Friday, February 18, 2011

1. Cosmic Conundrums and a loner.

When I had my first course in physics in class eighth, the first chapter talked of symmetry. It said, nature loves symmetry. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, for every particle, there is an antiparticle, for every matter there exists an antimatter. Be it a microscopic domain or a macroscopic domain, the rule is followed, sometimes obvious, oblivious the other times. Then there was another concept, the overall aim of science. Unification.

Unify thoughts, reason, phenomenon, spirit, mind, body, anything that happens to exist no matter how small, or how infinite.  These thoughts have stayed with me since all the past years. I like them, the aim is really noble. People say that science does not believe in God, or the supernatural. I beg to differ. We, don’t reject the existence of anything or anyone. We still hope that we will find life somewhere extraterrestrial, rather than waiting for them to come and colonialize us. Similarly, we just want to see God, put him to experiment, study his Godliness and find the reason or the process, how it happens. Any other religion and science (Yes, I would consider science as a religion, a practice, a way of living) seek the same goals through different methods. They preach faith in a power unseen taking for granted that It exists, we practice reason and want to see that unseen.

To all those who say that it is beyond the scope of human to reach and understand the works of God, let us just put it up in their own words. God made his beloved human race in his own image. That can mean a lot of things. Yet, two points come to me at present. First, God loves us. And second that, since he made us in his own image, and yet sent us down here on earth, is for a reason. Out of some curiosity, He put in some defect while making us, so that we become humans, more humane humans than Gods. Maybe he fiddles with his curiosity like a huge experiment, to see the outcome of every possibility that can exist. He wants us, to rise, to overcome what defects and flaws we detect in us, to reason it out, and eventually find him. 

Reason is what he wants us to seek, reason is what Science seeks. He wants Us to explain everything to ourselves, to find out what happens, how it happens, why it happens, even His works, His manifestations. Don’t seek the reasons in the work of God? Why? He made us in his own image, He wants to be like Him, He knows all the reasons, then why-shouldn’t-we-try-to-find-them. Is it not equivalent to a quest to find Him?
So here I am, to do my part. To seek, reason, through science, art, culture, literature, philosophy, music and every possible realm that I can grasp and try to find symmetry, the perfect poles the ying and yang. 

Henceforth, I start a new label under the heading, the unification theory. Through this, I want to learn what I otherwise would not, or can not. I know that we all are not science people, yet science is an art, just like any other art is, and I am sure, who ever is reading this, possesses many artists in him/her.
I here present to you, another unification theory.

P.S. This is not going to be very scientific, I may try to write in generalized terms, or in story form, just like we remembered long charts and the periodic table. 

Example: Halogen Series(F Cl Br In At) --- > Fine Clothes Bright Invite Attraction. Just like that.


Sayak Shome said...

Whoa! Right when I took my paint brush to depict 'chaos theory' through my uncouth painting, I read this.

In my last post I had probably tried this,'unification'.

Sadiya Merchant said...

uhhhhhhh as much as id like to say d stuf uve explained is fabulous, a large part of y im so impressed is cos i dint quite get it....completely lost out on d last part wid d diagram bt i genuinely hope u get to d end of watevr ur lookin fr.

as a personal theory, i believe despite d test, God alredy knows how things r going to b. he made it perfect!
v jus do imperfect things n understandin dem n ourselves complicates life further.

ghgh said...

it seemed U tried explaining a scientific approach to find the God within us..!
Loved it.
we all are like small lil particles of Lord.
yes He/She loves us..
and u related science and Divinity quite perfectly.

PS: Can you please remove word verification :)

Neeha said...

You penned so perfectly...
Finally I found something interested to read about physics,science theory blah blah..
I liked the concept & phrase 'unification theory'.

Beyond Horizon said...

after reading this...I like to mention what this guy has said...ALBERT EINSTEIN...ok I know I should say his name respectfully...But I just Love what he says..."The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."...I think it does hold the truth!

You rightly said...Reason is what science seeks...He wants us to explain everything to ourselves...but still sometimes it is very difficult...and then we question about his existence

This post definitely made me to think a lot ;)

P.S.Don't wish to simplify...Your complexity does explains the simplicity in a unique way :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I remember, and you did it beautifully. Time travel, preborn twins et al, I remember.

He is a scientist err an artist.
And I don't know what to say, that I am thankful that you manage to appreciate things that you don't get. Though I believe that everything that I did not do, and someone else did is worth admiring, knowing that they did it.
If it is.

