Friday, March 25, 2011


आज कुछ असमंजस में हूँ कि अभी कुछ देर पहले ही तो परीक्षा कक्ष में कलम से कोरे कागज पर किसी और का ज्ञान अपने शब्दों में व्यक्त कर रहा था | नीली स्याही में एक रात पहले का बटोरा हुआ ज्ञान, सब उढ़ेल दिया, अब कुछ किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़ हुआ सा इस गणक यन्त्र को ताकता हूँ | कुछ लिखना है? शायद नहीं, आज थोड़ी ठंडी हवा में भ्रमण कर स्वास्थ्यलाभ कर आते हैं | बस इसी जोश में आज न लिखने का निश्चय कर अब बाह्य दुनिया कि सुध लेने निकला हूँ | आज नहीं लिखने का मन है, और मन को मनाने का आज मेरा मन नहीं है |

After having scribbled in the examination sheets today the shallow knowledge gained overnight, I am in no mood in gathering my thoughts to write sense. The breeze is enchanting and the woods are calling. I think I’ll take your leave today.


Fatima said...

Kya baat...kya baat!!

Take a stroll in the woods and sit by the lake..enjoying the beauty of moon in the black night :) Enjoy karrr :D

Take Care.

Simran said...

Man ke upar kiska jor hai...
Jo man kehta hai wahi karte hain:)
Liked words you used in ..

Take care :)

Deepika said...

Its better, to leave the words just the way they came in of mind. We'll make our own senses ourselves... Btw i must praise you hindi again.
Sorry for not being here.. Once fully back i'll scroll down all what i missed. Promise :)

Rià said...

Waah waah!! Kya likha hai. :) Good writing skills as always. Enjoy the breeze and relax.

Rià said...

btw i love the cute panda in the pic.

Beyond Horizon said...

aapke kuch shabh bhi dil ko bha gaye, enjoy the walk, aur shayad ganak yantra mein type karte samay kuch galti ho gayi hai, I think 'maan ko manane' mein m ko kana nahi hona chahiye

(Hope I haven't forgotten my hindi ;)

Beyond Horizon said...

ok, even theres a typo in my comment, "Shabdh"

Unknown said...

ऐसी शुद हिंदी का उचारण बडी दिनोके बाद पड़ी है....मनं को मनाने की खोशीश व्यर्थ है... मौसम का आनंद लीजिये... सप्ताह की अंतिम दिनों का लाब उटाये.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

There are only woods here, no lake. :P

Waisa hi to kiya hai, kuch kahaan likha hai. :)

I don't mind, better late than never :D

Thank You :)

Yep correct, my mistake, corrected :)

जी बिलकुल :)

Unknown said...

U don't need to make sense like...every time ....hw ws the exam by the way?

Tanishka said...

Are you trying to say that you are wrote sense in your answer sheet?? :D

Oh this is the first time you are not in a mood to write something sensible but I could never bring myself to make sense :D :D

Paulami said...

"आज नहीं लिखने का मन है, और मन को मनाने का आज मेरा मन नहीं है |"

mast hai..

Jules said...

I must be in the same frame of mind because it made sense to me :)

Have a great weekend.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Shiv said...

"मन को मनाने का मन नहीं है."

वाह! ज्ञान उड़ेलने वाली बात बहुत अच्छी लगी.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Its was just fine, thank you :)

Yes, I try to write sense in a science subject at least, I lack the imaginative mind of yours, you see. And am so jealous :D Also with the fact that you make me laugh, just like that without putting your mind in it. :P

Badhiya hai! :P

You too have a great weekend

Welcome here, and thank you.

Alka Gurha said...

Man ko bhi kabhi kabhi akela chod dena chahiye....bechara bandha bandha sa rehta hai....udne do use khuli hawa mein...naya aasman choone do.

Alcina said...

Beautiful use of words...

I landed up a little late hope i didn't miss any of your previous write-ups :P

Unknown said...

There isn't anything great about this post but the way you write and the choice of words are perhaps the reasons i seemed to like it.

Ph_ said...

So you had your exam?? I hope it went good :)
Let yourself relax for sometime in the woods and let the breeze help you assemble your thoughts.
You'll do fine =)
Take Care.

Killer Drama said...

i love the word "asmanjas"

your exams are on? all the best :)

Sarah malik said...

o my! Aur hum to sochte they ki zada tarr log exam time mein dil aur dimag dono kho baith te hain but u have become so profound. Liked it! :)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Mera man khaala ji ka ghar hai :P

I did not delete any post, so, you still have a chance to catch up :P

Exactly, there is no post in this post.

Yep, it went just fine, and I had not one but two.

They are over, but I'll keep the wishes for the next ones. :P

wo mere saath ikki dukki baar hi hua hai :P

Saumya said... times this is the best thing to do...strolling in the balmy weather...with no other thought except the trivial ought to be soothing :)

Always Happy said...

Ab Mann ki stithi kaisi hai vats? Mann ko apney vash mein keejiye aur sheegrh hi nayi post ki prastuthi keejiye. Hum prateeksha karenge!

Always Happy said...

Just read my comment and I am wondering why did i have to comment in Hindi?


Jamie said...

Panda <3 awh. I was to nuzzle it.

And where are you from? I'm not sure if it's in the states or not, but I was just curious.


nidhi said...

ur hindi!!! wowww.... :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It is :)

@Always Happy
Thank You, it is tainted, but yes, can be improved upon, in a much better way than english.

No, I ain't from states, I am from India, Shimla in India :) And welcome here.

Thank you :)

Red Handed said...

I wish i knew atleast half the pure hindi words tht u knw :(

Short but worth reading..
you have earned a follower.
new in here..wud love ur feedback :)

Chandana said...

Kya re... your hindi is giving me a complex!
Seems like the only language i know properly is English!

Enjoy your freedom... ! And ya.. beautifully written :)

mk said...

atti uttam hindi ka pradarshan...
na likhne ki icha se bhi likh liya ek padya / bakyo aur bicharo ke bharkar....acha pradarshan!!

Kari Ann said...

I thought I was already following you, but turns out I wasn't. I am now : ) Hope you enjoyed your day of freedom.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Red Handed
Itni choti si baat par apne aap ko kyun dhitkaarte ho? :P

Welcome in here, feel at home :)

I am trying, to improve, and still not give any complexes to anyone :P

Bengali ho kya Bondhou? :P

@Kari Ann
Yes, I did, like the other days.

Lilangel said...

Enjoy the lazy state of mind as long as it lasts :)

Phoenix said...

simply wonderful!!

hey wassup? howz u?

Ree said...

what lovely hindi :) and i am adding u to my blogroll :)

Suruchi said...

And this is what you write when you don't feel like writing???
And needless to say whether you do feel like writing or not...what you churn out here...we always do feel like reading:-)

Hope the overtaxed mind is rejuvenated n back with more awesomeness soon:-)

Sidrah said...



Sayak Shome said...

Depressing/Refreshing - notions!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I am, still :)

Am fine, how about you?

@Wandering Minstrel
Thank you, and welcome here :)

It is, it wasn't exactly overtaxed, but lazy, more lazy than other times.



Megha said...

it's a bit different and difficult to read blog in hindi :)
but nevertheless it was a good read :)
have a fresh breeze!

Bikram said...

I loved the way you started that you wrote in the exam someone else's work.. true

I guess thats how probably i felt when i was studying but dont worry soon you will be making your own WORK. All the best


Anonymous said...

Have a nice day!...

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