Friday, May 28, 2010

Am I original?

How many lives do I live? How many lifetimes exist within me?

No matter how much I may deny it, no matter how much I may try, I am not just me. My way was no longer genuine from the very moment I started to understand. My way of thinking, my principles, ethics, almost everything that I might claim to be mine, is influenced from everybody I know. Its something not invented, but is imbibed from the surroundings. Not even a single person, to whom I might have talked to, no matter how small that talk would have been, has not failed to implant some thought process of his on my mind.

Even if I wanted to learn every thing on my own, I cannot just shut down my senses to this world? I wonder, if the world around me, and the people who adorn the pages in history and all other literature, if all of them would somehow come alive again, and look inside me, how many of them would find a part of them, their ideologies thriving inside me? No matter how small it would be, but I am sure it would certainly be there. But then, they also learned it from somewhere, but where?

If I, myself am to look inside me, how many thoughts that I own would I find are actually my own? Am I really original, or just a myriad of different hues? Am I a master piece or just a clown stuffed with foreign ideas and draped in the tapestries from different designers?

Even now when I am writing these views here, I am still wondering, are these original and indigenous? Have I come to realize this on my own or even these questions have been asked before by someone, and I have just breathed them in like air?

I have no answer, and am pretty convinced with this fact that I would never be sure.

What about you?


Raj said...


originality is over rated.
nothing is original.
everything is derived from something or the other.
but then that's if you believe that.

and dont worry about it. it comes naturally. unless you talk assignments and duplicating work :P

Unknown said...

i agree with you and Raj. everything has already been said before and done before...all we do is say/do it in our own unique way which is distinct for each of us...

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

I loved all the retrospective introspection....

And for me, as an anthropologist, the answer is evolution which works on the principle of adaptation where sub-sub-sub-sub....-sub-sub systems like us keep adapting to maintain the equilibrium on the whole...
And yes it is only my perspective...

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

Your post is listed in "I recommend" category of my blog.

Komal Ali said...

:) Originality is everything to me.
People can affect and provoke you to think, but that's all about it. Thoughts are your own. You think what you want to think. Not what other wish you to think.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Komal Ali

its good if you feel that way. I am open to all viewpoints.

Sakhi. said...

you know life :D
u try 2 understand it :)
i like ur philosophy!
anybody can relate to this one :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


I am glad that you agree with my viewpoint. but you know, sometimes it gets too frustrating to think that everything I think has been thought before.

TurbulentMind said...

We imbibe things, true..that is how we learn..but everyone looks at something differently, perspective..and each person has his/her own combination of things that he/she has learnt, experienced..that combination makes it in, each person brings something of his/her own to an idea already thought of..even if it isn't that big..that is what I think..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@Turbulent Mind

You have given a worthy argument, I'll ponder over it.

Thank you for dropping by.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Saru Singhal said...

I think we all feel the same. I always feel (if I consider both your posts) that most of us would agree with you, we all go through same feeling. Maybe a handful feel they own a idea which they breathed right now.

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