Friday, January 14, 2011

What's her name again?

(Singing) “What’s my name, what’s my name… my name is Sheila, Sheila ki jawaani… “And dash dash dash.
Stupid, it is not like this. It is like “What’s your name, what’s your name? … My name is Sheila, Sheila ki jawaani”
“No, it isn’t, you are wrong!”
A little girl and her brother were arguing over this matter of immense importance with seriousness and reasoning that our song writers be put to shame if they realized how badly they have been screwing up with word and sentence construction and leaving these little future leaders with their innate logic to figure out the wrong from the right.
A few days back, I was travelling in the last row of seats in the bus, just next to the door. It is one of my preferred seats for being the most spacious one, a comfort for my legs and my chafed knee joints which would otherwise be twisting and turning every five minutes groping for ample space in the congested furrows between the seats. The other one is the seat behind the driver.
So, two seats to my left, there were these two little kids coming back from school and talking at the top of their voices in the otherwise almost quiet crowd. And they were discussing this matter of Sheila singing this song. It was the reason put forth by the little girl that caught my wandering ears off guard.
“Why would someone ask anyone else his or her name and that too twice? When we are getting acquainted with strangers, we say, Hi, What is your name, my name is XYZ. She too is doing the same thing, introducing.” I leaned forward to see the face of this little genius, she might have been in third class or fourth. I looked at their mother and saw nothing. Probably, the point had failed to register there. I looked out, to the fading sunlight on the distant mountains and chuckled.
Ah, innocent kids! But she’s right. This little lady has got a point. Either Sheila was a first class drop out in the English course at school or is having bouts of forgetfulness and panic.  Even master Yoda jumbled words, but at least he made sense. We all know what Seductive Sheila meant by that rhetorical question, but still, this-little-lady-has-a-valid-point-to-make. The SMS script has already started to seep into our daily writing style and has started to feed upon the ages old well formed (Not exactly, but still…) English. And now our Entertainment pundits are trying to tweak the correct speaking style too.
Another incident that I remember happened quite a few years ago. It was a singing competition on some channel and Salman Khan was its guest that night. And this guy was singing a song from A Salman Khan’s flick. I still remember the song just because of this incident. “Kyunki itna pyaar karte hain tumko sanam… hamare dil ki tum thodi si fikar kar lo” and then after the song, while all judges were giving comments on the raaga and alaap, Salman Khan pointed out, that it’s not fikar, but phikar. Well there not much difference between the two, the only difference being the absence of a single dot at the foot of the first character, and normally we don’t resort to much arbitration while using them interchangeably in day to day chit chatter. My Ma was never a fan of Salman Khan, but that night, she was amazed on seeing the Show Off Salman Khan having a keen eye and ear on details of this denigrate pronunciation.
We often admire people who have a clear tongue, and a subtle control over the words they utter, both in sense and usage. For example, a news reader, or the announcers at some event. A friend of mine pointed out how crystal clear and beautiful was the voice of the female commentator at the commonwealth games last year. And Republic Day is coming for all those who might have failed to notice it in commonwealth games.
I am not a purist (though I would like to be one) and neither are you. And if you are, then given the present state of affairs in language, you’d soon be bald by plucking out each strand by your very own hands in frustration (and that definitely does not mean that I want to be bald).
So let English, or any language in that case be a blossoming ‘phool’ (flower)in the garden of civilization and if you too are used to using language that might be considered gross, just think once, whom are you fooling?

And why do you think would Sheila say that her name is Sheila ki Jawaani? Is that some kind of surname she uses? Like Laalwani, Advani, Keejwani (ki-jawaani)? Sheila Keejwani, hmm?


Always Happy said...


Anshul, yet another thought provoking post.

i agree. For sure Sheila was not having amnesia. She was introducing herself...and she has succeeded in her agenda behind introducing hereslf that way....there is no one who doesnt know her now. or should i say her name now??..:) :)..sheela ki lalwaani, kiswaani, daryani etc etc.. and yes, if she was jsut sheela she wouldnt have been so popular...that surname ''ki jawaani'' does the tricks!

thoughtful post.

P.s. I like last row of seats in the bus too..same pinch.

Matangi Mawley said...

Guess Vishal Dadlani wrote it! :) It s a que. u need to ask him...

but this is a guy who wrote the song like 'allah ke bande'... so i d rather not comment on it! :)

but this is a good "experiment"! :)

Deepika Vasudeva said...

