Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bring back God!

God’s a sensation, God’s a hit. God is the genie for us misfits. But alike all, shall God too fall?
God is a celebrity, more glamorous than any celebrity that has ever walked on earth. God is worshipped in different attires, in different roles he has played, in different avatars he has manifested. God is a fabulous and versatile actor and maybe that is why, God is most sought after on earth.
Since ages when sense of time was limited to sunrises and sunsets, there has been a constant belief in some unfathomable entity. God! No one sees God nowadays, but still a majority believes in his existence.
God has grown very shy of people. Rarely does he give public appearances, and even less frequently does he meet people in person. At some time in the past, when God was ordinary, God must have been walked among the crowds. People must have interacted with him, and known him. That must have been the time when everyone loved everyone, when hearts were clear like a see through glass.  God just needed to sit back and relax, as everyone was doing well. Then came the poison called jealousy. Some mortals became jealous of God. They conspired to seclude him from the world. They started propagating the notion of worship. They started rumours of divinity, of chastity, of purity, of God’s superiority.
God could no longer roam about freely in the streets of earth, for He was chased for petty needs. Some asked for food, some for wealth, few asked for power but none asked for his company. God must have been in agony to see his dearest creation getting entangled in such incredulous webs of desires. Unwillingly, God had to flee.
He fled to the high hill tops. From there, he looked over the village below. Times changed. Being a super celebrity, God needed no advertisement. A simple wish granted, and the word spread like wildfire. People start congregating because of the poison that had been seeded into them. This added to God’s problems. There was a time when he could sit there for a while and see everyone down the slope, now God needed to crane his neck to notice each person coming to him as all were on his ground level. So he decided to leave again.
He fled to the highest peaks on earth; he fled to the darkest caverns. God wanted only the worthy to find him. But how could he abandon his loved ones? Everywhere he went, he left some trail, hoping that someone would come searching for him just for the sake of meeting him. Contrary to his expectations, people built temples there stating, ‘God rested here ‘.Old people said that God lived on high altitudes, God lived in solitude. But how high could it be? Voyager 2 is on the verge of crossing over the boundary of our solar system and still shows no traces of God. We have been to the deepest trenches only to find more of God’s creations, but not God himself.
People have grown so blind that they fail to see how far they have pushed God from themselves. God is eternally willing to return back, he’s just waiting for someone to take him home. God wants to walk the city streets, wants to dine with men. God wants to talk, God wants to be wanted. For if this was not true, He must have stopped caring long time before.
*God is neither He nor She, and God could also be He and also she. God is a versatile actor and can take up any role you might want to see him in. He listens to every wish and says ‘Tathastu’ (तथास्तु)!
I mean not to insult anybody or hurt any sentiments, all I want is people to think again.


Escapist said...

Wat remains ever in one's heart is bad books...good books gets always washed away or carry away or washed away..
So not to hurt any one..


Perspectives said...

nice theories and propositions, only God knows the truest versions; beyond doubt very well written;

Prashanth Rajan said...

Very different view point. Now that is a way of looking at things, when people 'rationally' fail to observe God ! Nicely penned down !

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Maybe that is why it is a blasphemy.

Enchanted Sophie said...

"What do you think of God," the teacher asked. After a pause, the young pupil replied, "He's not a think, he's a feel."

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