Friday, February 11, 2011

Life's unfair, so are we.

Now this ain't any attempted poem, read it as a flowchart, without arrows. It flows top down and then iterates.

Curious Child

Gets a toy

Is curious about it

Toys with it

Is Fascinated

Is obsessed

Toys a bit more

Examines every dimension

Is obsessed all the more

Finally, has nothing more to explore

Leaves the toy

Discards it.

Watches as other little child comes closer, curious.


Lets him have it

Watches him have the same fun he had

Then some more, he watches unperturbed

But then...

The new child has new tricks

And the toy is doing them

The new child is obsessed

The old child wants the toy back

The new child is unaware

The old child cannot take it any longer

The new child resists

The old child snatches

Toy breaks

The new child cries

The old boy feels loss, does not cry

Back to square one.

The little story isn’t fair, but then the little child wasn’t fair either. 


S said...

woooah wooooah wooooah..
wondering what the analogy is :) ;)
anyhow, it was really good!!

Sayak Shome said...

Ah! I'll interpret this in a completely different way, and well, that would make me chuckle for quite some time. :)

The little one
Tries to fix
The toy
Alas! He can't
He doesn't find
A new one.
He retains the pieces.

Vivek said...

Hice one ..
thats how it goes in childhood :)

Take care
Have a great weekend.

SEPO said...

hmmm. somehow while reading i realized that adults are no different!!

nice flowchart though!

Chandana said...

Adults are worse... Children at least, are innocent at that age. They want something, they go get it. They know no other way....

Yes life's unfair... and sometimes we make it so...

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
So much said, in such a simple way...a new toy could be bought, as good as the old, or may be a better one too...what about the toys we break? is there a replacement? could we even mend it?? May be, or may be not...

nice one...

The Silhouette...

vineet said...

incredible simply, jus beautiful placmnt of wrds..kudos

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Do let me know if you figure it out, just to verify, if I got it right. :)

Perhaps. He might, but he ain't any alchemist to make it right again.

Wish it did not, some things are carried over a very long time.
It's a seed.

Bingo! (: Yes.

:) As I said, the seed is childhood.

Think on similar lines, but in a more generalized way.

Thank You, though I did not place them anywhere, its a centered flowchart.

Suruchi said...

Such a simple, in your face kinda flow of lines...
Really like a flow chart...
And doesn't that happen almost every time with everything that we are after?:-)

Aashayein said...

Oh I loved it!!!!!!!!
this is certainly the thing we experience everyday!!!

MangoMan said...

Flowchart :D

Sonshu said...

Oh My God!!! :)
something that we witness often. Expressed so beautifully in simple language :P

Sadiya Merchant said...

plain cute :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) Yes, very often.



hehe thank you

Thank You.

Unknown said...

The second one
laughs with glee
the first one stares
lets the pieces
remain there
a third in rags
comes along
picks up one
ties a string
a brand new toy
all for him
the first two watch
one in awe
the other in envy

Phoenix said...

intense... very intense!!

Tanvi said...

Your post just reminded me of this.. :)
"As we grow up, we realise that, broken toys were better than, broken hearts and broken lives... "


Ritika said...

awww.. This is soo cute!!

Deep ,Humorous, and thoughtful.

magnoliaamber said...

ah this makes me a little shy, I guess I were behaving like that to my younger sister when I was younger:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Hmm possible... but lets just focus on the central character here. The first child.

I don't know.

:) Yes.

Thank You.

I am like this, even after having supposedly grown up. Does that make you feel better? :)

The Enchantress said...

when we were kids we were so simple...

but now why do i feel we cant understand them ?

AL said...

Lol looks like a srory about me.. :P Jk

Nicee and so trueee

Hopelessly Flawed said...

so true.
we don't grow up...the toys just become more complicated...i don't feel bad for the old kid or the new kid...i feel bad for the broken toy.

Sakhi. said...

aww cute :)

Unknown said...

ah nice one... it's been a while since i've been around :)

neat place :)

Unknown said...

i can relate.
bt when r we going to understand tht a relationship isnt a game

Anonymous said...

This is a regular scene at my place. Or was as my youngest bro is 7. ;)

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Wow! wow!..Loved this story :]

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Do you understand yourself?


Alas, that is the only thing we all do, feel bad for things gone. Lets try to change that sometimes :)


Welcome :)

When we get our heads into the game, not just the heart.

Fatima said...

Now this is somewhat a confusing post for me...coz I do know when we were kids we were naive and hence did so...but looking at the other side we adults do the same....but then we know what we are doing, ain't we?

Feels like life's just become a game and your just a player trying to out run the person in the race...and you'll do everything possible to win but at the end you do lose at don't lose to others you lose to yourself...

I really dunno what I made out was right or wrong but that's my perception of life in general at times like these!

Take Care,

Maria said...

loved reading this. it's true life is unfair. we are unfair. while reading the words all i can think of is a relationship. a boy is amused with a girl, finds her cute enough to amuse him, toys with her, he gets obsessed and when he gets bored, he decides to leave her. Now someone new comes along to appreciate the wonders of the girl who can actually brings out the best in her, the old guy gets jealous and tries to win her back..

Fatima said...

