Friday, February 25, 2011


Never before had he felt such a surge erupt inside of him. This was different than anything else. Frustration? No, he was not feeling anything. Agony?  Regrets? None. But he was disturbed. Something is going on, and he did not quite know. His body was undergoing some new change. It was making him restless every growing moment. But the heart beat was constant, breathing normal, eyes focused, nothing was out of place, yet there was some anxiety. What is happening? There has been just one constant urge tonight. To run. Nothing more. Where to? No idea! Why? No answers, just an urge. As if blood was being pumped into the legs and would spill out if he did not run. It forced him on to his feet. All he had been doing is flipping on his bed after his friends had shrieked at him when he was flipping the table lamp incessantly. No respite, no escape. Quietly he slipped from his bed and out of the dorm.
A breezy night, moon was a crescent shining in some place that seemed to be the edge of the cliff, half hiding in the clouds, diffusing an orange hue in them. Willows were fraying melodiously with the breeze. He felt like flowing too. His shoes now seemed to be a hindrance. The surge was forcing him out of them, out of the steadiness. Something was pushing him.
And so he ran, and ran so hard. He ran until he was spent and could run no more. It was exhilarating, adrenaline pumped through his veins and arteries and he did not know when this would end. He ran into the forest, he ran over the ditches, in and out of the shallow stream, and yet all he wanted to do is, run some more. He started on the upwards steep. His legs were burning, but the urge made him adamant. He did not focus on anything around, just the narrow pathway shimmering in the moonlight like it too was lit up to mark the way.
And then came the fall. He tripped, slipped and fell on his nose. The ground, he discovered was mossy, and damp from the falling dew. He was still burning to have felt anything else, he just flipped and lay there, laughing, like a mad man. A man who had just lost his wits and was laughing with nobody. He had run quite a distance to be heard by anyone. He was feeling awesome, and just when he tried to stand back, he snapped ‘Ouch’, and fell again. He felt the blood from his nose, laughed again and a bit more!


Always Happy said...

I would like to advise him to try to calm down (although it is easier said than done when one feels a bit restless)if ever he finds himself in such situation. Good, he realised running away from situation is not a good thing to do afterall.

Anshul, you are very very genius. My brain lacks the cells to write anything like this. I even wonder if I interpret your posts rightly sometimes.Your blog is classic . It is nice to know a talented blogger like you.

Tanvi said...

Ummm.... Happens with me always... I have one impulsive brain like him, stupid feelings plus a funny side... The more serious i appear on my blogs, that much funny and crazy i am in real life... Ah Anshul nicely expressed... In the previous post i was thinking, why so deep rooted one you wrote?! This one's good too :)


Simran said...

Enjoyed reading it :)
Your posts never fails to fascinate me..I keep wondering how you write such deep things ..Really you observance is remarkable!

That really impressed me :-D

Keep Writing and keep Fascinating me!

Take Care ..

Sadiya Merchant said...

wow! jus read dis n den saw ur fb status at the right corner of dis page.
eeeee...creepy! :P

Unknown said...

this reminded me of a poem i had written a long time back about running.

your piece is brilliantly written, as always. :) and i felt as if i was the guy, i could feel every movement within me without moving an inch! -the power of your narrative, i guess. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Always Happy
Now that is an exaggeration, please don't allow me to make castles in thin air. :P

:) Thank You for appreciating

Deep, the only thing that was deep in here was his nose, in deep soil :P

Why creepy, its just fiction?

et tu Mehak? :P Thank You. :D

Rooj Siddiqui said...

Commendable narration :) once again. Your posts are always inspiring and fascinating ..

Aashayein said...

this is exactly what I want to rum till my legs start aching..till my heart becomes numb..till my eyes find that light of hope!

This one is exactly what I want to do!

Unknown said...

Impressive...sometime u feel the urge to leave the world behind.....break free....
The trapped soul seeks release in odd ways...

R said...

wow! you have impressive writing skills!

Unknown said...

Madness ... Loved :"He felt the blood from his nose, laughed again and a bit more!"

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Do you laugh afterwards?


@Raam Pyaari
Thank You

Thank You.

Ph_ said...

trip and fall, wounded yet there is this urge again to set free towards the heights is it ??
Very nice :) Enjoyed the read.

Simran said...

@ Anshul
I am not talking about this post only but also the previous posts that gave me a lot of knowledge and idea !
Really you have a good writing skills.. :)
I really appreciate it!!

Take care ..

Rià said...

Interesting read for sure....i was wondering where was he actually wanting to go...but the ending was quite unlikely. :D

Aashayein said... has to be "run"...seems that m in love with letter "M"!!!

Jane Doe said...

