Friday, July 2, 2010

Proposal !

“I…I…I wanted to tell you something, sss..something that I want you to know”, his face flushed as he groped to find the appropriate words.
Amused by the nervous expression on the face of the one whom she had never seen out of control or restless, she chuckled inside and then, feigning a stern look, “Okay, I am all ears, what is it?”
And now his walk was also shaky, as his eyes wandered to her and away
“Ever since we have been together until today, I have felt…. Happy! It feels good when you are with me, I am able to let go of myself. I feel like a newborn child, I feel free and I…I want to be with you. I never felt this good before and I don’t know if anyone else would be able to do this to me. Being with you is like being high on ecstasy, my brain stops working, stops reasoning. And when we part, the thrill makes me…” they had stopped walking now, and he could not speak when her gaze met his’.

Her eyes narrowed mischievously and lips formed a thin line, restraining a smile. “And what about today?”

They had reached the Sunset Rock by now and were hardly walking. She had anticipated it coming, and had been looking forward for it. An independent woman, brilliant and charming as she was, it was not new for her being proposed in creative fashions. But this was the first time a guy was not talking cheeky mellow, but was speaking with sincerity. She was a bit shocked with the bluntness in his expression, though.

He heaved a deep sigh and his shoulders drooped. “Well, it feels like my stomach is going to spew itself out, and my heart is going to explode. I can hear my heart’s screams in my ears. I want to face away, run away. Though my heart is ready to explode every time you are close, it is worse today. I have near death experiences every time you smile and are close to me, closer than anyone else. Today, I think I am already dead, maybe that’s why I cannot feel my body right now.”

He said it so fast that she felt he was going to faint or have an attack. She nearly let out a gasp as he finished his line, but immediately recomposed her face. She turned around, and stepped forward towards the railings, towards the setting sun. His gaze lingered on the ground, as if he was some convict. His face was plum, and red. But he was trying to get hold of himself and find some words, an apology maybe.

And then she moved.

You know, you are pretty bad at proposing a girl!” she said coyly.

“I…I…am…”, as he tried to gulp the knot in his voice, she came to him, closer, until her lips were whispering into his ears, “I want to give you near death experiences everyday, and want die with you at the same time”, and she playfully bit his ear. He was again burning, he dropped to his knees, but this time he was a little better, at least not stumbling or crashing.
Are you proposing me?” she asked as if in surprise.
I had rehearsed this so many times, but things don’t take their normal course when you are around. I am too weak to run today, run away from you.” he said with innocence, and a little helplessness.
“Please Get up, I can’t take this, you will make me cry!” she pleaded.
He lifted his hand, “I Love You, Be mine forever
“Will you marry me?”
Before he could move or say anything else, she curled her fingers into his, dropped to her knees and hugged him tightly. Her eyes were flowing unbounded. He couldn’t move, and all was silent again. The hearts were beating in communion now, as if already one.

“Let’s build a home, Our Home!”


TurbulentMind said...

Interesting..and a new angle because most have the girl being shy (at least the ones i know of) a guy being intimidated is a new thing for me :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

when love is from the heart, then even the most ruthless man can be a puppet in his woman's arms. love is of same intensity from both sides, so why should the emotions be hidden. love should know the depth with which it is loved.

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised how nervous men can get and how good we hide it.

Good post.. good post

TurbulentMind said...

hmmm, hide well you guys do, otherwise there couldn't be anything else to it :P

and well said Blasphemous Aesthete, true, emotions shouldn't be hidden..I think so too..just haven't seen it yet :|

Megha said...

i like the bluntness :) haha

u give perfect life to emotions

Sayak Shome said...

The descriptions, conversations, emotions everything was near to perfect.
I truly am moved by the story! :)

Cinderella said...

And then they found out buying a home will take them another 10 years with the real estate prices having shot up sky

Loved the whole scenario.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank you

I wont stop until its perfect, just keep telling me.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


LOL...real estate prices have shot up indeed...but here home did not mean a house, it meant Home, the classic definition

Cinderella said...

Yeah yeah I know. Just butting a stupid perspective.

Unknown said...

aww, this was so sweet! i loved all the dialogs the guy says.. amazing piece!

PhilO♥ said...

How sweet :)
Loved it totally! The picture is amazing too!

Divaa Divine said...

this is adorable :) reminds me of something from years ago! but truly magical!

nice capture!

mk said... really know how to charm someon...the shyness and the nervousness too felt more attractive...and ya many shy guys would want the other side be more supportive in the proposal..
nicely written and most suited for such a wonderful proposal..!!

Komal Ali said...

Awwwww!! I love the guy's character. :) Adorable and cute. The last line is amazing. Not many go thinking about it.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Mehak, Lonely Dreamer,Divaa Divine, mk, Komal

Thank you for appreciating.

Rià said...

Wow!! Beautifully written...felt like this was happening for real.

Beyond Horizon said...

just 2 words 2 describe d goodness n loveliness of d post "AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL"

Hiba said...

.. I could feel my heart miss a beat when i read his proposal... man ur good... if only men nowadays were that sensitive..girls would have nothing to worry bout...

:) fascinating work :)

Ritika said...

You weaved it beautifully, aww... deep inside, was fantacizing my man to make it like that.. it kept me absorbed..!!

"I want to give you near death experiences everyday, and want die with you at the same time", superb lines.. :))

Nic. said...

Aww, cute one. The guy's so nervous!
And sweet.

Rooj Siddiqui said...

Beautifully written. Loved it!
Emotions are so near to perfect.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thanks a lot

@Beyond Horizon

Thank You

Well, fiction reality often stems from real world expreiences, so dont woory, such men exist. :P

I am glad you liked it. Make your man know your wish, who knows he makes it much better.

Thank You for appreciating


Thank You, I will not stop until they are perfect.

Toi said...

Oh, I love this, I am so melting.

Aparna (Life Takes) said...

this is such a perfect proposal...i am all tears!!!!! *sniff, sniff*

an excellent descriptive piece of emotions...such a smooth narrative flair..romance so well captured!!!

wildflower said...

Wow! Dangerously close to perfection..!

Meher said...

The post is beautiful.Damn,I'd love to be proposed in the cute puppy dog sort of way.

Anonymous said...

wowww what a love :D :D
god bless you :)

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