Monday, March 8, 2010

Do these Lights ever go out?

Walking down the lone highway,
Under the gleaming moonlight,
Alone, and with a troubled mind I stroll,
Clouded thoughts, turbulence inside,
Still not knowing what is in my mind,
I tread along with the cool wind,
Trying to talk, with inside of Me.

“Something is wrong”, I know, but what?
Fast approaching, but still not enough,
Mind’s twitching and twisting, trying to unbind,
Ready to dash into darkness, out of confines,
But distant lights obscure the darkness,
My heart races and with anguish, wails
Ah! Do these lights ever go out?


Prashanth Rajan said...

To know thy self is one of the most puzzling and intriguing questions one can ask. The path to self-discovery is itself very conniving ..

Majorsri said...

a good piece. maybe it could have ended a bit better.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I am just a noob sire! I will improve.

Blogger said...

Yeah true !! sometimes we are not aware of the answers for the questions that lingers in us , that too when the questions bcme intense durign a walk on dark path...Its jus sometimes difficult to pen down these thots , n i guess you have given your best ! its good dude !

Rajat Mahajan said...

some rhythms intrigue us to an extent that neglecting them off the edge of the eye seems almost impossible. but its always good to revisit ourselves. every text written in a state of trance, as this, has its own inexplicable sense of beauty.
nicely put up.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Thank you.

Manish said...

The poetry is really a great piece of beauty. And I too must say "the photograph chosen is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I have often been troubled by the sight of a long road lined with trees and night lamps..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

:) This is our place, isn't it?

And I could take a stroll by it every night.

Fatima said...

Quite a thoughtful was nice but the ending didn't actually seem like an end it felt as if you were still seeking some answers that have been unanswered...

Liked it,
Keep writing :)

Take Care,

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