Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Waters sway in trance with a cosmic ball,
The goodness in men seems to fall,
Revealing the warewolf within.

As the night draws its shroud all around,
Sometimes in enchantment, as I recline,
I watch you grow, and then decline.

A shining eye, an eternally scarred face,
A reflection of the light,
From outer space.

Mute, yet animate, tantalizing, artwork so fine,
Your unpretentious face aint a silly design,
A reminiscent of the past.

But moon o mine, why so indifferent to me?
Always showing the same face, never letting me see,
Through, to the other side.

My love for you, is pure, though obscure,
Like a dew drop on a fresh morning, hanging
Delicately through a spider’s web.

Now that you are far, love is something, I can’t make,
And with this tumultuous explosion of emotions,
Expression is something, I can’t fake!

So hear my plea, for all I want is your trust in me,
And I shall be with you forever, when time sets me free,
I shall be bound to you, for eternity.

As I behold your image in my tiny eyes,
People laugh, saying I am inflicted, with a Cupid’s bug,
They don’t believe me when I say, I am just,



Unknown said...

totally love this! every single line is brilliant! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank you.

Raj said...

good work. or should i say
artwork so fine,
everyline just isnt a mere line

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