Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Bubbles.

Remember, once I told you that bathrooms are magical places. I wasn’t lying. From that Pandora’s room, today I show you another phenomenon as it unfolds before my eyes right out of the tap.
I have always been a lazy retard. I love sleeping, but much more than that, I love doing nothing. Elsewhere, I might be kicked and put to work against my will. But bathroom? It is my getaway resort. I can’t bathe if there is no water in the bucket, am I supposed to air-bathe? So I get an opportunity to kill time, doing my favorite activity ‘nothing’ as the water fills in oh so slowly, in a small gentle jet that virtually makes no sound.
One quiet morning, I sat there, watching the water fill into the bucket. The jet of water so thin and quiet, and yet it penetrates deep into the surface of water like a blade.
Somewhere in the middle, two bubbles form. The progeny of a wound, inflicted on likes, by the likes. Ah, does it hurt? Does it burn when water cuts water? Then why do the two bubbles cling to the sword that just punctured them out of their element? They are clinging on to their predator and holding on to each other.
Just look at that pair. A pair one of a kind! Dancing around it in a frantic manner, circling it, bubbling around in every dimension, but never leaving the tip of the blade. Hand in hand, they dance. Oh they look so beautiful together! Trapped a few layers below the surface, they dance. Swaying to the rhythms of an unheard, unseen melody playing in the sublime quietness of the morning, they dance like aces, every move orchestrated harmoniously. So much anarchy, yet so much order prevailed. Like a grand ball, with the spotlight focused on this very pair.
Irony, it is just a few seconds fame!
As the dance ends and the two entwine to be one, they rise. How long could a blade pin them down? The two bubbles coalesce into one and rise to the surface. The rest is something my eyes are too naïve to see. I can just watch the bubble disappear. I don’t see it burst; my eyes fail to register the moment when its skin is forced open. I think there is no pain. The two were finally together, one!
But the way they danced makes me crave. As we dance around each other, never withdrawing, but never approaching either, one day we too will unite. One day there will be no one else, just us, under the spotlight.
Someday, it would be My dance with Destiny!


Raj said...

nothingness can entertain thoughts. real deep ones. like right here :)

Anonymous said...

Well they do say the bathroom is the "Man's Kingdom" and fitted with a throne. LOL

Ph_ said...

"Someday it would be my dance with the destiny "
Very thoughtful ! liked the ending

Vagabond said...

are you for real?
this awesomely amazing, clouds and bubbles have a special place for me...this is a CLASS apart!!

thnks for the post!! LOVED IT!

Rooj Siddiqui said...

You know you're a wonderful writer, my blasphemous!

Biya said...

nice one.. I love bubbles too and love more to capture them on my camera

Tanvi said...

Brilliant Anshul. I am really very happy to see you express something that i so often think of.
Those bubbles and that time of doing nothing teaches us some very good principles of life and destiny...

On another front, I am just like you, lazy and like to do nothing :P
But i felt bad you used the word "Retard." Its not appropriate.

Overall i loved reading it. You'll surely kiss your destiny!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

True :)

@Phoenix Rising
Times are changing, and I think it was the toilet that had the throne.

Thank You

@Not Anyone you know
Yes I do exist, at least online :P

I don't know :)

Click Click Click and Post.

Glad that you could relate to it.
And hey don't feel bad, you are no retard...It was about me and its good to be a moron sometimes.


magiceye said...


Tweety said...

woowww :) :)

coming to your place for the first time...and i loved it...the narration so beautiful...such a small thing as two bubbles...but your write tickles the grey matter...

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

I would love to appreciate you for this unique observations and presentation ...
Kudos for such an out of the box thinking...
keep exploring such new avenues...

after many weeks i read something innovative....

Sneha Balraj said...

Really thought provoking! I am going to spend tonight's cup of coffee thinking over this! :)

Sh@s said...

Wow! you made something so mundane and something that we fail to notice sound so poetic n beautiful :)

JP said...


Megha said...

basically u get philosophical in the bathroom :) Nice...

Unknown said...

bathroom moments eh?/ I do think of all this sometimes,but yeah never thought of penning em down..:P

Deep thought :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Magic Eye
Thank You

Welcome to my little space. I hope to write worthy things to make you keep coming back. :)

@Mahesh Kalaal
Thank you Mahesh

Do let me know what conclusions you make.

Thank you.


Ahem, yeah... it happened when people started having a joint toilet and baths. They say "Great Minds at Work"

yupp, bathroom moments :)

Fickle Cattle said...

We find meaning in the most random things. I think that's why we invented poetry.

Nice post.

Maryam said...

I just love the last line. Nice blog =)

Rià said...

A very interesting post. and a befitting end to it! The last line is the best.

Maha said...

You know, I've never really read someone writing about bathing in such deep detail.that makes you original and that's just one thing I adore!

Cynthia said...

oh AB, you post has made me whole -
well almost - doing nothing just
lux time in the bathroom is a
soothing experience for me -
meditating on life and yes
the dance of bubbles - your mind
is beautiful babe.

Sayak Shome said...

Oh, surface tension and fluid dynamics; I curse thee..

Nicely written Anshul; observations turned imaginations penned down through luscious imageries.

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