I guess it was her surname kejawani in the movie.. As per my bro, for i didn't see it yet, not like i want to..
Even i am not a purist but i do have a problem when i see insults of languages going over fb or anywhere.. Its irritating...

Jaspreet said...

LOL...reading your post reminded me of how many words we speak wrongly, without paying much attention- be it Hindi or English.
And what to say about this great sms is so annoying to read somebody using this language in mails or otherwise.But as you said, we might go bald if we start paying attention to such things because as they say-"It sounds cool" and they are surely going to stick to it!

Meher said...

I wished I could have met that little girl. Everytime, when I see people around me scrweing up their english with the sms lingo, it makes me cringe.
And I belive it has to be sheila keejwani. :P

Neeha said...

I am sure about your statement that if you are given the 'affairs of language',you will surely become a total bald guy in few weeks(I don't wonder even if its few days) especially if you mingle with our college faculty.
Check this out..

And coming to 'Sheela ki jawani',leave about her name..but it had made boys crazy..Few weeks back whatever channel I used to tune,it came up with sexy sheela.

Neeha said...

I made a mistake by joining in that college once,never in my life I step into that college again(I made a promise myself),I would prefer jobless than working for that college.

Rià said...

He he good one!! yeah Sheila probably shud go and take classes in English. :P U know some ppl had actually started rumors that what she's saying is that her name is Sheila Keejwani, which sounds quite absurd actually!! :D

Irfanuddin said...

wow.... 1st time here on ur blog, but its worth droping over here... initially i thought its just another post on javaan sheila n badnaam munni... but i was wrong....its anew theme with old subject(old bcoz dere r more than 100 post on shiela n munni) gr8 narration...beautiful write up..... talking abt pronunciation, its really important to take care of... correct prounciation makes one more impresiive..... will be back 4 sure to read ur previious posts...

Ph_ said...

Yes , when people are doing comedies on Sheila ki jawaani , this little girl had made a point .
LOL @ keejawani the surname =p Imagine that ! :P
Good post(this is always obvious!).

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Always Happy
:) All credits to that little girl.

I am not against crap songs by people who have given songs with awesome lyrics. Even I have tapped my foot (might still do, but one thing is for sure, I am not playing that song on my system) when the song is played.
Perhaps, when Maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sahab can say it for himself that he sometimes writes the worst songs(in meaning) not in music o lyrics, then Mr. Dadlani is no different.

U C? D futility f SMS lingo? :P

It does sound cool, but takes away the warmth of words and the emotions they are supposed to convey. If I wrote 'Hw r u?' would that sound sincere?

:P I don't know, this thought just hit me.

Glad that I don't watch TV nowadays, been almost 4 years.

Really? Darn, this post is way outdated.

I'll be waiting.

:) Thank You Princess. Enjoy the sunrise.

Tanishka said...

The little gal is so cute... I wish I could see her too...

Sheila is a sindhi that's why Kejawani.... :D

Salman is a show off for sure...

Nice post, it was a fun read... :)

Tanishka said...

The little gal is so cute... I wish I could see her too...

Sheila is a sindhi that's why Kejawani.... :D

Salman is a show off for sure...

Nice post, it was a fun read... :)

yasha said...

Great post Anshul.:)I would have never known
that it is actually sheila kejwani and not ki jawani as I am not brave enough to handle that movie.:)

Coming to the assassination of a language,I agree with you completely.Sometimes the messages are cut short in such a way that one needs a decoder to decode it.Talking about pronunciation,my name has always been a victim,as most of the time people end up saying "Yasa" eeewww and if it was you it would be "Ansul" Hahaha..

Hopelessly Flawed said...

the little lady is smart...she should blog too once she grows up;)

I totally hate that got stuck in my head before a very difficult exam this semester..and you can well imagine how my paper went.

about the writing more correctly thing...i believe if you are a purist while speaking out loud or when you think in your head...then your writing should be like that too...but if that is not the case...writing it down as it is, sometimes gives more honesty and long as it gets across the message....i think its okay.

fun read :)

Beyond Horizon said...

That little kid is definitely smart...the ratio of precocious is on high...and due to this somewhere the innocence is getting more keen on what kids say...its sometimes shocking and surprising

as for Sheila and Munni...people have actually stopped racking brains...senseless seems to be entertaining

Purba said...

