe in a painting os a deer being dance..etc,

then as a child we would draw a car, a house as we see it..and the observer would indeed think of a house/car after seeing it.

Then came imaginative/creative ones, modern painting, which can be interpreted in many different way..far from the orignal..and we keep thinking something new..:)

so, the seed is always new , coming in this vast universe..the diverse things, thoughts of mind...and we always find ourselves from the beginner to the end, something new to find!

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

wow poem...and great post...

Black Swan said...

Reality is a perception - like everything, 'it depends.'

Loved the poem in the video, its been a long time since I heard lyrical poetry.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thats a good thing. There is still one prospective intellectual, who just might be...

I am not talking of the seed of creation, but of reality. That doesn't change easily.

thank you.

@Mea Culpa
So you wish to tell me that if I had no perception, there would be nothing around, nothing firm?

Sonshu said...

That was truly written brilliantly and beautifully!

Each one has their own way of looking at things.No one can know for sure, whats real? whats not?

Sara said...

This was quite thought-provoking.

Alka Gurha said...

Are you sure you are twenty something...

Ah...the tribulations of a meandering, searching, seeking mind!

Very profound yet interesting, as always.I read ur earlier post also but did not comment as I had nothing valuable to add.

Anonymous said...

the video is too didn't watch it after the first few seconds

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Yepp, exactly :D

@Cardinal Ruby

@Alka Gurha
Yes, I am Twenty some thing, thank you. :P

you never heard the poem. The first few seconds bear an introduction to our college magazine.

Beyond Horizon said...

Reality would be right in front of us, even if we close our eyes, neither can go oblivion!

Its Beautiful Anshul! :)

"Haqeeqat se na jaane kyu darna laga hu mein" The best line!

Suruchi said...

Wow..this is so deep that I almost looked for a footing there!

Read it twice Anshul to understand its true import...couldn't see the video because of the stupid net connection*BSNL...kabhi to sudhro*

I still need more explanations...I still search for the truth from your end..I still wanna know which voice out of the two is yours, knowing that they both are.

We often borrow the eyes of painters and writers to see what they saw and wanted to show. Sometimes we succeed and at other times we get lost because we bring in our own vision and understanding there too!

Is liye dim wits need more enlightenment master...bring it on:-)

Suruchi said...

And oho...sirf twenty something!

Tweety said...

The poem was freaking pierced my heart deeply..

As of the post...tell me does it matter to the painter how others interpret his painting...isn't he just satisfied with putting colors to his imagination or reality as u say...we all are entitled to our views...after all that is what creativity is...isn't it?

rantravereflect/ jane said...

da vinci was thinking when he painted monalisa- oh i wanted her to smile, but i think i got it wrong. lol

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You :)

The authors seldom let us have their esact eyes which made the painting. And sometimes, even if they do, we do the honour of adding a few more strokes of imagination. Both voices are mine, yet I side with the more prominent one. :P
And yeah, twenty something. Two point five to be precise :)

I understand the pains of BSNL ka Bekaar Sanchaar Network's Limited, I can never finish a call sitting at one place owing to the dwindling signal sticks on my mobile. :P

Yes, creativity is about exploration, and reality is the way we interpret it.
Thank You

LOL, yeah he must have been confused and redone it so many times on the same fabric, layer by layer.

Sarah malik said...

that was a profound discussion...but then r u sure there r only two aspects to it? reality and illusion? can't it lie somewhere in between both for d creater and d interpreter?
I wish to believe that they both co-exist together.
and i loved d concept of 'the seed'..its so simple yet leaves room for so much to be thought/done after...


Rooj Siddiqui said...

Commendable narration =) you never fail to impress me with your thoughts, thakur sahab ..

Missed reading your posts :)

Unknown said...

amazing Anshul...
how do u do this every time....getting better and better ..

Rooj Siddiqui said...

Hellos :p

the url to my blog has changed;

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It is what you make of it. There are choices. Thank You.

=) Thank you my lady, you too, do write more often.
Finally it changed. Naice.

Thank You.

Fatima said...

Reality and Illusion is what comes to my mind after reading this one!

We always see things the way we wish to see it and at times our opinions are so wrong that we can't even mend them, yet we blame the creator that he misguided us wherein it was we all along! Its not just confined to a painting or art its life in general.

Loved the way you always mix and match things and give a wonderful pov that is essential and look at like through a different angle, or again maybe its just me who sees the different angle :)

Take Care.

Tanishka said...

Its difficult to look at anything without adding your own perception to it at its purest form.... And to be honest I never even attempt to do that... One may be coz I know I won't be able to do it and two coz I think its important that we add our touch to every thing that we come across... :) Just an opinion... :)

Sayak Shome said...

I don't have eyes to see, neither do I have a mind to imagine. How does a person who is blind from birth, perceive and project?

But, I listen to the music of nature, I listened to the poem. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

hehehe, thank you :)

Valuable Opinion madame! =)

Actually, right before I wrote this, I tried writing a story, on exactly the same lines as you said.
But then, I failed. How would I ever explain color to one who has never seen it. I failed.

sulagna said...

gosh anshul ! where do you come up with such thoughts from, honestly i was reading each word slowly trying to decipher the real voice..very well written ya !

Sharma, Nishit said...

quite a realistic and imaginative post...but u said in d end tht painter has to fail!!! if one fails 2 interpret d imagination of painter into reality, it's d failure of the guy viewer n nt d painter :)

PhilO♥ said...

Amazing post!
Loved it. It was very different :)
Actually you always come up with different and thoughtful posts :)

Lilangel said...

Food for thought...loved the poem..
Reality and Imagination cross paths somewhere but more than often we dismiss it as an illusion. Feeble as we are as humans, we concede to the easiest way out without believing in the power of faith which paves the road from imagination to two cents :)

Anonymous said...

Came here from the expose post on Indiblogger, and loved the way you boldly took on scamsters. I will be back another time, to actually read the posts in your blog. Looks like a really rich collection of work here.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

"For a moment she rediscovered
the purpose of her life. She was here on
earth to grasp the meaning of its wild
enchantment and to call each thing by its
right name..."
I had been in awe of this phrase ever since i read it somewhere. Aren't we all in a search for self... The inner self. Seeing beyond the colors of shades.. Maybe that's creativity... Lovely write up anshul.

Perspectives said...


we might never know how the world was painted. my version, your version and the creator's version cannot be cent % same, or else we would have been the creators; and i would have been vinci.. :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You!

The painter doesn't have to fail, not in what he painted, not in what he created, but in how you heard him.
I failed, just now.

Thank You

Two cents worth innumerable pennies. Thank you for adding to the thought train.

See you again :)

Yes, thank you :)

God gracious that you visit this place. :P
Welcome back mate. And if I knew it cent percent, I won't be Vinci, I'd be invinci(ble). :)

Linhy said...

Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!

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