Umm about the word verification, No, I won't.
And it was not even close to perfection, nor close to what plays in my mind.
Thank you nevertheless. :)

I hope to write more, not about religion, but life as such.

He was a scientist, and he knew what he meant. And as long as Albert won't sue you to take his name in such casual way, I don't mind, at all. :)

Tomz said...

excellent post...
m not good in physics, neither in thinks that God exists..

Chandana said...

Hmm.. thats what we are all taught. That God wants us to seek, to figure it out ourselves. That he made us with these imperfections, which is what makes us strive for perfection, for trying to find answers and ways as to how we can be perfect. Science and religion - they may seem very different but i think there is a very thin line between the two... as you said.. science is just a way of living.. just like religion..
Nice one! You put a lot of thought into it! :)

Tanvi said...

Anshul...I am for unification... I am for the thing and the way you related science and the holy spirit..I believe just in that.. :) :) And i liked the example, halogen series.. lol :D :) Nice read..

Tanishka said...

I have been a duffer in science... After 10th there was no more science in my life :D :D

Your new section sounds interesting... Hope my tiny non functioning brain is able to understand it though... :) Will see if you can make me understand it :D

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thought provoking...not that smart and yet thanks to my Bro I digest all cosmos related books whether I understand or not...
I never believed in std religion even when young but I believe in a cosmic energy which holds everything in itself...
Science doesn't have all the answers not because we aren't supposed to find it but maybe we aren't evolved enough to seek them properly..

Unknown said...

Rakesh's comment was mine..LOL...I forgot logging in through my own id.
It's my dad's id btw..take care..
well...I was almost there..nearly there..The way u write..umm...m a fan.

Aashayein said...

I too second with this thought that God is within us and about the scientific side of the theory!
Though I don't believe much in God but I do believe in some sort of a super power!
Very intellectual piece of writing!

P.S.: I tried to understand the pic...but....all in vain!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

As I said, its art, just like what ever you do.

Ironically, I believe in it, yet it took only one hour to frame it. :)
Thank You

Aur bhi hain, they will come in time. :P

All I can say is that I will try to make you repent for not choosing Science after 10th :P
I will try my best to keep it simple.


LOL, happens.
And I thought I found a new reader. Word verification is for preventing spamming. :P

It's for the same Unification theory. Thank You.

Giribala said...

Unified theory of quantum gravity is my favorite topic too :-)

Anonymous said...

God? phoooo

Phoenix said...

i quite like the idea that you have put forth...very thought provoking...beautiful post! :)

AL said...

WOW! SO true.. God has definitely sent us.. On this planet for a reason! And HE does love us :)

I wish i was able to find that reason FAST lol.

And yeahh Coudn't agree moree

Sonshu said...

Nice idea...Science is an art i liked that line a lot :P cuz often science people go all theirs is tough and arts is easy and all that :P

This Unification theory seems like a brilliant idea. lovely. :) Made me think!! a LOT! :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Its a science quest. :)

don't just blow the candles around girl.

Thank You.

How much late is it if you haven't even lived a quarter of what you are supposed to? :P

No, it isn't easy, just like any other art. Only the artist knows how much work he has put in, and no one else has a right to just wave it off as nothingness.

Simran said...

Very Interesting post!
Liked Your concept of introducing 'Unification Theory'' :-)

Keep Smiling ..take care!

Anonymous said...

An interesting take...:)

Unknown said...

heavy stuff. i'm looking forward to posts under the new label.

Rià said...

Wow wow wow!! Loved the post to bits. I wonder how do u do this every time!

Alka Gurha said...

HE is the perfect scientist, artist and physicist...Look forward to more such cerebral posts.
I couldn't get the diagram though.Cant see it properly...Do I need glasses?

Jane Doe said...

Very intriguing ruminations! It makes a girl think!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank You

Thank You

Aren't both the compliments contradicting each other :P

Happy wedding Ria

No, you don't need glasses, click on it to enlarge, its just a manifestation of the theory.

Really? that would be news :P

Punam said...

1- This is aesthetic 'un'blasphemy. :)
2- I agree to the part about God. God is great.
3- Unification Theory and the image at the end, went right over my head. Does that mean I am mortal, much like the imperfectly perfect creation of God?

I am still wondering about the origins of the name 'aesthetic blasphemy'.