A new global simplified version of English is evolving - globish and we Indians are taking full advantage of it.

And I think the lyricist Of Sheila Ki...honestly didn't expect us to pay heed to his nonsensical crap.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

She was a little girl with chubby cheeks.

'Ansul', yep they definitely do it, like their teeth have fallen off and now air slips out just like that.

@Hopelessly Flawed
Oh really, did you know that I feel like musing while I am writing my examination.
Yes, but writing in a shorthand does not mean that you race with your own brain in matters of speed, because what ever you may do, the brain is faster that the hand in case of pen and thumbs in case of SMS. So express what you think in a more elaborate fashion. Brain never thinks in shortcuts, otherwise we'd be in asylum faster than we are born.


And here we are, a small proportion of us, bloggers writing posts on the very same crap that they expected to pass unnoticed.
I think they should raise their expectations.

Alka Gurha said...

Let me share an anecdote on this one...On Lohri day my neighbors very cute 4 year old daughter was singing the same song......Shiela shiela ki Payjami..I am too Naughty for you ....and everyone started laughing. She suddenly became conscious and said," I know its Jawani and sexy but mummy told me not to say those bad words!"

Enjoyed it!

magnoliaamber said...

I don't know a thing about this Sheila, but I agree at ur point that attempting to correct the language can be really painful to yourself:)

Ritika said...

Its the biggest number these days, and I think we are soon gonna hear them in upcoming jagratra season too!!! It is played everywhere. Dammit!

Megha said...

seriously...that song doesnt make any sense...i think nowadays they make tune first and then fit in the words...i hope we hear some good and meaningful songs in 2011..btw i like the sajde song from Khata meetha...very sweet

TurbulentMind said...

Interesting! and well observed. both by the little lady and yourself ( I am getting a little conscious about my language here, there is a tiny doubt I have :P )..Nevertheless, it was good to be back to see that you are just as interesting or more, perhaps, Blasphemous :)

SEPO said...

interesting! sheila keejawani! very thoughtful i must say :-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Hahahaha very nice. Mother's want their children to be the best and ideal, what do we do in return?

:) Yes, it is.

Jagrata? I guess yes, the way they make a bhajan out of songs these days is really disgusting.

I remember that song. Okay, its nice.

Thank You. :)


Alcina said...


What a nice piece of observation.The way you have noted lots of aspects and put them in a flowing fashion in your post is highly commendable.

The best part was the last ending two lines which were talking about the surname :)

Unknown said...

Thought provoking post...interesting point you raised there. But the fact of the matter is, languages keep evolving even if the end result is HRU, TGIS.
I wish the kids had chosen a better topic for dissection, but they r better than the neighbouring kid I remember who kept winking and singing to all Auntyjis passing by "Aankh marey, yeh ladka aankh marey" from some 1990s movie....
And without sounding snobbish, I do wish some bloggers would use spell check if its not too much trouble...

Vivek said...

oh thats great, if my post made u think about it.

Nice post. . you and the little angel. .did made a valid point to us ponder upon and think...not only us but also the Industry ppl..

shiela ke jawaani reloaded. ..english. ;-).

nice read.
have a super sunday.
and thanks a lot for you lovely comments :-))

S said...

"Child is the father of the man" :)
and that Sheila kejawani (if u made it up) was brilliant! :)

Tazeen said...

Interesting indeed. I tend to switch radio channels when that Sheila song is on air but I get the point. Kind of. *being honest*

Suruchi said...

wow...first time here n found this so adorably super cute...
thank god someone looked beyond sheila's jawani for a change...n with such a twist n dash of humour..we aren't complaining:-)

n yes, someone please do something about the lyrics...little children talking about someone's jawani with such passion is such a haaaaw sometimes;-)

following u now:-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


You talk like a wise old lady, I wish children talk what they like.


:O True, Children are indeed the father of man.
And yes, I made it up, it was accidentally though, just before I was to hit the publish button.

Welcome here.

You make sure Seeya doesn't do it. :P
And welcome here.

sm said...

interesting post

Tweety said...

lol :D :D wo kya kehte hain bhawanaaon ko samjho dost... :D :D

loved the post..

PhilO♥ said...

I hate this song plus the movie :D

S. said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the post. :)

Soumya said...


