Thursday, March 18, 2010

Introducing Blasphemous

Blasphemous Aesthete!
A perfectionist, who has never done anything perfect yet! Even during the nine months that he spent inside his mother, he was busy experimenting with different angles of entry into this world. Eventually, he ended up in coiling up the umbilical chord around the neck.  The immediate outcome was the distortion in one ear’s shape, which slightly elongated in the process of straightening out the curl.
Blessed by a brain that took motivation and praises as fuel, he understood only when taught with soft words and appreciation. One slap out of the blue and it washed away every bit of information he possessed with the tears he tried not to show. Fortunately, his mother understood this quite early, when he was learning to write the number ‘3’.
It was the lust to reach to the next level, to do everything to perfection drove him. Not a very bright student, let’s say, an upper mediocre. Brought up in a small hilly town, his parents brought him all luxuries that they thought appropriate. Teachers helped him indulge in extracurricular activities. He obliged, performed satisfactorily well. Acted, danced, recited, mimicked, sang, orated, debated, studied and managed a good score in every field.
Cheated, only to realize its vanity and decided to avoid it. Tuned to the theories of discipline, he found it hard to make many friends matching his type. Circles shrank, and the walls grew taller...
For those whom Blasphemous has allowed into his circles, this is all that he might not have shared before. So next time, they may not hit back to read something they already know in the same raw form as he likes it to be. For others, you may stay tuned. 
Oh, and 1 more thing. Blasphemous invites you to ask questions here itself, as they are more easy to answer after a deep thought and much more easier to write in plain language.


silence_mystified said...

nice knowin this yu !!! esp the dance n singing .... hmm.. hope to see a different version f yu this hill'ffair !!! ol da best :)

Unknown said...

interesting read! :)

Raj said...

explains everything.

i remember, in our first year, second semester i glimpsed an a4 sheet on ur writing pad.

i read the first line and decided to not read the rest.

the first line was about "guiding light."
and i could see it was personal.

right now i am thankful i didn't read any of it. by the way the humor you put it across with made it rather touchy. :)

one question. what is the last level? the one preceding death?

the only person i know, who knows the answer to that is me. do you?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Anything I write on open papers is something written out of boredom or frustration. I don't mind if people read them, coz it is only a few times that I do so. Though, I don't remember my writing about Guiding light, am glad that you remember.

And about last level, there is always a higher level, and I believe that even beyond death, there are many levels. Death is just a temporary phase, or maybe life is that temporary phase.

Raj said...

guess so. well the guiding light was well one line. or maybe it was summthin wid a similar meaning.

always a higher level yes but what is it that you know about death?

personally speaking, it is THE END. to a fabulous :P

Yougal Dhiman said...

I know u, but complete description is here........
you are the only person, i have seen till now who'll be having the same answer for the same question if asked at different phases of the life........

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

@ Yougal
It would be wrong to say that my answers won't change at any point of time, coz time is the best teacher.
It is what time teaches me, I shall believe in.
Thank You for the complement.

Tarun Goel said...


Vagabond said...

you are the only person, i have seen till now who'll be having the same answer for the same question if asked at different phases of the life........

if tht was true..glad to have met u =P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


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