Friday, April 23, 2010

How many faces?

I admire ye for what I despise thee,
Undecided of what is amiss,
My pride or thy prejudice?

Entwined in me, like a climber to the tree
This love, this hate, like the venom of a snake.
Kills me, inside, slowly!

I lack the passion, to hate for a lifetime,
Yet, there’s less reason for me to be considerate,
The lust to ape ye, ephemeral!

Wielding two faces, an albatross burgeoning,
And now I see your multifaceted dimensions,
Just to stand in awe, anguish and disgust!

I ain’t any actor, and I fail to pretend,
And when I see you change accent,
Forgive me, but my temper does swell!

This poison in me, is too compelling,
But my conscience’s mockery is too harsh a shriek,
And this, keeps me,

 From becoming weak!


Unknown said...

a very rich and eloquent use of the English language..:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely ...I loved the play of words to describe emotions ...Too good :)

Sh@s said...

Very poignant :)

Carnett Rose said...

I like your play of words. And here I thought you didn't write poetry.

It was a lovely read. :)

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