Thought provoking indeed. I seriously kept wondering where that 'jawani' came from and who the hell wanted to know her name. I also don't know why she calls herself Sheila when her name is Anya in the movie..

No, I dint watch the movie, the reviews did it for me..

A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

BA - I just loved and enjoyed this post! and the little lady had a very valid question! Shiela will pluck a few strands off her head if she read this post!

oh yes, no one bothers about the language now a days. But it is so beautiful if u hear a person speaking a language properly, say even Hindi... it is so beautiful if spoken rightly.

btw, i have read ur hindi lines on my blog... very nice they were.



Fatima said...

Wow! That was a keen observation...esp of the young girl in the bus, and its not a rarity to hear small kids talking about such things I'm in awe of her!

And yeah language surely is deteriorating slowly but steadily and words are being replaced miserably! It's rare to hear the correct pronunciation now-a-days though even I'm no purist when it comes to this but I wish to be one.

Shiela Keejwani...mite be haven't seen the movie nor intend to :P

Take Care,

Unknown said...

children are just so sweet !
I love the innocence !

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Bhaavnayien hi to theek nahi lag rahi thi Sheila ki. :P

@Lonely Dreamer


That is new, no one here told me that her name was Anya.

Oh what does Sheila care for if not fame, we are giving her a lot of attention, more than she deserved.

I haven't seen it either, that's why I asked you folks. :P

Yes they are for sure.

magiceye said...

:) got you worked up? lol!

hey those birds flying across the text are not very conducive to easy reading.. at least for me

Killer Drama said...

i love observing and listening to two kid's talking.. they are adorable. pure. no conceit. no malice.

hahah yeah it's sheila kijwani. i got that as a sms joke..haven't seen the movie, didn't dare to.

Ankita said...

A very interesting read I must say...whether its Hindi or English...nothing is spoken in its true form these days...

And the thing about Sheila's title..even I had the same notion but was enlightened by my frnz(see, even i have succumbed to the SMS lingo) who painfully watched the movie that her nowhere in the film her surname is mentioned as Keejwani.

Anonymous said...

either you're a big loser, one who's wasting his time around blogger or you'll struck on headlines one day..!!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Will change as soon as I find a better theme, or I learn to code, whatever comes first.

They are adorable indeed.

Ah, I get a mixed reaction on her name, I think I'll stick to intuition.

@Bharat Bhushan
For all your days be prepared, and meet them ever alike. When you are the anvil, bear - when you are the hammer, strike.
Its better to spend time blogging than squandering on futile things.
And don't you worry about me, I have myself to do that.
And about that loser thing, I'd rather be a BIG loser than just a loser. That is enough to be on the news anyway. :)

sm said...

reading your post

Chandana said...

Just happened by your blog...and it blew me over!
And thank you for clearing the air about the 'ki jawani' part... i must say i did wonder why she was introducing ( rather incorrectly according to the little girl) herself like that! :P
Am too busy and engrossed in reading to be able to put any valid comments here...
Maybe on the future posts!

Unknown said...

you are a gem !! :) thanks for the precious comments alwys...! u really rock !

Tanvi said...

An irony itself.... i read this long time back but i forgot to comment...and tell you that your query is quite innocent :)

Nice one dude!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

are we done? so? any reactions?

:) I can wait for good things to happen over here. Take your time.

What more could I ask for? Thank you.

All credit to the little young lady Madame. :)

IceMaiden said...

Hi there! Bloghopped here, and boy that post made me chuckle! :D :)

Kids do say the most hilarious things sometimes... having witnessed that almost always in my Saturday school sessions with my second graders :)


Mishree said...

Hello, 'Anonymous Someone' :)

This was the first, and so far, the only post I managed to read on your blog... loved it :) will keep coming back for more.

And oh, by the way, thank you so much for believing in my blog enough to want to come back one more time, and thank you for letting me know that you're waiting for newer posts. They'll be up soon :) Thanks a lot!


Mishree :)

The Enchantress said...


lovely n cute post !!!

sheila ki jawani...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) Welcome here.
They do.

Of Course. :)


Miller said...

lol :D :D wo kya kehte hain bhawanaaon ko samjho dost... :D :D loved the post..


Dude, it's fikr (urdu word) and not phikar!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Salman was so wrong. I'd be OK with him being wrong, but how could u n ur mum falter there!?

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