Sarah malik said...

now this sounds interesting. not just becoz I too share vies similar to urs on science but also becoz 'the nature loves symmetry' and 'symbolism in twined in nature' has been intriguing me too.
ur post is profound and somehow ur blog's background goes with it too :P
so m looking forward to more!


Aayushi Mehta said...

Very interesting and intriguing. I do believe in the concept of unification. I think many more good articles will follow this up. :)

magnoliaamber said...

Oh I like this post!

(and some helpful advices you always leave me)

On the contrary, in biology we appreciate diversity, you know, and what if things just cannot be united? Then can they go their own way? They don't have to be united, for me unification is going to be upsetting. What about universalism?:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Why would you consider it 'Un'-Blasphemy?
The stuff going over your head means that you are not a science student. :P
About the name Aesthetic Blasphemy? It's not much related to God as such.

thank you!

I will try. :)

Its not about appreciation, because it would become very boring if diversity were to be replaced by perfect symmetry. Say, if all the people were to have the same faces, it would be tough and boring too.
Its not about uniting, but unifying. Say for example, digestion. Its a process studied in Biology, yet the reactions belong to chemistry. The chemical reactions involve the transference of mass and energy and help to regulate the various processes and activities which are easily explained by physics, say for example, using your muscles. SO, they all are interconnected, and yet, studied as different streams. :P

शिवा said...

Very interesting and intriguing. I do believe in the concept of unification. I think many more good articles will follow this up.

Purba said...

Sorry Anshul, the write-up didn't strike a chord. It's such a potent subject and you are a gifted writer.

To me it felt like a science lesson I'd rather not attend.

Jules said...

So glad to know science and blind faith can go hand in hand. I always felt it could and did, Unification :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Lakshmi Rajan said...

Ok somewhere something I missed out or you missed out in the article... It just didn't get into me. (Though reading at night hour after a tiring day, probable reason could be my sleepy grey cells)

Though will check you later parts of the series for a better idea :)

D2 said...

Though a follower of science as a religion myself, I must say that it is not at a stage where it could refute or promote the idea of a heavenly existence yet. Hopefully in our lifetime, we'll see results!

SEPO said...

wow! a very complicated but believable post. i say complicated because i sucked at physics and the start of the post was a cause of a lot of flashbacks and reviving of buried memories!!

the pic is the perfect touch. very impressive

mk said...

I loved physics...though difficult to memorize and do all those equations... So, is the case of science.....we all loved it just becoz it is different, say a lot new things...and more-ever it ask us to question everything around us...
unification indeed and as you told rightly...this is the case among most of see the unseen, understand it...that's what make us the human ...different!! isn't it?

your writing is simple, thought provoking and brilliantly scripted....keep penning friend!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I do hope for the same, viz the interesting articles. :)

Lets try again sometimes soon. :P

I did not say that. They cannot go hand in hand, because, science needs a reason, a proof, while blind faith takes things for granted.

Take rest then, may be next time I am more clear in words and expression.

Oh and Ramanujan was born a bit too late for he should have been born in the times of Euclid. Yet he was born too early that even now we don't understand all his results completely. Maybe, God should have waited a while more by the time the world developed some brains. We make times, and its just an effort, to get something. Followers of science, don't underestimate yourselves, and don't ever say its too early or too late.

But I read you are an engineer by profession. :P
Memories hmm, mind sharing a few interesting anecdotes?

Is your love for Physics dead that it is being referred to as past tense 'loved'. Physics is still alive and in its infancy.
Well, that makes us more human than different. :)

Anonymous said...

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Asma said...

really nice ..really explained in words that a common human(likeme) will get yur point ..thumbsup

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Who we?

You got it? thank you!
And welcome here.

SEPO said...

@ BA

Oh yea an engineer indeed.i and i alone know the trauma caused to me in the first year of engineering!

raaz ko raaz he rehne do!

JP said...

I completely agree with you that science is a religion. In fact, I believe it is the most accepted religion and is going to unify all the (more than 300) present religions.

funkyrave said...

Dude.. I loved your whole blog.. Awesomeness. And this post is certainly special. I have had this questions for a long time and while seeking the answers I got to your blog.

I must say the part of the thoughts express the same idea, which Dan Brown have tried to explain in his last book, which in turn have been thought direction of many recent philosophers.

Keep Posting :)

Vaisakhi said...

intelligent post is wat i ll call this......introduction n explanation of "unification theory".....amalgamation of god science n regular stuff in this form force u to think n connct...n simply lovd ur corelatn to halogens funny yet makes u think....awesome work...


Anonymous said...

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