Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forward this message, Otherwise ........

I frequently receive e-mails and messages that urge me to forward that mail or message to at least 10 different people. They say that if I don’t, something bad would happen to me within some stipulated time span. Then come some e mails supporting some cause.
Recently, I received a mail explaining that some miscreants plant HIV positive needles in common places to hunt unwary victims. It explained how a woman got this infection in the cinema hall when she sat on the seat and got stung by the poisoned needle. It also had a note “Welcome to the HIV family”. What is this? People don’t get infected deliberately, and according to me, the ones who unfortunately have caught this infection, would not be happy carrying this virus inside of them, let alone spreading it. It’s OK that it could make us more aware, but not always. Another reason that I believe it to be just spam is the font selection. Why do I need to use ridiculous font size and colour combinations just to spread awareness? They are not eye catching; rather, they hurt. It seems, though the text says ‘Pay Attention’, the page says, ’I am just trying to annoy you, ignore me!’
This message started from ‘X’ temple or is the message from some saint ‘Y’ and promises health, peace and success to all those who forward it to at least 10 people in their friend list. For those who don’t forward it or delete it shall fall some curse. What the ….? Now God goes tech savvy? Or has He lost the ‘Akaashwaani’? Or is He too lazy to step out of his holy abode just to take care of mere mortals, the mortals he created his own reflection?
 I think God has better resources at his disposal, that’s why He’s God! So stop worrying if you deleted a piece of such junk mail and ventured out into the open without an umbrella. Trust him if you believe in him. If sky’s going to fall, then you are not the only one under it; neither would it matter if you are carrying an umbrella or not. Veterans say, “God’s stick strikes without a sound”.  Regarding those mails for propagating awareness, it’s always good to be spread awareness, but there are better ways.
And if you want me to vote for The Taj Mahal to be among the 7 wonders, just write in plain text, I’ll do it with all my heart as many times as you say!
The only mail or message I feel like forwarding to all and sundry is
 “Today is Thursday,
Now send this message to at least 10 people in your contacts otherwise, after 7 days………………..

It would again be Thursday.”


silence_mystified said...

hehehe.. i hv had dat hillarious forward !!! nice readin this post !

Prashanth Rajan said...

The last few lines are really ROTFL ! Nice read muchi. Everytime i get a forward mail like this, I stop reading mid way, dont even bother deleting it. Havent people got better things to do than these crappy forwards ? :D

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