Intense! I could feel his burning need, it made me want to go out and run too!

SEPO said...


this is such a deja vu!! though in my case running was replaced as dancing but yea ended with laughing! laughing the hell out!!

restlessness is a killer. the sinking feeling at the pit of your stomach. damn. its highly underrated!!

loved the post!

Phoenix said...

I love your eye for detail... the way you describe things to perfection... beautiful write up! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) Thank You, it was just a bit of madness. ;P

Thank You :)

Even he did not know, maybe he was just following his instincts trusting the momentous impulse.

Rum, Rum, Rum...LOL
Your name also is from 'M', love for it is obvious :P

So, did you go out?

Thats a nice way to redirect your energies to a more fruitful task. Interesting.

Its far from perfection, but all I can do is try, thank you :)

AL said...

lol umm okay wow..

Hehhe You alwyasss bring something new to the table!! :D :D

Tanishka said...

running aimlessly searching for something unknown....
very well narrated....

Suruchi said...

"Wow" like always...
And "wow" again to the flooding of such amazing comments...
You are loved n how...

Though I have come to realize that you often leave things to our imagination...
Another reason for the fascination with this page I guess

Loved the ending!

Fatima said...

That was a deep post...running after things and then realizing you're just headed for down fall...

The way you relate things is so perfect with no loose ends at all.

Loved the post!

Take Care.

inquisitive-life said...

I can connect to this situation as it happens to almost every individual.
But I guess there's always something unique that you cherish later.

Great Post.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, I am afraid that my bag might just run out of marbles.

Thank You, and you take care of your hand.

If I left the interpretations solely to my own senses, I would offend many. So I think it is better this way.
Thank You, and yes I am loved, thank you all.

But sometimes, falling after having reached somewhere feels good. When we know that we did it and there is no turning back. :)

@Inquisitive Life
Yes, we do. Sometimes the stains, sometimes the scars, and sometimes just the memory that we had run.

Pepper said...

The more I read such posts, the more sorry I feel for myself.. Wonder why I am not the recipient of such urges..
Now I am so unfit, even if I attempted to run, my rusted knees would simply crumble. Sigh.

Chandana said...

Running feels good. Even when you fall flat on your nose! I think even i would end up laughing... i can picture it in my mind... running like the wind.. and *thud*!!!

S said...

I would love to read a sequel to this. The run left me wanting for more. I was also reminded of Forest Gump :)

nidhi said...

the way u write is really impressive :)
i also wrote 1st one today at

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Try putting in some grease, that will surely help and you'll be jumping like a new born kangaroo O.o :P
I am sure you'll have a different manifestation of restlessness.

I can hear that 'thud' and I can't help rolling. :)

Unfortunately, there won't be any, until the urge surges again.

welcome to blogger.

Lilangel said...

Great post !! There are many a times when we experience the "restlessness" :)

Great blog too !!

Purba said...

I wish I could get such an urge everyday, every morning. Though I'd hate to lose blood.

On a serious note - story telling is your niche, you never disappoint.

Sam B said...

This happens to me quite often. To just run and let go of all that's building up inside. I have no idea if it's healthy to always do that but I have been doing this ( not the bleeding part )

You write beautiful stuff. Why aren't you already famous?

Thanks for the numerous comments on my blog and real sorry for commenting this late on yours.

You have an extraordinary story telling power. Keep it up!

Sayak Shome said...

And he shared his spoils with the smashed bug, with a dab of reticence.

Neeha said...

Inspiring one...
I like your writing skills and the thoughts behind your post

Neeha said...

Inspiring one...
I like your writing skills and the thoughts behind your post

Alcina said...

Thinking thinking thinking...
I am too dumb for this one :)

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Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

I am here for the first time and amazed to see the depth of narration.Wow!superb!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You, and welcome here :)

Same here :)

That is a healthy habit, may you get loads of them. And I read you love to play football. Has to be :)

I wish the bug to just bug off, it might have saved him :P

Sometimes, its the interpretations that do wonders. Its all inside your head, mine was empty while I wrote this.

Take it as fiction, there are no morals in my stories.

Thank you! And welcome here :)

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

Sometimes both that restless & fall is required to keep us going :)
Being reconnected after a week & reading this awesome post, you made my day :)

Love & Care

mk said...

He run, just for the sake of running..
a impulse, frustration, freedom ...not in the mind...did he cared?

yes, No competition, nor one would comment on the action of his...he run just for the pure joy ...the feeling of living!

He laughed as he fall...a madman's the child within him....he got what he always wanted to do!

you post and it's attention to detail...great writing!!

Beyond Horizon said...

Restlessness...always a part of a mind

Liked the end...fell again but still laughing!

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Yay :)

true, and thank you.



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