Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Travelling thoughts...

In the bus.
I might be a kind man, but not his kind. The driver of this long route bus stops at every passenger who gives him a smile. He is supposed to be driving a non-stop bus, yet these small gestures are enough for him to move his foot from the accelerator on to the brakes.
And I sit here, reading a book, while the little girl lingers just a bit longer hoping to get some alms. She’s distributing pamphlets explaining how a girl whose parents died needs money to get married. It’s a plea to contribute money in multiples of 5 rupees. And then there is a ‘doha’ by Kabir. How touching!
A friend of mine often says, Beggars should not be choosers. I now see why.
Indifference, it suits me sometimes, just like kindness suits the job of this driver. I ponder upon another thought while I try to realign my thoughts back to this book, Atlas Shrugged, why didn’t I?

Seeing a landscape
I really long to have a port somewhere behind my head, hidden among my hair where I could just plug in a printer and get a print of the landscape of the scenery I am looking at, the way I am looking at it.
Wish my camera could see things the way I do. Sigh!

Crossing over Sutlej
अपने अंदर कितने ही तूफ़ान समेटे चली जाती है,
ऊपर ख़ामोशी, अंदर तड़पन की कितनी धारें लिए बहे जाती है |
चंचल सी है कुछ, मनचली है, मनमौजी भी,
जाहाँ मन किया उधर ही मुड जाती है |
किनारों को तराशती हुई निकल पड़ी है,
अपने घाव तो अपने में ही छुपाये चली जाती है |

एक प्रणाम मेरा भी स्वीकार करो !
I don’t know why we actually put coins in water bodies; there are many fables like those of the Khwaja, but I feel like doing it, so I do it. Ever thrown a coin into turbulent from Asia’s highest bridge over sea level and waited till it disappears? Forget about hearing a splash.

To a friend

So close no matter how far
couldn't be much more from the heart
forever trust in who we are
and nothing else matters

Lying in an empty room
‘Empty’ is organized. Void, it’s so ordered. Nothing moves, nothing was there to move.
‘Full’, up to the brim, it can be quiet and contained. Only a few can tell what it holds, order or disorder. Anything which is neither empty, nor full is dangerous. Full, can be the most dangerous of any threats, owing to its completeness, emptiness can kill a few.
This room is really empty.

Let’s get out of here!


Unknown said...

i couldn't read the Hindi parts..
But, this is such a nice write-up. i too, wish that cameras could see what exactly I do at times..
i wonder too, why we throw coins in water..
and yes, emptiness can indeed kill..

Sigh, i wish i could write like you... :)

Rià said...

U think so much even when u travel...i mean wow!! I cud never do that, and to put it up on the blog so well. I love the way u write. Very vivid n expressive.

AS said...


thats good! ur travel thoughts are really intense..u really think much while traveling and one thing more..ur Hindi poetry is good.take it forward seriously :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Introspective...thoughtful post..dropping d coin...myself not a true believer...but little bit of faith ll make me do it...d emptiness is explained perfectly

Unknown said...

travelling does make us think a lot..only if we want to that ten day trip is almost coming to an end but it looks like i have had a reabirth nice!

Alka Gurha said...

Traveling does provide interesting perspectives...thought provoking.

Vagabond said...

loved lying in an empty room, sutlej and the line about the shrug, (loved the way you played with the title) and the opening line. awesome!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


apne ander kitne hi toofan samaye chali jaati hai,
oopar khamoshi, ander tadpan ki kitni dhaarein liye bahe jati hai,
chanchal si hai kuch, manchali hai, man mauji bhi,
jahaan mann kiya udhar hi mud jaati hai,
kinaron ko taraashti hui nikal padi hai,
apne ghaav to apne mein hi chupaaye chali jati hai.

And I wish I was writing.

Thank You

I will try, thank you.

@Beyond Horizon

hmm live up all the remaining ones too...

@Alka Gurha
Yes, sometimes.

thank you. You seem to be the first person to see the title. Observant, =)

Cinderella said...

Such mellifluous meanderings.

The Sutlej bit reminds of my grad days, as we would ride over the Mahanadi bridge en route to college in Cuttack from BBSR everyday.

On monsoon days, when the water level increases is gives you the impression as if if you reached out your hand, you could almost touch it. Tremulously tender as it gushes by. Have dropped a coin many a times, sometimes under a lightly drizzle kissed sky, holding his hand. A strange calm.

You may not be his kind, but this piece is totally my kind. I'll benchmark this, and read again.

Alcina said...

Nicely put forth the wandering thoughts..

They may make someone wish to travel who doesn't.. :)

sm said...

well written
beautiful poem

Ph_ said...

Read the poem translation in comments , liked it =)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Am elated on having such a magnificent feedback. I never thought I did justice to anything, yet this makes me feel otherwise, rather, mesmerized.

Would You?

thank you.


Saumya said...

lovely writeup...i liked the landscape thing a lot...i too wish the same!!! :)

magnoliaamber said...

Thank you for your kind comment:)

I don't understand the poem, and I also don't understand what is Doha.

I am touched by the fact that the girl needs money to be married. I heard this is how it goes there in South Asia.

I feel sad.

Indeed traveling brings new perspective. I understand how you wish you have a port behind your head:)

how I miss it.

Alcina said...

Surely would love too :)

Neeha said...

Well penned..
I couldn't think that much while traveling:)
Take care

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


did you have one sometime ago?

then am glad.

:-) I don't tend to think much either. It just happened.

vandy said...

nice blog & great post

i dnt knw if others will agree or not but i think we ought to think more during travelling ,,,isn't it

so many beautiful & wonderful thoughts

Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Loved it all the way and wondered abt the way thoughts travel.. even whn u r travelling..

D.A said...

The last para reminds me of a line from a poem I had written few years ago.."There is a peace in silence overcoming it's fear. Through the depth of darkness, something seems clear." :)

the couple that cooks said...

you know there is so much we guys can think about when we are alone or when we just doing "nothing "

really interesting perspective !!

PhilO♥ said...

Your post absorbed me in completely! Loved it !
The room is empty, we want to get out desperately..but what if it's locked? And the key is lost?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Probably true, maybe we think more when we travel alone. I prefer that.

@Devil Incarnate
thoughts, they dont stop. Sometimes they dont care to bother us with their presence, but they are constantly moving.

Where is the rest of the piece? I wish to read it all.
Do let me know, if you don't mind.

@the couple that cooks
'nothing' well that pertains to doing something, lets just say we think a lot when we can think of anything, like a cattle let loose in a pasture.

@Lonely Dreamer
Thank You.
Maybe you should wait till the desperation subsides, it helps. :P

MangoMan said...

Rollercoaster, it was. Medley of sorts. Liked the camera line. I wish the same. I'm a realllly bad photographer.

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