Friday, November 5, 2010

New Noise?

Irritating to him
·         The cutting sound of thermocol irritating.
·         Audible sounds while chewing with open mouth.
·         The slurp sound of sucking air they make before any liquid intake actually happens. I’d burn my lips from the heat than savoring the taste in that fashion. Eventually, the sip contains more air and a little liquid.
·         Scratching of metal.
·         The sound of a snoring SMPS fan, especially when they start making new sounds.
Pleasurable most of the time
  • The tapping sound of the shoe while walking.
  • The no-sound bliss of a summer noon. No birds, no wind. Complete stillness. Bliss, harmony.
  • The sound of flowing water when listened close. I’ve done it once, but there is music to flowing water even when we are underwater.
  • The sounds of horns, except intermittent horns in traffic. Please, I wish I could just step aside and let the road runner behind me pass through.
  • The smell of petrol, gunpowder, eraser fluid…see? that’s why I don’t fuel my desires, I know they are not very healthy.

Happy Deepawali to all of you lovely people. I like the sound of the rockets whistling on a Diwali night!
Do share with us, what sounds annoy you, and what weird tastes you savor.


Tanvi said...

I love the pitter patter of raindrops :) :D Its magical and lovely....

I hate the sounds people create using there mouths... while eating as well as some other times... and I hate the noise made by sandals, hills mostly which girls wear.. it sounds yuk!!

Nice post!!


Unknown said...

"that’s why I don’t fuel my desires, I know they are not very healthy." hehe, totally loved this line!
Oh, the sounds and smells I like and don't like, i could write a whole post on that!
Happy Diwali! (belated) :)

Aparna (Life Takes) said...

i love the chirping sound of the wood moths and crickets at night during the rainy season...

heck...i happen to even like the crass cacaphony of the croaking frog during the rain!

hey about the slurping sound while sipping coffee... i love to sip tea and coffee that way....chuskiyan lete hue peena..asli mazaa tabhi aatha hai

i hate horn sounds..any horn sound ...u find them pleasurable!!?

i love petrol smell too!

AS said...


interesting! I literally lose my cool when some one eats keeps mouth open while eating or chews or slurps loudly... grrrrr!

but I love the sweet melody of flowing water and chirping of birds :D

rantravereflect/ jane said...

I LOVE IT WHEN MY HUBBY talks to me with romance in his voice, n hate it wen he gets irritated n yess i get him in the irate-i-hate-you mode most of de tyme ;)

Beyond Horizon said...

sound of honking wen its unnecessary...irritates a lot

love d sound of rain...early morning chirping of birds...n also the sound of a plane flying high up in the sky...even now wen i hear it i cudnt stop myself to look up n see the plane :)

Saumya said...

i love pattering of rain drops on my terrace.....i love soft melodius music at some 1 AM at night....i love the jingling of wind chimes at my balcony at evening...etc etc

nice post :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@ Tanvi
I was talking about mens footwear. Like a marching band.


Not pleasurable, but they are easily filterable.


haha nice.

@Beyond Horizon
aah, I like the helicopters too. I can always run to the clearing to see them.


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

Hey! a very different post, quiet - but speaking for itself!

I don't get irritated so easily, but,
I cannot stand the noise of scratching of metal.

I love the subtle sound of rustling of silk and of course rain drops along with the aroma it generates on the soil :)

nice post!

aria said...

the sound of rain.. love it.. thundering.. sometimes scary tho.. still love it .. and any kind of thak-thak is irritating esp the ones from the floor above.. am usually stuck in an apartment with an irritant living upstairs ..

Chandni (Chanz) said...

I hate it when people don't lift their legs while walking... A screeching sound made with a metal surface.. cars honking..

I love to hear the cool breeze when it brushes against my face. A song being played some where far away is exactly the song that u wanted to listen to. The water flowing (not vertically but horizontally).. I love the sound of lightening... It is so crisp and strong...

Loved this post... it brought those simple joys back to me..

Jaspreet said...

I hate the tapping sound people produce while walking ,the screeching sound produced by rubbing thermocol , and the annoying sound of HORNS.
I like the sound produced by rain (only if it is in limits and is occasional).
The smell of petrol or the wet sand is just irresistible!
Thanks for sharing this post-I too got to know what I like/ dislike :)

Sayak Shome said...

I love
-the sound of nature.
-the sound of silence.
- the sound of the rants inside my head.
-the sound of breaking glass.

Unknown said...

i love the smell of fresh paint,mud smell after it rains..and yeah..i so hate bad music,loud telephonic conversations!!

Deepika Vasudeva said...

i like the sounds on birds chirping, rain pouring, clouds roaring...

smell of earth when it rains... its divine.
smell of my favorite food... their taste too...

Chandrika Shubham said...

Template is beautiful. :)
I liked the no sound point the most.

Princess said...

Greetings of Deepawali to you :)

Funny I like the sound of horse's hooves , the sound of rain and the sound of leaves when wind blows ! Scratching of metal , blackboard , sounds by mouth while eating and noises when people quarrel are annoying to me .

JP said...

The sound of friction, produced when a brick is rubbed over a rough surface like road. (As we used to use brick to mark boundaries on roads while playing :))
Blissful noise
Made by the wind passing through the needle shaped leaves of pine trees.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@ Thank You
thank you

I like thunder, thunder storm and the whooshing winds.
Best of luck with the thak thak from the floor above. Sometimes, do return the signal with a similar 'thak thak' on your ceiling. I and my neighbour often exchange sounds on the walls. Like kick, punch et al.

Bang, I don't like them either.
I like that quote for this,
if you want to put your impressions on the sands of time, stop dragging your foot.


I like the voice inside of me.

Paint, yes, resins... they are sweet.
Well something that is bad cannot be music, can it?

yupp. dont remind me of tastes though, I can only remember mess food. :P

:) It is the doing of an architect.

Horse' hooves are musical....specially the gallop. Its majestic

I was brought up in a village. We used Charcoal.
And yeah, the winds in a pine forest, or rather, the whistling woods. Thats where I live, that is what I love.

Biya said...

i love the sound of heartbeats... its so fascinating to me.. may be am saying that coz am a medical student but ya its amazing

Sayak Shome said...

You have been tagged here.

sulagna said...

hey you write really well..i am surprised i dint coem here before..

i love the sound of someoen breaking into a smile when you are on the phone..cus you know you made your presence felt to him or her

and oh i ahte the sound of my keyboard going tak tak tak when i do speed type :) like right now

Rià said...

Such a beautiful post...yes i love all the sounds that u hav written of. So totally agree with what u hav written.

Hope u had a blessed diwali!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

They are, even to a person without a medical background.

I'll try to do it ASAP.

THAT is an exhilarating experience!
and if you so hate it, then type slowly. Even your keyboard will like that.

:) Yes, I had a blessed Diwali.

Tweety said...

nothing can create music like the nature favorite are the rain drops...that tip tip of the water droplets...the smell of the wet sand..pure heaven...

i hate horns, and i often while driving do the cars in india work on horns..why is every one screeching??

sm said...

like the narration


The sounds of raindrops .. The silence of night .. The church bells on a quiet sunday afternoon. The sound wind makes when it caresses innocent leaves... Pure blissful :)

Unknown said...

the chalk noise is hell irritating....

The Great Brown Experiment said...

The chatter of girls in a language I don't understand annoys me. And my weird tastes... too many actually :) Nice post!

divsi said...

i love the azaan...
i love the sound of new shoes:p baby shoes
i love the creakin of wooden stairs..
i love the cri cri of dry leaves...
wow soo many:)

*superlike * ya discussion topic:)

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