Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feels like déjà vu !

I feel that I have been here before! I have seen this happen before!
Many times, I have felt this feeling surge inside me. Sometimes it stays, sometimes it bursts like a bubble and is lost. But I am assured that I have experienced it before.
It happens to me sometimes. I am sitting with my friends, busy gossiping, and then suddenly something triggers it. I go mute for a while and it feels like memories of a similar incident flooding into my mind. I know what is going to happen next, but I just can’t remember, or maybe it just happens in parallel at the speed of thought. Everything’s just conforming to the plot sequence. 
Sometimes, in the classroom, teacher is scribbling on the board, eloquently explaining why things happen. Suddenly, something inside tells me that I have done this before. I drift away from the class into some strange dimension. I can hear the teacher’s voice like a chanting, resonating in the same way it had before, when I had learned it.
I am on a stroll with my friend, somebody of their acquaintance comes over and we stop. The two are talking over something I am least concerned. I start looking around. What I see, the way I see it, it has been done before. As if, I had been standing right there in the same way some time in the past, and now a distant memory is surfacing.
Science says it’s my brain playing games with me, and explains the phenomenon in all technical gibberish. Still, science has not ever analyzed a real déjà vu case. So whatever it is, is still unknown and till the time someone knows something, I just want to be mesmerized every time!


Megha said...

very true ..
deja vu` is a strange kind of thing which connects us with some happenings may be there in our subconscious minds and leave us totally amazed bout dat feeling not lasting for more than a few seconds.

Unknown said...

sometimes i experience deja vu of things i think i have seen in my dreams beforehand... it's really weird, but interesting!

Prashanth Rajan said...

Strange are the ways of the human brain !

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