Hey there is something for you at my have a look Anshul :)

S. said...

Thoughtful post i must say!

When broken edges begins to appear,
We wish soon they disappear,
What happens to starfish we don't wonder,
Its history nobody bother to discover.

here starfish is a toy,which at times relates are people,if comes to reality. :)

Purba said...

Uff potent!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Listen to your mind, it does not lie nor accepts it. It is right, don't confuse yourself, you interpret rightly.
Of all the errs that was bred with time, this is one of those which could have been rectified, in childhood, by those who saw it.

And thank you for the honor.

Its not just relationship of a boy and girl, its like being an opportunist everywhere.

:) Yes, we try to avoid corners, they define territories. Nice one.

:P Thank You.

Saumya said...

i wonder the 'first child' has so much grown up...but is still the same!

Sayak Shome said...

Who knows, he might become one, someday.

Jane Doe said...

This reminds me of all the quarrels my children had when they were younger. I think this one applies to politicians and governments too.

Unknown said...

this is truly brilliant, Anshul. it's written so simplistically yet has deep meaning and can be interpreted in various ways. it applies a lot to relationships, i suppose, i.e. the way we treat other people sometimes..
really loved this, keep it up!

inquisitive-life said...


the flow is so yummy to read.... I loved it.

God Bless

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I wonder the same thing, sometimes.

Yes, maybe

Suit yourself, it could fit in many places.

:) Thank You.

@Inquisitive Life
Thank You, I am. :)

Matangi Mawley said...

u know--- i loved this. actually this poetry reminds me of a folk song in tamil- that conveys much deeper things... it's something like--

'a naked fool, pesters a potter and manages to get a pot made for him. he dances and dances with the pot on his head and finally- he breaks it into pieces...'

it actually conveys a deeper meaning whn interpreted as- 'a soul pesters the cosmo- to give it a life to reside in. when it is given a life, it indulges in all the undesirable pleasures and ultimately, the life perishes leaving the soul- once again, unconnected.... into the cosmo...'

really good one!

Komal Ali said...

Love it.
Unexpected ends amaze me.

Ph_ said...

OMG! again I'm late to comment =/
Well in any case whether if any of the characters are unfair, jealous or what so ever, the fate of the toy is usually the same. It breaks.
Rare do people care and value relationships.
Very thoughtful.

Mishree said...

isn't this the story with all of us?

lovely :)

Beyond Horizon said...

aptly said!
We always forget what we have at a moment we don treasure it...and once its lost we regret...fight to have it back...WE HUMANS!...even I have wrote it very easily but difficult to keep on it...

P.S.I simply loved your comment on my recent post...have read it many times...and always brings smile :)

Simran said...

This one is prodigious!
Liked the way you described..
We are connected with every one unfair thing!

Keep Smiling :-)

Sidrah said...

whoa! very good!

now aren't we all like this! =)

Happy blogging!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Thank You Matangi, and yes, its true, life's worth is realized a little too late.


:) Yes.

Is it?

:) Keep Smiling then!

:) Thank You

Thank you for dropping in and appreciating.

divsi said...

pretty pretty! me likes:)
loved the flow!
its simple yet loadsa meaning..lovely metaphor

Tanishka said...

Had it been an adult I'm sure he would not have let the new kid even have the toy in first place even if he did not wanted it any longer... That unfair we are...

Nice post... As always something unusual.... :)

Alcina said...

Any post that i have read here is that i noticed one thing.You have a keen interest to observe the things around you and you weave that notice into something beautiful and interesting though it may have occurred in front of us too but we notice through you :)


Raksha Bhat said...

Simple words make so much sense!A thumbs up for this post:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) Thank You

I think he would do the same, as the kid.

Thank You buddy!

thank you!

PriPat said...

simple example..explaining the vast complexness of human behavior!

Punam said...

Whatever was that!!! So simple yet so complex. I can see what you tried to say on the surface, which is brilliant, but the intrinsic meaning is lost to me. I am perplexed at the complexity of the lines. I wish you had written something like a small paragraph on what inspired you to write this, and then maybe I may have seen the context and comprehended the underlying message.
Nevertheless, impressive.

Geeta said...

Love it! As usual :) Added you to my "The Taj Mahal of Blogs" list - figured it was about time :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You.

I guess that is for you to manage and figure out. :)

Thank You :)

Bhargavi Kashyap said...

True, both for kids & applies more to adults.
We consider kids naive, don't pay attention to it much, but as you said, seed is planted then.
Life is unfair, because we make it unfair, and now that we are used to it, we cover up our own doings by calling it unfair.

I loved it, few words which say it all.
Love & Care

mk said...

the child,
it plays...
Nothing matters,
not even the toys...
just for moment,
do they stay...
then new things to hold..
for a new day!..

hilarious, yet true things they do...
they don't have guilt, or the anger....its just the childhood curiosity that matters!!

Shadow said...

perfect flow. and this is exactly how it happens...

Dr. Pratibha Singh said...

well penned based on great observation.

Kavita said...

Packed with metaphors, this one!!
With children, this is okay..and one can pass it off as innocence.. but with grown-ups, it's a totally different ballgame!!

Very well written!!!

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